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Twitter for trainers tu222 supplemental materials

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Twitter for trainers tu222 supplemental materials

  1. 1. Watch my video about the session here: http://bit.ly/HlUDBGDr. Kella B. Price, SPHR, CPLP has 13 years of experience in training and development, and talentmanagement functions. As CEO of Price Consulting Group, she is a trainer and facilitator. Kella haspublished research previously on diversity; expatriates; and stress, job satisfaction, and employee turnover.In addition, she has designed numerous training and development tools.Kella is adept at using Web 2.0 technologies, including blogging, twitter, bookmarking tools like delicious,and social media networks like LinkedIn and Facebook. She regularly conducts training on how to usethese technologies as a business tool for collaboration and building relationships. She regularly posts viatwitter handle: kellaprice and authored the January 2012 Infoline entitled Twitter for Trainers(ow.ly/8sWD7) She will be discussing how to harness Twitter’s power to spread awareness of your brand, attract potential clients, stay on top of industry news and trends, and share knowledge with your clients and colleagues.
  2. 2. What is this thing called Twitter?Twitter is a what they call a micro blog, a message that is 140 characters or less.When using Twitter, consider your goals: “Why are you there?”“Why do you want to be there?” "Why do you want to connect with other people?”“For friendship, or part of your business?”Twitter is a powerful tool that can be used to build your personal brand by building a personal connection. As such, carefullyselect your username and picture as part of your branding.Once youve set up your account: Find people. Follow them.Your goal in following Twitter users online is to build personal connections and stay informed.You can find people that you already know, friends or business colleagues, and those you may not know, but know of...Your posts on twitter should be personal interest (a quote or something interesting you did in a particular day), a brag(accomplishment highlighting your work) an interesting link or data nugget. These elements will keep others interested in your"tweets".Check out www.tiny.cc to make links shorter to facilitate posts.How to build Your Following and Followers:* Find on Twitter- Search by Twitter Username* Find on other networks- Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, MSN* Invite by email- Send invites to another email or contact list* http://twitter.grader.com – Enter your twitter username- get your ranking and Suggested Folks to Follow* http://twinfluence.com/index.php - Top 50 Twitters in 3 different areasHashtags are keywords with #’s in front of them, used for searching for conversations in twitter . Be sure to follow @hashtagsand the service will follow you back to track and catalog the hashtags you use.Retweet- "retweet" is to repeat/quote someones tweet so that people who are following you get the info al so.Start with RT followed by the username of theperson who tweeted it (e.g @User) and the content of the actual tweet.Example:kellapriceRT @relth New Blog: Leaders: Social Media is Here to Stay: Learn to Maximize its Benefits. http://tinyurl.com/kq6ftyTwo items to check out to improve the functionality of your Twitter account:Tweetdeck: Breaks down twitter into manageable pieces.Twhirl : when opened on it sends you "tweet mail"Now youre ready to get started in twitter!For this class, please use the hashtag #Twitter101. This will connect all information about the class with the other class users. Iwill ask you to post key ideas about the class in twitter. If you have questions about the content, this would also be a great placeto post your question to start a discussion with your fellow participants.
  3. 3. Twitter chat prep worksheetManagement tool using (i.e. Hootsuite, Tweetchat, Tweetdeck):_________________________Don’t forget to post 2-3 tweets prior to the session inviting people to participate and informing them of the topic.For example:Going to ALC? Join #ASTDChapters chat: Maximize value of #ASTDALC on Wed Sept 14 @ 5:30PST #ASTDIt is also helpful to post reminders the day of, an hour or two before, and about 15 minutes prior to starting the chat.Example:In 1 HOUR…Plan for ALC! #ASTDChapters chat: Maximize value of #ASTDALC Wed Sept 14 @ 5:30PST #ASTDIf it is a regularly-scheduled event, list it on: http://bit.ly/ChatSched to increase participation.Warmup & Rules for ChatsWelcome everyone to ENTER CHAT HASHTAG HERE Chat. Tonight’s topic is: ENTER TOPIC HERE #hashtagOur moderator for tonight’s chat is: @enterTwitterusername.Tip: Give background on organization, topic, or company.Example:#ASTD stands for the American Society for Training and Development http://www.astd.org Chapter website: list chapter websitehere #hashtagTip: Post Rules or Guidelines for participants to maximize the value of the chat.Example:Rules for ENTER CHAT HASHTAG HERE Chat: #hashtagRule 1. Introduce yourself. (Are you a member? Location? Chapter Leader? Areas of Expertise? etc) #hashtagRule 2. [try to] stay on topic. A new question will be asked periodically. If you can, include Q# in related responses. #hashtagRule 3. When writing, complete thoughts help followers outside the chat learn from you. #hashtagRule 4. Remember to include #hashtag in all posts. http://tweetchat.com http://tweetgrid.com & http://twubs.com work wellYou are welcome to add #ASTD too. #hashtagRule 5. Periodically RT questions so others outside the chat know what youre talking about. #hashtagRule 6. During the chat, please unprotect your updates so others can see your thoughts. #hashtag
  4. 4. Tip: Post a Warm-up question to get the conversation started. It does not need to be directly related to the discussion topic forthe chat.Warm-up Question (Q0): What have you learned at a recent #ASTD chapter meeting? #hashtagThe QuestionsFor an hour-long chat, you will need between 6 and 8 questions planned. Don’t forget to include your #hashtag in the questiontweets. Question Tweet Q1) 1 Q2) 2 Q3) 3 Q4) 4 Q5) 5 Q6) 6 Q7) 7 Q8) 8Closing Tweets:Thanks for joining the #hashtag chat on Twitter! Close with a re-intro.Our next #hashtag chat will be DATE, TIME (Time Zone) on TOPIC.Tip: Gather the tweets via a transcript, and post a tweet.Example:In case you missed the #hashtag chat on TOPIC, see transcript: WEBADDRESS.
  5. 5. Twitter Class/session prep worksheetDate: _____________________ Time:________________Topic:______________________________Registration link:_____________________________________________________________________Speaker: ___________________________ Twitter username:________________________________Speaker’s website:____________________________________________________________________Speaker’s Blog:_______________________________________________________________________Key facts/statistics/attention grabbers from session:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Tweet moderator:__________________________ Twitter username:____________________________Hashtag for session:_________________ Other useful hashtags:______________________________Slide Tweetnumber