nursing medical surgical nursing medicine causes physiology anatomy adult health nursing neurology management mechanism of action sideeffects pharmacology health competence gcs-p pharmaceutical msn medical complication fracture monitoring icp drugs antibiotics types introduction to computer appli health informatics semester 1 health care informatics nursing informatics informatics computer activity and excercise nursing ethnic and religious sensitivi systems thinking dedication professional development protection from harm: . social justice integrity human dignity autonomy altruism belief nursing value values major waste minor waste classification of biomedical composition of biomedicalwaste sources of bio-medical waste. management of biomedical waste hospital waste segregation of waste bio medical wate innovation collabration respec art of knowledge concept patient person nurses enviornment philosophy characteristic of nurse characteristics of nursing objectives of nursing qualities of nurse responsibilities of nurse roles deputy ns nursing superitendent community nurse director incharge nurse ward nurse staffnurse qualities scope honesty loyality discipline an caregiver communicator teacher comfort principles of nursing practice characteristics of nurse atonomy code of ethics' ongoing research service orientation: body of knowledge ethics principle principles of nursing nursing as a profession profession support degree skill knowledge compassion care art and science nursing is art and science nursing is a science nursing is an art proffession science art the lady with the lamp history of florence nightingal nightingale training school profession‘s theory modern nursing history history of nursing nursinh history ana inc india florence nightangle history cerebellar function sensory system motor system reflexes cranial nerves procedure sensory cerebral function mental status examination neurological examination level of consciousness score of gcs interpretation of gcs score areas of gcs head injury glasgow coma scale -pupil glasgow coma scale gcs nursing diagnosis sling non mobile mobilization splint role of nurse in fracture fracture patient care non invasive invasive medical science neuro brain assessment icp monitoring increase intracranial pressure increase intra cranial pressur inc icp responsibility nurses role contraindications indications notes ppg advances in cpr medicine in cpr defbrilator cardiac advanced cardiac life support basic life support bls acls cardio pulmonary resuscitation circulation breathing airway abc cpr syncope chest surgical accident corpulmonal trauma sharp blunt msn 1 injury chest injury medical surgical viva articles forcep ot operation nursing instrument viva instrument practical exam preparation instrument used in surgery fixators skin complications fluid management burns factors increased intracranial pressure examples nurses responsibility functions nervous system nervecell neuron anatomy and physiology cardiovascular system cardiac cycle heart adversereaction transfusion blood
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