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Religion and Society

  2. Religion and society are inseparable, therefore religion is connected to the society, we cannot produce a good and productive society. Because our religion brings us unity.
  3. Because of their faith and beliefs to our God they go to church. They pray and says their thanks for their blessings.
  4. They hold their hands together because they believe in one faith and they sing a song praising God.
  5. They accepted the body of Christ ,and it is called a commUNION. For they believe it is a unity.
  6. Most of the Filipinos believe in the sanctity of the marriage. They want to have the blessings of God and be their foundation in building a good relation.
  7. As part of the society we should build a good relationship to the other people with the help of our religion as guidance.
  8. After giving birth the parents wants to baptize their children, for him to become a good Samaritan.
  9. The family that prays together Stay’s forever.
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  11. Prepared by: Alas as Aldrin Banaag Christian RR Kaw-had Marinele Group IV THANK YOU AND GOOD NIGHT!!!!!