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Hazards of common household products

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Hazards of Common Household Products

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Hazards of common household products

  1. 1. This presentation is my original creationand can only be used with permission. Visit http://katiegoesnontoxic.com for contact information.
  2. 2.  Many household products may seem harmless Some are harmless until reacted with another common product
  3. 3.  Caustic Eye and skin irritant Flammable Toxic when ingested
  4. 4.  Petroleum product in polish can cause kidney damage Eye and lung irritant Vapors can cause loss of consciusness
  5. 5.  Lung irritant Central nervous system depressant Liver Damage Kidney Damage Flammable
  6. 6.  Eye, skin and lung irritant Muscle weakness Liver and kidney damage Flammable
  7. 7.  Clorox, Lysol, etc. Corrosive Reactive Toxic when ingested
  8. 8.  Highly reactive Eye irritant Skin irritant
  9. 9.  May contain phthalates which are endocrine disruptors Respiratory irritant Ingredients not always labeled “trade secrets”
  10. 10.  EPA confirmed that they chloroform emissions from dryer vents Fragrances of unknown composition Formaldehyde
  11. 11.  Eye irritation May contain perfumes
  12. 12.  Lung irritant Highly Reactive
  13. 13.  Simply means when exposed to or mixed with another product it can become toxic When common toilet bowl cleaner containing HCl and ammonia are mixed a toxic gas is releasedReaction - http://youtu.be/M7eUA9Ldfv8
  14. 14.  Do your own research Refer to cheat sheet guide provided Remember you are putting yourself and your family (and pets) at risk!
  15. 15.  Majority contain parabens! Parabens are absorbed through the skin into the blood stream and can mimic estrogen in the body. Petroleum products which can cause kidney and liver damage.
  16. 16.  May contain parabens Sodium laureth sulfate – environmental toxin Petroleum products
  17. 17.  Fluoride can be carcinogenic in certain doses Can be harmful to children if swallowed
  18. 18.  Eye irritant Skin irritant Can be fatal to children if children consume
  19. 19.  Many contain formaldehyde Phthalates Toluene
  20. 20.  Skin irritant Lung irritant Toluene Xylene Acetone
  21. 21.  Phthalates Many unknown ingredients due to “trade secrets” Lung irritant
  22. 22.  Look for organic and/or all natural products Read the Labels Avoid Parabens, petroleum products, pthalates
  23. 23.  Skin, eye and lung irritant Organ damage
  24. 24.  Central nervous system depressant Respiratory failure Kidney damage Harmful to pets
  25. 25.  Skin and lung irritant Lethal in increased concentration Flammable
  26. 26.  Acid plastic smoke is carcinogenic Contain mercury
  27. 27.  Most studies have shown the radio frequencies post no hazard Some phones emit radiation
  28. 28. •BPA is a hazard associated with reusing plastic containers whichaffects the immune system.•PVC is a carcinogen which one is exposed to when using plastic forfood storage
  29. 29.  Be cautious when handling CFL bulbs Consider using Pyrex or Glassware instead of plastic containers. Never reheat food in a plastic container. Most of these items cannot be avoided such as a cell phone – consider a lower radiation emitting phone.
  30. 30.  Educate yourself on common ingredients Take the time to read labels of everything you purchase Realize that not everything has been regulated Make your own decisions and be cautious!
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