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Kissmetrics Webinar - Email in a Social World

  1. Kissmetrics Webinar Series MAKING EMAIL CAMPAIGNS IN A SOCIAL WORLD The webinar starts at 10am Pacific Time Slides and Recording will be sent out within 24 hours of the webinar Q&A after the presentation, but feel free to enter questions as they come up 10min Demo of Kissmetrics Analytics after the Q&A
  2. Making email campaigns in a social world ELLIOT ROSS, TAXI FOR EMAIL
  3. @Kissmetrics #Kisswebinar @taxiforemail
  4. Elliot is passionate about pushing email design to provide the best experience possible for audiences. He co-founded Taxi for Email, a platform that helps marketers make awesome email campaigns. He specializes in creative strategy, design and development that works in the inbox. ELLIOT ROSS CEO, Taxi for Email @iamelliot Jonathan Cabin is a Growth Analyst at Kissmetrics focused on initiatives that create sustainable growth. His background spans sales, project management and marketing. In his free time you can find him surfing, golfing and asking his boss for time off to travel. JONATHAN CABIN Growth Analyst, Kissmetrics @kissmetrics
  5. @taxiforemail #Kisswebinar @iamelliot
  6. Email is dead changing • TaxiCreating great email that works in 2018 HERE’S WHAT WE’RE TALKING ABOUT #Kisswebinar Making email as easy as social 1 2 3 Making email campaigns in a social world
  7. Email is dead! Because of the millennials!
  8. People (Journalists, mostly) Email is dead! “
  9. What they actually mean (still journalists) *Some* of the things we previously used Email for, can now be better done with things like Slack (for some work conversations) and social media (for some personal chat conversations) is dead! but actually email is still the preferred channel for activities like engaging with brands and cross company work. Even for Millennials. “
  10. Wes Gay Forbes New Study Finds Millennials Are Actually Obsessed With Email “
  11. Millennials overtake Baby Boomers as America’s largest generation “ A note on “Millennials” tho There are 83.5 million of them*, so don’t treat them all the same 😡 *In the USA
  12. Email is dead changing
  13. 2007: Email was direct mail on a screen Image: Unsplash
  14. All the design cues came from Print • Letter format • Lots of text • Batch & Blast • Everyone opened email on one of these: #Kisswebinar 2007
  15. #Kisswebinar 2007 Everyone opened email at their desk.
  16. 2017: 54% Opening on Mobile(Litmus State of Email 2017) Image: Unsplash
  17. #Kisswebinar 2017 • Stronger tools: Segmentation, Behaviour modelling, Personalisation • Better strategy • Better HTML capability • People open email everywhere Litmus State of Email 2017
  18. People open email everywhere.
  19. People open email everywhere.
  20. The audience has less attention. Image: Unsplash
  21. Creating great email that works in 2018
  22. • Get your message across in 2 seconds • Use typography principles • Use engaging images (without only using images) • Use Bullet points, subheadings, short sentences • Use social techniques, not direct mail 1. Create content for short attention spans
  23. • Add extra content for people who have more time • Consider the content hierarchy 2. Whilst also considering longer attention spans
  24. • Tweets are 140 280 characters • Instagram is a square photo + a sentence • Snapchat is 8 seconds #Kisswebinar 3. Take cues from social
  25. • Don’t worry about putting everything above the fold • Instead, get their interest. They’ll scroll. 4. Embrace the scroll
  26. • Touch screen, make it easy to click/tap • Don’t build everything as images • Short, punchy subject lines #Kisswebinar 5. Design for mobile
  27. • Build up trust from users • Don’t break it • Especially on Black Friday 👀 #Kisswebinar 6. Unsubscribe = Unfollow
  28. Making email like it’s 2018 AKA making email as easy as social
  29. #Kisswebinar We built a platform that helps you make great email for 2018. (and beyond)
  30. #Kisswebinar Take a trial or book a demo at
  31. JONATHAN CABIN Growth Analyst, Kissmetrics @Kissmetrics Questions? ELLIOT ROSS CEO, Taxi for Email @iamelliot

Notes de l'éditeur

  1. email isn't dead for many brands it's the channel that drives the most revenue
  2. app design - save time/waste time
  3. On a phone email is right next to social apps.
  4. The problem is that email is hard to do. Takes too long, too complex, spend too much time on execution not content/message.