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kashif cv

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kashif cv

  1. 1. Kashif Rehman Father Name: Bashir Ahmad Date of Birth: May, 16, 1990 Nationality: Pakistani Passport No. HZ9157931 Cell#: +923007953679,+923007380956, E-mail: kahifrehman2015@gmail.com OBJECTIVE I am a graduate in Electrical Engineering and my passion is to work at a challenging place in a reputable organization, so as to apply my knowledge and skills besides enhancing my capabilities as professional. Also create the research environment using my theoretical knowledge about research methodology for the ongoing success. EXPERIENCE ( Total: Three year of qualitative experience) 1- Worked as Assistant Engineer E&I in Descon Engineering pvt (Almoiz power and beat plant unit 2 Boiler project 85TPH & 65 barg) from 28th August 2014 to 25th March 2015.  Installation and Inspection of all E & I Work and all mechanical HOOK UP Instruments/Control valves.  Cold testing of MCC and DCS panel.  Cold loop testing of all field instruments to DCS system.  Hot loop testing of all field instruments to DCS system.  Commissioning of Allen Bradley VFD’s (Allen Bradley 755 & 525 series) ,Oxygen Analyzer(lamtec),Conductivity Analyzer(Honey Well),MOV(Motor operated Valve) Lanlee IK3 Series  Safe startup of all Electrical equipment and field Instruments  P & ID and PFD drawings understanding  HT , LT power and Control Drawing.  Operation and maintenance of Boiler.  Megger of all Electrical panels, Motors, cables and Equipment  Earthing Test 2- Worked as an Electrical Engineer ( Design) in Bilal Switchgear Engineering ( pvt) Lahore from19 September 2012 to 26 August 2014. Electric designing of LT panels:  Auto Transfer switch (ATS)  Auto main Failure (AMF)  Power Factor Improvement Plant (PFI)
  2. 2.  Auto Star Delta (ASD)  Direct online (DOL)  Starters  integrated power supply (IPS)  Street light control panel  Light DBs  Power DBs  Troubleshooting and maintenance. Testing and setting of protection relays Power factor relays ATS/AMF Modules Energy analyzers Electric designing of HT panels I.e. Industrial panel Hand work experience of switchgear LT+HT+IPS panels. QUALIFICATIONS Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (3.64/4 CGPA) Engineering Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan-Pakistan (2008-2012) MEMBERSHIP: Member of Pakistan Engineering Council PEC No: ELECT/ 39085 THESIS WORK: Power Flow Control of Alternator (Microcontroller based PWM technique is used to control the power flow of Alternator) STUDY PROJECTS: Power Transmission Study of Live Line Washing of Transmission lines 500 KV Grid Station Multan Electronics: DC power supply . LANGUAGES: English Urdu COMPUTER SKILLS: AutoCAD Microsoft word Microsoft Excel Microsoft power Point REFERENCES Reference will be provided on demand.