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Salsa Democracy in Action User Conference 2008

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My presentation for the Democracy in Action Conference in 2008

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Salsa Democracy in Action User Conference 2008

  1. 1. The Joy of Finding Supporters and Turning them into Donors Katherine Watier – Director of Online Strategies Courtney Ussery – Online Data Analyst
  2. 2. Different Fundraising Dynamics Online A few universal truths: • Online fundraising success flows from engagement strategy. • List building is a two-way street – finding ways to locate support, but also making ourselves available to be found. • Email campaigns with a series of emails work better than a solo appeal
  3. 3. List Building for Site Optimization Optimize your Site • Use of keywords in copy • Make newsletter sign up prominent • Make donation feature easy to find • Test donation page • Use web analytics to find other improvements to user flow • Use info from donation page to segment list
  4. 4. Donation Page Too Long
  5. 5. Donation Page Too Long – Page 2
  6. 6. How Do I Sign up? Donate?
  7. 7. Where am I? How do I donate?
  8. 8. Is My Donation Secure?
  9. 9. Where do I click to Donate? 1 2 3
  10. 10. Donation Form to Long
  11. 11. Is My Donation Secure?
  12. 12. List Building Online Marketing • Capitalize on universal search: – Register with local search – Upload videos of performances or events to YouTube – Create a Facebook group for students to join – Update their review on Yelp – Post upcoming performances on Eventful – Periodically post on Craigslist in the “classes” and “events” section – Send press release to Search Engines using pr.com • Apply for Google grant & run paid ads on “hip hop classes in Washington, DC” etc
  13. 13. Case Study: They wanted to Pave Paradise, and put up a Parking Lot!
  14. 14. Pave Paradise, Put up a Parking Lot Here’s the Challenge: In 2006, a condo development threatened the home of a local Bethesda art program, so it developed partnership with other threatened art programs try to stop the development. Bethesda is an arts district in part because of these art programs, so they appealed to city council to stop the development, or help them find a new home for both art programs.
  15. 15. Email Campaign Timeline • Email 1 – Save Our Home action • Email 2 – Action follow-up to non-action takers • Email 3 – Final action/Tell a Friend – Thank you for taking action • Email 4 – Fundraising email 1 • Email 5 – Fundraising email 2, to those who have not donated “We’ve raised this much can you help us get to $X?”
  16. 16. Email Campaign Timeline • Email 6 – Fundraising email 3 “We’re moving, and could use your help” – Thank you for donating • Email 7 – “Please bear with us as we relocate.” • Email 8 – “Next week is moving week!” • Email 9 – “Classes will be canceled next week as we move, and will resume the following Monday. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing you in our new home!”
  17. 17. Email/Messaging Calendar
  18. 18. Email/Messaging Calendar
  19. 19. Let’s Look at an Appeal Email Ask: We’re moving and need your help! 2. Segment List: Parents of students and adult students 3. Create email copy, landing page and thank you 4. Use email checklist 5. Set for delivery 6. Analyze results
  20. 20. Let’s Look at Salsa
  21. 21. Segment the list
  22. 22. Analyze the Results
  23. 23. Is all the work worth it? Yes! Success story from The Nature Conservancy • The Nature Conservancy's Digital Membership team boasts a three-figure average gift and continues to sustain annual growth over 55%. How did they do it? • Conducted Keyword Research resulting in a 395% lift in online gifts over the previous year. • Conducted eye tracking, click-path, and potential donor user flow research which resulted in a 54% increase in revenue. • Continually stay on top of Email Industry Benchmarks and Best Practices to discover new opportunities to double their click-through rate.
  24. 24. Questions? Katherine Watier – kwatier@ompdirect.com Courtney Ussery - cussery@ompdirect.com