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Karl soriano ppt

  1. How to make a girl fall for you Prepared by: Karl Henry G. Soriano BBTE-IT 3-2n
  2. Chapter 1: Starting Off
  3. 1. Understands who girls are Girls think differently from guys, so use it to your advantage. The things that you look for in a girl aren't necessarily what she looks for in a guy. Put yourself in her shoes and understand a few things about the fairer sex before you start your quest.
  4. 2. Find an excuse to get close to her. It doesn't have to be a good excuse; it just has to be an excuse, like "Hey, do you remember what homework was?" or "Hey, do you want to crack this problem together?" Once you've broken the ice, you can start to become her friend. Again, it doesn't really matter how you break the ice as long as you don't threaten her and you don't come off as really cocky. If you embarrass yourself, don't worry — she just might think that's cute.
  5. 3. Slowly become friends. For girls, trust is a pretty big thing. She'll trust you more and be willing to take that next step if she knows who you are and she likes that person. A couple of things to remember as you begin to establish a friendship with her: Take things slowly and casually. Don't smother her with your presence right away. If she begs off hanging out, for whatever reason, be casual about it. Casual makes you seem cool, and cool helps you stay mysterious. Invite her along on social occasions. When you're at the skate park with your friends, invite her along. If you're going to a party, let her know. If she likes you as a friend (and possibly more), she'll return the favor.
  6. 4. Be polite and gentlemanly. Remember when we said that girls assume a guy just wants to get into her pants? Well, don't be that guy! Being polite and gentlemanly will help assure her that you are different, and that you respect her as a person. This will work especially if she is a romantic.Offer to hold her books while she is opening her locker. Open doors, and keep doors open, for her. Say "please" and "thank you" with a smile on your face, even if you feel horribly old-fashioned. These things do make a difference.
  7. 5. Have your own life apart from her. Don't latch onto her like a barnacle. Even if you're a friend and a gentleman, she probably doesn't want you there 24/7, attending to her every need, turning into her shadow. It's not going to get you very far.Take some time to do your own thing. That way, you'll have a little bit of mystery, and you'll be able to talk about fun and interesting things you've done in her absence. Girls are attracted to guys who are independent. Try to cultivate that a little bit, even as you court her. Being independent means doing your own thing, having different groups of friends, and thinking for yourself. At least once, beg off when she invites you to something. She will never realize how much she misses you if you are always around!
  8. 6. Pay more attention to what you look/smell like. For goodness' sake, groom yourself. Girls care about guys who can take care of themselves. Personal hygiene just happens to be a part of that. Wash your hair once it gets greasy, shower daily, use deodorant, shave if you're that age, and look your best using the clothes that you've got.
  9. 7. Avoid the early friendship mistakes. Now, these mistakes aren't always relationship-ending, but they tend to be mistakes. If you can, try to avoid them:Don't be immature, perverted, or gross. That includes saying and doing things. Girls want you to be more mature than your age, not less. Don't press her for really personal information in the beginning. Don't make her share more than she feels comfortable telling you. Don't go out of your way to impress her. Impress her by doing what you do well, which will make you confident. Trying really hard to impress her makes you seem cocky.
  10. 8. Laughter Use humor as your biggest ally. If she enjoys your company and looks forward to seeing you again, you’re rapidly becoming an addiction, and that’s just what you’re aiming for. It’s not about making her laugh over your one-liners and finding you hilarious. It’s more about being on the same wavelength and enjoying the other’s sense of humor too. Or finding humor in similar situations or having a favorite serial or sitcom, which you talk about and cracks you up. Finding the same joke funny, or sharing a smile, draws you closer and makes you feel like kindred spirits. It’s a great feeling!
  11. 9.Make her notice you. Do something that will make her take notice of you. Many women want a man who is strong but compassionate, who leads but listens, who is confident without being cocky. Remember this as you begin to get yourself noticed.Do something that shows you care about other people. Volunteer at your local food bank, give blood, bail a friend out of a sticky situation, organize a charity auction. Show her that there's more to you than meets the eye. She'll be impressed that you give back and curious about what else you have to offer.
  12. 10. Look your best. Whereas you may not care that much what you look like, women definitely do. It's not so much the clothes and the hygiene that's important; it's the message you send the rest of the world — that you take care of yourself, that you know your style, and that you're confident.
  13. Chapter 2: Getting More Comfortable
  14. 1. Give her reasons to trust you more. Friendships and relationships are built on trust, and for girls that foundation couldn't be more important. To get from the friend stage to the dating stage, you need to show her that she can trust you completely.Do what you say you'll do. If you say you'll pick her up for the party, pick her up. If you say you're going to play varsity football, play varsity football. Nothing destroys trust like saying you'll do something and then not following through. Be a man of your word.
  15. 2.Learn the art of the compliment. Complimenting a girl will let her know that you like her more than just a friend, while also reinforcing the things about her that shewants you to notice.Compliment her: Eyes. "Your eyes really contrast with the color of your shirt. Nice combo!" Smile. "I always know when you're smiling because the room lights up." Style. "You have really good style. A lot of girls look up to you for it." Hair. "I like your hair when you put it up. People can see how pretty your face is."
  16. 3. Be an active listener Show her that you are someone that she can really talk and get along with. For example, if she mentions a favorite band/book/movie, check it out. That may give you a common interest to discuss in the future. Girls are impressed by guys who make an effort not just to listen, but to show interest and remember details.Another example might be this: If she mentions a subject or person early on in the conversation, mention that subject or person in an offhand way to let her know that you were listening. Girls want guys who like them not just for their looks, but for their personality. Taking interest in conversation will help you convince her that's what you want to do.
