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SpeedGeeking 2015

SpeedGeeking Sesion at #IBMConnected 2015 on how to better manage your Microsoft Exchange servers (and their admins) using IBM Domino DDM (Domino Domain Monitoring)

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SpeedGeeking 2015

  1. 1. Using DDM (Domino Domain Monitor) to Manage Your Exchange Environment Keith Brooks Professional Services Manager @lotusevangelist kbrooks@rockteam.com
  2. 2. 4 Steps 1. Open events4.nsf 2. Open DDM Configuration->DDM Probes Section-> By Type 3. Click on New DDM Probe -> Messaging 4. Add configuration details and Save
  3. 3. Steps 3 and 4 Details Click on New DDM Probe -> Messaging – Probe Subtype = Transfer Queue Check – Probe Description = Whatever you Want it to Say – Which Servers to run on? Special Target Servers-> SMTP Servers – Destination? Check All Destinations or Specify that special one  – Services NRPC and/or SMTP – Set Event Severity (not too low i.e group emails) – Save
  4. 4. Over? Nothing is Over Until… The Probe will be enabled on Save So how do you get notified? Glad you asked….
  5. 5. Notify You… HELL NO, The MS Admins 1. Open DDM Configuration->Event Handlers Section-> By Author 2. Click on New Event Handler from the Db menu 3. Event Tab – Events can be any type – Events must be one of these severities: FATAL! And/or Failure, hell, send them all of them just to mess with the Admins – Events can have any message 4. Action Tab – Method = Mail – Mailing Address = Domino Email or Internet Email of the MS ADMINS! – Enablement = Enable this notification
  6. 6. Keep in Mind 1. If Exchange is down, how would they get this? Use their personal emails :-) 2. Set up a Mail Rule in your mail file to collect them all and publish a monthly outage report
  7. 7. That’s All Folks The RockTeam is here for you when you need to: • Move to SmartCloud • Fill in for an admin or team • Build out your (Connections, Domino, Sametime) environments