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Outreach Through Readers' Advisory in an Academic Library

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What does outreach through Reader’s Advisory look like at a large academic institution? U of MN Wilson Library Access and Information Services staff will discuss experiences increasing student engagement with themed displays, pop-up libraries, blind dates with books, and a book matchmaking service. Presenters will share what they’ve learned as well as tips about how to start outreach through fun reading at your library.

Slides from 2015 ARLD Day Lightning Round Presentations.
Slide design by Amber Fick.

Examples of work and other resources:
Wilson Library Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/umnwilson/
UMN Libraries Book Matchmaking: http://z.umn.edu/bookmatch

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Outreach Through Readers' Advisory in an Academic Library

  1. 1. OutreachThrough Readers'Advisory InanAcademicLibrary Becky Adamski Amber Fick Kaia Sievert Danika Stegeman A Presentation by UMN Wilson Library staff:
  2. 2. FromOurCollectionsDisplay TheCoverwasBlue UnlikelyPairings BannedBooks IMustacheyoutoreadthisbook
  3. 3. Pop-upLibraries
  4. 4. BlindDatewithaBookDisplay
  5. 5. BookMatchmaking Form Found at z.umn.edu/bookmatch
  6. 6. WhatYOUcando togetstarted
  7. 7. StartSmall 1stDisplay:BeachReads 11bookschosenfromstaffrecommendations
  8. 8. BeStrategic Imagecredit:'Chess'byJasonBrown2013onFlickr.UsedunderaCCBY-NC2.0license
  9. 9. UseResources
  10. 10. TapintoStaff MLIS students Poetry experts Trivia Buffs Non-fiction Lovers Genre Enthusiasts Take an ALA.org RA class Successful Outreach!TapIconcreatedbyKennethvonAltfromtheNounProject.UsedunderaCCBy3.0license http://www.ala.org/rusa/development/ readersadvisory101
  11. 11. Questions ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  12. 12. ThankYou! Becky Adamski: adam0311@umn.edu Amber Fick: amfick@umn.edu Kaia Sievert: ksievert@umn.edu Danika Stegeman: steg0049@umn.edu Presentation/resources: z.umn.edu/raoutreach