synchronous motor synchronous machines alternator bldc motor pmsm pmbldc motor switched reluctance motor srm stepper motor single phase induction motor problems on three phase induction motor three phase induction motor phasor diagram ac motor electrical machines em-ii electrical machines-ii materials electronic commutator mechanical commutator commutators power circuits for srm srm - power driver circuits driver circuits for srm power driver circuits microprocessor control self control vector control control methods of pmsm dc motor comparison of pmsm speed control of pmsm types of pmsm blbd motor hall effect commutation of pmbldc motor characteristics of pmbldc motor contruction of pmbldc motor srm drives working of srm construction of srm rotary srm linear srm driver circuts for stepper motor power circuits for stepper motor power drivers for stepper motor principle of stepper motor modes of operation of stepper motor vr stepper motor operation vr stepper motor construction torque speed characteristics design of characteristics of synchronous reluctance motor phasor diagram of synchronous reluctance motor operating principle synchronous reluctance motor construction synchronous reluctance motor this presentation contains the details about synch split phase motor shaded pole motor capacitor start motor no load test of single phase induction motor equivalent circuit of single phase induction motor types of single phase induction motor double field revolving th construction and starting methods basic concepts of single phase induction motor cross field theory solutions for problems on three phase im torque slip problems rotor power and losses relations torque slip characteristics of three phase im torque slip characteristics problems on induced emf power factor current of induction motor frequency of induced emf synchronous condenser applications of synchronous motor phasor diagram of synchronous motor vector diagram of synchronous motor vector digram v and inverted v curves of synchronous motor v and inverted v curve inverted v curve v curve starting torque torque of synchronous motor introduction of synchronus motor constant speed motor contruction of synchronous motor principle of synchronous motor xd and xq measurement salient pole machines measurement of xd and xq slip test two reaction theory condition for parallel operation procedure for parallel operation armature reaction of an alternator parallel operation armature reaction ac machines introduction to synchronous machines working of synchronous generator construction of alternator synchronous generator
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