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Higher Education Giving Day Panel

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Practical Tips to Grow Your University Giving Day
How did University of Maryland double the dollars raised and gifts given in their 4th year giving event? How did Georgetown University create their largest day of giving in the last decade outside of fiscal year end and year end? Join Kimbia for a free webinar where we’ll have guest speakers from top universities share their personal experiences running some of the leading higher education giving days in the country.

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Higher Education Giving Day Panel

  1. 1. #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc
  2. 2. Introductions Joannah Pickett Assistant VP, Annual Giving Georgetown University Megan Farmer Director of Annual Giving University of Maryland Taylor Shanklin Director of Marketing Strategy Kimbia #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc
  3. 3. Q & A Panel Discussion Blue & Gray Day Challenge University of Maryland Giving Day University Giving Days Overview Agenda #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc
  4. 4. • Have Fun & Rally Around It: • Engage alumni, students, donors and faculty • Inspire major donors & ignite lapsed donors • Increase participation through urgency, engagement and competition • Provide multiple opportunities to get creative and achieve phenomenal results • Expand reach via online and social capabilities #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc WHY GIVING DAYS?
  5. 5. • Real-time leaderboards = gamification • Highly configurable • Scalable, secure solution • Control of donor data and funds • Social media and online strategy training • Strategic Communications Toolkit • Proven expertise in giving days ensures outstanding results #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc WHY IT WORKS
  6. 6. University of Maryland Giving Day • A new Giving Day record!! • 4th Year Event • Doubled dollars raised and gifts given • $2,226,93 through 6,355 gifts. #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc
  7. 7. Georgetown: Blue & Gray Day Challenge • Largest donor day in the last decade (outside of fiscal year end and year end) • Ties giving to specific mission #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc
  8. 8. #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc Strategies to engage your strongest supporters & “never givers”
  9. 9. #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc Increase participation and cultivate valuable alumni relationships
  10. 10. #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc Tips for hosting a first-year event and how to continue that growth year-after-year
  11. 11. Giving Day Success Kit • Social media / online fundraising strategy and tactics training • Hosted Giving Day website: owned by YOU • Real-time campaign results and leaderboards • Complete project management and planning • Ownership of all data and reports • Donation forms for each fundraising entity that can be embedded on their own website very quickly • Access to Kimbia experience and resources #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc Email info@kimbia.com for more information
  12. 12. #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc Email info@kimbia.com for more information Q & A
  13. 13. #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc Email Taylor taylor@kimbia.com to chat!