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Introduction to Content Marketing

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Find out what content marketing is, why you need it and how to do it. Why great content drives both inbound and outbound lead generation. Why content marketing is the only marketing that works. Get more hints at http://www.technoledge.com.au/b2b-blog

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Introduction to Content Marketing

  2. 2. COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS It’s not just a change of name… Content Marketing is nothing new It’s just a fancy new name for marketing
  3. 3. IT’S A CHANGE IN ATTITUDE www.velocitypartners.co.uk ‘Traditional marketing talks AT people Content Marketing talks WITH them.’
  4. 4. A REVERSAL Selling is OUT Buying is IN = Inbound Marketing
  5. 5. For people to find you, you need a big attraction Great content is the honey pot GREAT CONTENT GETS YOU FOUND HONEY
  6. 6. GREAT CONTENT DRIVES LEADS …and all online marketing
  7. 7. HOW TO CREATE GREAT CONTENT 10 + 1 Simple Rules
  8. 8. HELP YOUR AUDIENCE Understand key issues Solve real problems Grasp new trends 1. MAKE IT HELPFUL Image: http://www.last.fm
  9. 9. oTalk to customers oListen to Thought Leaders oLook for fresh insights & perspectives 2. MAKE IT RELEVANT
  10. 10. Share industry know-how Educate, update, communicate Confront the tough questions 3. MAKE IT WORTHWHILE
  11. 11. 4. DON”T SELL
  12. 12. Provide valuable insights on issues that keep your customers 5. MAKE IT COMPELLING
  13. 13. Don’t put on an act Call it as you see it Use your own voice 6. MAKE IT REAL
  14. 14. Support it with: oSolid references oQuotes from respected sources oReal world examples oInsights from key users 7. MAKE IT STRONG
  15. 15. 8. MAKE IT DIFFERENT GREAT CONTENT IS Highly relevant Thought- provoking Disruptive Image: wikimedia commons
  17. 17. oInterview interesting people oTell key customers’ success stories oPublish best practice guides or e-books oCommission an original survey 10. MAKE IT USEFUL
  18. 18. •Websites – yours and partners •Social Media •Industry journals •Print Media •Lead gen campaigns 11. PUT IT TO WORK
  19. 19. THE BOTTOM LINE Exceptional content will get you FOUND READ SHARED MORE INFLUENCE HIGHER PROFILE MORE LEADS …and bland content won’t.
  20. 20. Technoledge Digital Marketing – the snake oil of our time? 3 Reasons why Great Content Must be Disruptive Why Content is more than King External Content Marketing Checklist B2B Marketing doesn’t have to be boring How Content Marketing Wins Over The Most Brutal Business Buyers LEARN MORE
  21. 21. Call us (02) 9909 0246 info@technoledge.com.au Check us out www.technoledge.com.au Follow us CONNECT