natural language processing morphology machine translation text mining information retrieval nlp machine learning • discourse • machine translation • pos tagging • linguistic resources • ontology • lexical semantics • semantic processing • phonology pos tagging • information retrieval • statistical and knowledge based methods • parsing/grammatical formalisms • chunking/shallow parsing spoken language processing information extraction linguistic resources phonology • paraphrasing/entailment/generation lexical semantics • dialog systems • text mining ontology semantic processing • speech recognition and synthesis discourse • spoken language processing • question answering • information extraction paraphrasing/entailment/generation question answering statistical and knowledge based methods parsing/grammatical formalisms chunking/shallow parsing speech recognition and synthesis dialog systems machine learning in nlp nlp-based chatbot natural language computing natural language processing (nlp) big data data mining speech recognition sentiment analysis bert artificial intelligence named entity recognition programming languages word embeddings text classification tfidf parsing multilayer perceptron frequency ranking database computational linguistics text summarization myanmar sentences context free grammar naive bayes theory function tagging tamil natural language processing. natural language generation computational morphology named entity recognition (ner) regular expression neural networks feature extraction lexicon-based ner corpus verb chunks parser mlp classification skip –gram model hmm accuracy speech processing greek virtual assistants virtual assistants hybrid approach rules setting character based analysis tigrigna verb morphology morphological analyzer social network texts dataset for terrorist attacks lemmatization tamil stemmer cyberbullying rule-based preprocessing token type ttr heaps’ function sample corpus appropriate size of corpus mongolian general corpus logarithms vector model event detection simple sentence & syntax tibeto-burman garo a·we informatization roadmap language informatization adjacency matrix graph representation support vector machine pashto language medicines deep neural network mbert persian text text recognition nigeria cryptography linguistic complexity surprise effect dictionary of wordforms masked word task speech segmentation re-punctuation automatic speech recognition automatic punctuation multiplicity dynamic graphs clustering streaming algorithms arabic text processing rule-based pos part of speech tagging sequence learning chess grammatical and semantic error grammatical error correction semi-supervised learning term-similarity analysis plda model topic detection dialogue system lexical analysis indic languages text categorization information indexing ai algorithms soft computing information technology automatic detection of semantic roles neural network cross information domain pseudo users association emotion prediction text-based group emotion-aware recommender system user behavioral analysis data visualization word similarity hidden markov models segmentation & alignment mahanalobis distance dynamic time warping dtw sentences alignment comparable corpora hidden markov model (hmm). romanian language grammar syntactic analysis twitter social network analysis election prediction noisy pattern conflict score bangla relation extraction • machine learning in nlp deep learning word-sense disambiguation semantic features khasi translated documents tweets motor neurons. neuronal network cognitive disorders and therapy text classifier myanmar language authorship attribution general versatility effectiveness feature selection methods chunking dtw hnm mfcc speech transformation nes f-measure nlization unlization eugene ian amt unl information web search engines suffix tree clustering arabic web snippets arabic language browsing formal semantics vietnamese voice application glottis. artificial models human vocal tract speech signals sentiment analysis. tense classification performance metrics named entities t-test google search engine indian languages text to speech system natural speech production singular value decomposition speech compression speech generation speech signal weighted page rank page ranking algorithms hidden markov model (hmm) software engineering & swarms semantic rank requirements traceability marathi stemmer urdu stemmer stemming timeml annotation schemes temporal information processin mean dependency distance l3 acquisition mathematical linguistics writing proficiency language distance finite elements aco adaptive neural network steganography image segmentation text stemming preprocessing distance similarity measures small-loss selection robustness noisy label graph convolution networks green computing less-resourced languages amazigh language algorithm and encoding quantum cognition similarity measurement vector space unigram multinomial naïve bayes gaussian naive bayes logistic regression random forest decision tree k nearest neighbor product warnings consumer-patients convolutional neural network recurrent neural network parsbertl graph convolution network consumer-patient further pre-training moral understanding distributed word represent data analysis location data exploration data analysis politics election statistics mathematics bangla language processing canonical vs non-canonical word embedding deep learning model hedge funds non-canonical sentence structu canonical deep learning models natural language qualitatively quantitatively terms regulating equivalence symmetry iot generative adversarial networ datamining semantic web automated data labelling semantic textual similarity bi-encoder cross-encoder pre-trained language models exact match semantic answer similarity question-answering prototype correction non-word dinka user input regex web support verbs adverbial pps with a predicati semantic role extraction recognizing textual entailment legal term categories word embedding benchmark chinese word embedding legal word embedding parameter extraction pattern recognition language language processing computer education compiler design informationtechnology computerscience semantic similarity tokenizer pre-trained model cosine threshold score sentence embeddings learning problems tht hybrid framework english to bangla phonetic typing transliteration framework domain adaptation fine-tuning bi-lstm crf model hiragana texts morphological analysis code-switch speech. lid asr language model acoustics phonotactics language identification word segmentation. linguistic speech patterns subword units characterization of fictional characters pattern extraction machine data anguage mode machine comprehension interpreting quality clustering algorithm medicine intake aid system chatbot natural language preprocessing parallel processing fuzzy logic natural language computin convolutional lstm social media meaning extraction entailments paraphrase embeddings humour detection cbte mcq personality transfer learning gpt-2 ontology graph explainable artificial intelligence (xai) pattern based bootstrapping semi-supervised myanmar word sorting. myanmar script text to graph converter automatic summarizer arabic text generation. arabic text analysis arabic text recognition system ancient manuscripts phonetic syllable marathi hindi devanagari orthography machine transliteration recommender systems pseudo association emotion text mining context-aware affective computing glove embeddings language modelling bi-directional lstm networks distributed word representation communications signalling product sales product preannouncement extraction of primitives vh2d approach multi-stream approach sliding window cursive arabic corpus-based aspect-level food & beverage industry modern greek finite state automaton arabic morphological analyzer arabic pronominal system residual network shallow parsing text mining information extraction • information extraction • question answering • paraphrasing/entailment/generation • machine tra • parsing / grammatical formalisms • paraphrasing / entailment / generation • nlp for language documentation and preservation • nlp for educational purposes • nlp for digital humanities • chunking / shallow parsing conversation modelling word segmentation neural architecture conditional random fields sequence labelling myanmar word stemmer resume parsing peircean semiotics interactive computation enguage winograd schema challenge natural language understanding dfr-bm25. bm25 bilstm-crf online judge knowledge named entity recognition fake news lexicon based approach sentiwordnet important dates support vector machine. local binary pattern meitei mayek script handwritten character recognition statistical machine translation english language bodo language bilingual corpus parallel corpora social network sarcasm sentiment wsd. mt manipuri language kolmogorov goodness –of- fit test and smirnov test empirical distribution box- ljung statistic autocorrelation low resource language syllable to word level nmt attention-based nmt text mining. movie synopsis legal text. semantic analysis logic theorem formalism tamil tool word level rules rule based approach bootstrapping igbo tagset part-of-speech africa languages syllablebased neural architectures bidirectional lstm_crf
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