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Morpheus UNIMAS: Designing Simple Graphics Using PowerPoint

This guide helps you to use PowerPoint to create simple graphics for Morpheus.

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Morpheus UNIMAS: Designing Simple Graphics Using PowerPoint

  1. 1. By Chuah Kee Man P a g e | 1 www.chuahkeeman.com Beautifying Morpheus Page: Tips and Tricks Tip 1: Designing Simple Graphics Using PowerPoint PowerPoint gives you some basic options in creating and designing simple graphics without the need to master other advanced softwares such as Adobe Photoshop. In this step-by-step guide, I shall explain the steps in using PowerPoint to create graphic headers for your Morpheus e-learning page. The PowerPoint version that I am using is 2010, but the options are similar in 2007 version. Step 1: Launch PowerPoint and use a blank layout - Right click on the screen, go to Layout and choose Blank. This would give you a blank canvas/slide to work with. Step 2: Insert your preferred shape for the header. - Click the Insert tab and go to Shapes. Choose your preferred shape. I personally like rounded rectangular. Then drag the shape on your blank canvas/slide. Make sure it is not too large.
  2. 2. By Chuah Kee Man P a g e | 2 www.chuahkeeman.com Step 3: Choose the Header Design and Colours - You can modify the colour and design looks by clicking the shape then go to the Format tab on top. Choose your preferred colour and design. - Tip: A solid darker background is good, while keeping the text as white. Step 4: Add Text to the Shape - Right click on the shape and choose “Edit Text”. Type in the header text e.g., Unit 1: Introduction - Modify the text size and colours according to your preference.
  3. 3. By Chuah Kee Man P a g e | 3 www.chuahkeeman.com Step 5: Add Relevant Icons or Image - To make your header look more appealing, search any icons online, e.g. Google Images (http://images.google.com – search for “book icon png”) Don’t forget to include “png” in your search so that the image that you get is with transparent background. - Once you have the icon/image, Insert it (Insert>Picture>Choose the icon/image) and place it next to header (usually on the left) as shown. Resize it to fit your header. Step 5: Save your Header as One Image - You’re almost done! Use your mouse cursor and select the shape and the icon (Drag your cursor and select them as shown below) - Once they are selected, right click on the icon/image and choose “Save as Picture…”
  4. 4. By Chuah Kee Man P a g e | 4 www.chuahkeeman.com - A pop-up window will appear. Name your header and save it in .png format (as shown below) - PNG format allows your header to have transparent background. Step 6: You’re done! Insert your newly done header on Morpheus - Repeat Steps 1-5 for your other headers e.g., Unit 2, Unit 3…. - Upload them to your Morpheus page and replace those texts that start each section/block of your content.  - You can also use the same way to design the Introductory header for your course page as shown below. Happy Trying!

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  • siewwoei

    May. 14, 2014

This guide helps you to use PowerPoint to create simple graphics for Morpheus.


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