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  1. 1. AngolaBy: Kabeer Khurana
  2. 2. History and Geography• Angola is a country in southwestern Africa.• Total Area is 481,351• Population is 10,366,000• People per Square Mile is 0 to 5• Language spoke is Portuguese
  3. 3. Problems• The problem that my country has is health care.• My country needs more because without health care more and more people will dieor not get treated with medicine.• My doctors per 100,00 are 8, the life expectancy is 47, and the infant mortality is 125
  4. 4. Solutions• Some people from Angola could come to America and learn Health Care and come back with medicine and treatment for the sick and injured.• My neighboring countries could help by taking some children/adults to their hospitals and help those people while we help as many as we can.
  5. 5. Final Solution• I think it is impossible to solve this major problem because if there is not health care then everybody will not be treated and will die.