  17. 4. Gradually, flirt with her a little. It's okay if you're not an expert at it right away; you'll get better as you continue to do it. Flirting can be as simple as smiling at someone and holding their eyes. Try to be calm and natural as you flirt. Pay attention to what feels good for you, even as you're nervous.Touch her in a non- threatening way. Give her your hand when she's walking up some stairs. Tap her hand gently with your fingers when you're making a point. Gently rub her back when she's not feeling very good.
  18. 5. Share aspects of your own personality. At this point, you've probably already gotten to know her pretty well. But maybe she hasn't gotten to know you as well as she would have hoped. So loosen up, be yourself, and give her a glimpse into what makes you tick.
  19. 6. Be sensitive. Girls love guys who are sensitive because girls are usually more emotional, and they want someone to share their emotional feelings with. Before you groan and throw up your hands, consider this: you're already a sensitive person; you maybe just don't know what part of you is sensitive. Take the time to find out which part that is.Be there for her when she needs it. If she just wants to talk about a bad day, be a shoulder she can lean on and a perspective she can trust. Talking with her about personal issues, and showing her you care about how she feels, is a great first step.
  20. 7. Find out what she likes to do. Then do those things with her. Doing something that you know she likes has the added advantages that she feels comfortable and safe doing it. If she's comfortable when you're out on a date, she's more likely get close to you, hold your hand, or even kiss you.Whether she likes surfing, horseback riding, shopping, or baking, it's a good idea to try to involve her in what she likes doing best. Ask her friend what she enjoys doing in her free time, or ask her yourself if you're feeling brave. (Fortune favors you.) That way, she'll know that you've taken the time to find out what makes her tick, and that you're ready to go that extra mile to make sure she's happy.
  21. 8. Don't judge her. Don't judge any girl that you develop feelings for. They are their own person, with their own qualities just like you are. We all do things that drive other people crazy or seem weird. If she does stuff that you can't even try to understand, then she's just not the girl for you. That doesn't make her a bad person and you shouldn't be mean to her about those things.
  22. 9. Eliminate all expectations Love lives in the absence of pressure. Letting go of your expectations will help you to relax, which will make you more appealing to a girl than if you are uptight and worried.Teach yourself to expect nothing from the girl so that you cannot be disappointed. If she does fall in love with you, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Remember that there are plenty of fish in the sea. If this particular girl doesn't work out, there will be other girls. If you don't get that special girl to fall in love with you, try not to get mopey and sad about it. It may feel good to pity yourself, but girls don't really think it's attractive.
  23. 10. Open your eyes to the possibilities Girls are everywhere, and many girls are looking to fall in love. Don't get too hung up on getting one particular girl to fall in love with you, and don't try to "force" love on a girl who just isn't feeling it!Get to know more girls and give love more opportunities to blossom. Go to school socials and functions. Don't be afraid to go to a different school's social if a friend invites you. You never know when you might meet that special someone who'll knock the wind out of your lungs
  25. 1. Keep all of her secrets and never betray her trust. People love to gossip; it's a natural thing. But what you shouldn't do is betray her trust by gossiping about something she told you in confidence. If she expects you to keep it a secret, you shouldn't even tell her your friend. Reward her confidence in you by being trustworthy.
  26. 2.Ask her out on a date. When the time is right, you'll have to ask her out on a date. Try doing this in person. Your chances of her agreeing skyrocket, and it may even give you another opportunity to flirt some more. Remember, too, that you don't have to call it a date unless she asks. That'll make things easier, too. Try something like:"I have a spare movie ticket to [that movie she wants to go to] on Friday night. Are you busy?" "I don't know if you have any interest in going, but I usually go to the state fair to be slightly less bored than I'd be at home. You want to be my partner for the day?"
  27. 3.Accept rejection in stride. On the off-chance that she doesn't want to or can't go on the date with you, take it in stride. Don't sulk or get depressed or storm off. This will only hurt your chances later on. Give yourself the best chance of winning her heart by being the gentleman that you are.Try asking her if she'd want to go to a movie at a later date. If she seems okay with it, follow up with her and try to schedule the date. If she can't make the date twice in a row, or makes up an excuse, that's a definite sign that she's not romantically interested in you.
  28. 4. When you take her on a date, be romantic. Actually, be romantic even after the date. Pick her up if you have a car, pay for dinner or the movie, and don't try to shove your tongue down her throat. Pretty much, imagine that your mom is there with you the whole time on the first date. It'll help you understand how you should act.If you plan on kissing her at the end of the date, perhaps ask her before you swoop in: "Can I give you a kiss? You look really beautiful right now.“Don't kiss and tell. The romantic, gentlemanly thing is to not share what happens between you and your date. The last thing you want is to go back to school on Monday and have the whole school know about your Friday night adventure.
  29. 5. Let her know how she makes you feel. If she drives you absolutely crazy (in a good way), it's a good idea to tell her. Again, a little communication goes a long way, because most guys don't communicate. So think about how she makes you feel and then let her know!Perhaps after the date, or the next day, call her and say: "I really had a great time with you last night. Actually, I had such a good time that I don't remember anything but the sparkle of your eyes and the curve of your mouth. How did I do?“ "Hey, just wanted to let you know that I had a really nice time with you. You're a really sweet girl, and thinking about you makes me happy. When can we do that again?"
  30. 6. Be a little bit protective Not too much, especially if you aren't going out. If you are still in the "Chase Stage" don't overdo it. Just stand up for her if someone is being a bully or is somehow hurting her feelings, position yourself just a touch ahead of her when you do and stand tall. Be a hero, it's hot.
  31. And that’s how to get a girl to fall for you!  