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International SEO & Multilingual Link Curation

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Presentation from BrightonSEO in Sept 2013 on international SEO and how to do link building in multilingual languages across Europe.

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International SEO & Multilingual Link Curation

  1. 1. International Link Curation KEVIN GIBBONS BLUEGLASS.CO.UK @KEVGIBBO
  2. 2. Please tweet get well soon to @ChelseaBlacker!
  3. 3. BlueGlass.co.uk @BlueGlass @KevGibbo • BlueGlass EMEA, Zürich, Switzerland BlueGlass UK, London, England • . We speak over 25 languages
  4. 4. Translated & promoted infographic across 12 countries: Generated high quality links & social shares from authority publications
  5. 5. http://fiz-x.com/how-to-make-a-lightsaber/ Promoted electronic components infographic Acquired 100+ links/co-citations from 65 unique domains across 5 countries
  6. 6. @KevGibbo Sharing Our Learning…
  7. 7. A one-fits all approach just doesn’t work
  8. 8. Translation isn’t good enough!
  9. 9. You still need local knowledge
  10. 10. But without centralisation it looks like this!
  11. 11. International success needs to be tied into a wider digital strategy
  12. 12. Centralised Strategy + Local Knowledge = Best International SEO Success
  13. 13. @KevGibbo International SEO Tips
  14. 14. BlueGlass.co.uk @BlueGlass @KevGibbo Don’t wait. Algorithm changes happen in English about 6 months before rolling out in other languages, anticipate how to improve link building issues before updates lead you down the wrong path.
  15. 15. BlueGlass.co.uk @BlueGlass @KevGibbo Many languages have very limited geographic reach, ensure content can be tailored.
  16. 16. BlueGlass.co.uk @BlueGlass @KevGibbo Low domain authority in small markets isn’t unusual, it’s simply because these markets don’t attain the same volume
  17. 17. BlueGlass.co.uk @BlueGlass @KevGibbo Broken Bridges. Links of low quality sites from bordering countries or even worse different-language countries can prove harmful. Build logical bridges between content.
  18. 18. Understand local behaviour & European holiday timetables
  19. 19. Outreach is Much Easier with Personal Relationships
  20. 20. Timing is Important – it all Needs to Line-Up
  21. 21. HREFLANG Can Work Very Well – Especially for Lower Populated Countries
  22. 22. @KevGibbo Country Tips
  23. 23. @KevGibbo • Hobby bloggers or webmasters of non-commercial websites can be very sceptical of Outreach requests • Good opportunities in other German speaking countries such as Austria and Switzerland • Target just a few websites and personally address them, explaining the benefit to their site to share your link • Content/emails must be written by a native speaker • German people are quite straight forward – just tell them what you want! Germany
  24. 24. BlueGlass.co.uk @BlueGlass @KevGibbo • Yandex has market share – and old-school tactics still work here, but build carefully, focusing on natural links if you can. • As a general rule, Russian web users are a bit younger than in other western European countries so take this into account when creating content for them. • Outreach in English can work, better than other European countries – but native speakers always have better success Russia
  25. 25. BlueGlass.co.uk @BlueGlass @KevGibbo • They have different characteristics, however one theme runs through all of them: There is very limited resource and audience compared with other markets. • Nordic users are very web savvy, but SEO is far behind. • While most users are fluent in English, they do search in their mother tongue so it’s not enough to write content in English. • Lots of consumer protection laws around sending unsolicited emails, personal relationships work better Nordics
  26. 26. BlueGlass.co.uk @BlueGlass @KevGibbo • When approaching French speaking webmasters, only speak in French. Make sure your grammar is correct. • Co-branded content partnerships work much better than link exchanges for content. French
  27. 27. @KevGibbo • Italian market is very small, which means you can get away building links from sites with standards below those of English language websites. • Even Italian national media websites often have very average domain authority scores. Italian
  28. 28. BlueGlass.co.uk @BlueGlass @KevGibbo • Very commercially savvy • Building blogger relationships can be a long-process, but pays off long-term • To gain access to top quality sites, create a piece of content which shifts a niche’s standards or knowledge base. • Don’t expect quick results, the American market takes a while. USA
  29. 29. Main Takeaways… • Integrate a single strategy with a range of local expertise • It’s all relative - understand the different market approaches and limitations • Implement HREFLANG - especially for markets where link building is tough