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Child behaviour

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Child behaviour

  1. 1. Emotional andbehavioural problemsin early childhood.Dr. Jalpa P. BhutaConsultant Woman and ChildPsychiatrist.MD (Psychiatry); DNB( Psychiatry); MRCPsych ( UK).
  2. 2. Separation AnxietyUnable to sleep without parentPersistent refusal to go to schoolRepeated nightmares ofseparationSevere anxiety when child has toleave parentsRepeated somatic complaints ieheadache, tummy ache, vomittingetc.
  3. 3. Feeding DisorderPersistent failure to eatSignificant failure to gainweightLoss of weightOnset before 6 years .Not explained by medicalreasons.
  4. 4. Oppositional DefiantdisorderHostile, defiant behaviorpattern >6 monthsOften loses temperOften argues with adultsAngry and resentfulBlames other for mistakes andbehaviour.Deliberately annoys others
  5. 5. ADHDINATTENTIONCareless mistakes in schoolwork/ activitiesUnable to finish tasks/chores/ playGets easily distractedForgetful
  6. 6. ADHDHYPERACTIVITYKeeps fidgeting/ squirming inseatUnable to stay seated/ runs outof classTalks excessivelyAlways ‘on the go’
  7. 7. ADHDIMPULSIVITYBlurts out answers beforesentence is askedDifficulty awaiting turnButts into conversationsAll before 7 yrs of age.
  8. 8. EnuresisRepeated voiding of urine inbed/ clothes.Child atleast 5 yrs. of age.Impairment in social/ academicareas of functioning.No physical cause.
  9. 9. Sleep problemsSettling and night wakingproblemsNightmaresNight terrors, sleep walking
  10. 10. SomatizationPAINStomacheaches,headaches,bodyachesNAUSEA, VOMITINGNausea, vomits, doesn’t eat wellBOWEL PROBLEMSCostipated, diarrhoea,painfulbowel movts.etc.
  11. 11. Role of mentalhealth professionelDetailed assessmentFamily dynamics, parent childcommunicationInterview with childCounsellingPlay therapyMedications.