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Best Automatic Transmission Specialist Melbourne

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Victoria Differentials and Transmissions are the leading provider for automatic transmission service in Melbourne.

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Best Automatic Transmission Specialist Melbourne

  2. 2. Introduction  Automatic transmission in your car is the most complex mechanical system that works on consensus with hydraulic systems, electrical systems, and computer controls. It is one of the major components in your car that transfer power from the engine to the drive shaft. As such, it is experiences heat and friction as well as interaction with several components every time the car is in motion. If it is not maintained regularly, your car is bound to face major issues.
  3. 3. Common problems in automatic transmission  Just like our body gives signal about any health problem, vehicles also do the same. However, it is not easy to catch the signal for average drivers. Your eyes and ears must be trained to notice and hear the symptom your car develops over time. The moment you experience something unusual about your car, you must realize that there is some problem and you car needs to be diagnosed. As the automatic transmission is a complicated mechanical component, you have to take your car to the best automatic transmission specialist in Melbourne - Victoria Differentials and Transmissions.
  4. 4. No or slow response   Whenever there is a delay or slow response in moving your car from park to drive mode, there is a problem with the automatic transmission. In such a situation, you can also experience that your car falters and resists to get into gear.
  5. 5. Unusual sound When the transmission has a problem, it produces unusual sound. Though not all cars will sound the same, you can still catch the problem when you hear shinning, buzzing, and humming noise. Be any type of sound your car is producing, get it fixed with our automatic transmission service Melbourne.
  6. 6. Leakage of Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)/ Low Fluid The ATF is necessary for lubricating, cleaning, and conditioning the transmission. What blood is in us, the fluid is in the transmission. Without it, the engine will give up and stop working completely. The good thing is that you can spot the leakage instantly, and get it repaired soon. You can also check the level of the fluid by reading the dipstick after driving for a shorter distance and stopping the car at a safer place. The low level indicates that there is a leakage and repair is necessary.
  7. 7. Rough transition of gears The jarring noise that you hear when changing gears is a sign of a rough transition. You will also experience the time taken to shift from one gear to the next is more than the normal. Such a sign needs to be inspected immediately by transmission specialist Melbourne.
  8. 8. Slipping of gear When the engine warms up and you experience a transmission slip, it may be due to loss of pressure caused due to the passing of fluid by the valves of internal seals. This type of symptom poses a risk to your safety and therefore requires inspection by our automatic transmission specialist Melbourne,
  9. 9. Shifter not working When your car rolls even after placing shifter in Park mode, it's a sign of parking prowl either broken or worn out. The car may also roll because of the U-joints gone bad. The only way to find out the problem is to get it diagnosed by an expert of automatic transmission Melbourne.
  10. 10. Locking of shifter lever in the park position You may not meet this situation very often, but it may occur occasionally. The reason of such a problem could be because of a blown fuse, defect in light switch, ignition switch, and lodged parking pawl, or the circuit in the electrical system is open. You have to replace the blown fuse, defective brake light switch and repair the open-circuit. Victoria Differentials and Transmissions have the tools to diagnose and fix any problem related to locking of shifter lever. The moment you notice these common problems, or anything unusual in your car, call (03) 9874 5268. Note - Pick up and delivery of your car is free.
  11. 11. Conclusion  Regular maintenance of your automatic transmission is necessary. You can not only prevent trouble for yourself, but also avoid expensive repairs by maintaining your car regularly.