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Strategic Planning & the Importance of Consumer insights

A high level presentation shedding light on what Strategic Planners really do at creative agencies and the importance of consumer insights in the world of planning. It is an interactive presentation with a 'Guess the insight' section at the end.

Please feel free to download, improve, and share the credits.

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Strategic Planning & the Importance of Consumer insights

  1. 1. and the Importance of consumer insights Planning Presented by Karen Saba
  2. 2. What do you think planners do?
  3. 3. Agency Structure Picture Credit GriffinFarley http://www.slideshare.net/griffinfarley/strategic-planning-in-advertising-2002276
  4. 4. One half creative and the other business Planners are 2 people in 1! Picture Credit CutenessAreej http://www.flickr.com/photos/cutenessareej
  5. 5. We are at the crossroads of: Societal Trends ConsumerKnowledge Brand Strategy
  6. 6. A research expert A strategic creative mind A creative gatekeeper A trend analyst A brand guardian Our Key Roles In the Agency
  7. 7. Creative Planners The Anthropologists The Critical Thinkers The Observational Planners By the Numbers Planners The Jack of all Trades Differenttypesof planners Credit: http://www.accountplanningblog.com/2012/02/6-types-of-account-planners.html
  10. 10. “At the heart of an effective creative philosophy is the belief that nothing is so powerful as an insight into human nature, what compulsions drive a man, what instincts dominate his action, even though his language so often camouflages what really motivates him.” BILL BERNBACH
  11. 11. A fundamental truth about human emotions / behaviour, which can be leveraged to build a brand What is an Insight?
  12. 12. People don't want quarter-inch drills. They want quarter inch holes.
  14. 14. Mothers are tired after a long day of taking care of the baby AN OBSERVATION
  15. 15. 80% of mothers buy baby care products from the pharmacy A STATISTIC
  16. 16. Observations record what people do or say Insights answer the question ‘Why?’
  17. 17. A good Insight Has a clear tension in it Is an unmet need Is explanatory and not descriptive Is not what a consumer does but what drives them to do it Creates a reason for the brand to play a role in your life Answers the question “Why?” not “What?”
  18. 18. INSIGHT OBSERVATION Women are looking for healthier snacking alternatives These are women who love to snack but every time they indulge in something they love, they feel guilty about it
  19. 19. The average first time mom in KSA is 21 Women are twice as more likely to consume healthy food as men are A woman’s skin is a reflection of how she feels inside and out, when her skin feels good, she feels more social and outgoing Women shop more than men 80% of the UAE population are Expats Find the insight
  20. 20. The average first time mom in KSA is 21 Women are twice as more likely to consume healthy food as men are A woman’s skin is a reflection of how she feels inside and out, when her skin feels good, she feels more social and outgoing Women shop more than men 80% of the UAE population are Expats Find the insight
  21. 21. Different types of insightsBRANDPRODUCT CULTURALCONSUMER …and then some
  22. 22. The unique 'ritual' of preparing (119.5 seconds) and serving Guinness means drinkers have to wait with a growing sense of anticipation for the perfect pint. This anticipation and its attendant emotions of suspense magnifies the reward of the first sip. Brand Insight - Guinness
  23. 23. A mother, or grandmother will always see her children just as that, children. Especially when it comes to food, she wants to make sure they are well fed and healthy. It’s also another way for her to show her love. Cultural Insight - Taanayel
  24. 24. With a great confident smile and nice, clean teeth you can get away with a lot more than you normally would. Product Insight - Crest
  25. 25. A mother wants reassurance that she is caring for her baby and is looked upon by others in the best possible way. Consumer Insight – J&J
  26. 26. Why is a great insight like a refrigerator?
  27. 27. Because the moment you look into it, a light comes on.
  28. 28. Brand Positioning Consumer Insight But where does the brand fit in? It has to relieve a consumer tension. There has to be a role for the brand. Otherwise what’s the point?
  29. 29. As a dieter, I can’t stand deprivation, especially the indignity of extreme portion control. I yearn to enjoy a regular portion of something rewarding. Sugar-free Jell-O satisfies you with a full cup of sweet, cool dessert for only 8 calories. Early in life, the first car of my dreams was a Jaguar. Jaguar “refires your desire” by recreating your childlike sense of wonder at its magic. Life seems inundated with things bearing price tags, while I care most about the special people and experiences that give life real meaning. MasterCard helps you savor the priceless relationship and experiences in life by taking care of the things money can buy. Some more examples Insight Role of Brand
  30. 30. One great insight is worth a thousand good ideas – Phil Dusenberry “In the advertising business, a good idea can inspire a great commercial. But a good insight can fuel a thousand ideas, a thousand commercials.”
  31. 31. You can close your eyes but you can never close your nose. Febreze
  32. 32. While you sit back and enjoy your flight, your suitcase will go through hell and back. Samsonite
  33. 33. Guess the Insight
  34. 34. Some campaigns have no insights They are pure entertainment / story telling or brand belief
  35. 35. You want to be Be curious Read Question Understand cultures and people Criticize and Analyze Stay up to date with everything and anything Build your knowledge base Become an encyclopedia of knowledge Have passions outside of advertising a planner?
  36. 36. Keep in Touch @karensaba www.karensaba.com karensaba00@gmail.com uk.linkedin.com/in/karensaba