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WordPress for Govt Blogs & Microsites

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WordPress for Govt Blogs & Microsites

  1. Kristy Fifelski | City of Reno, Nevada WordPress for Government Blogs & Microsites
  2. Agenda • Tour of WordPress Sites • Use in Government • Installation Demo • Plugins • Themes
  3. WordPress open source blogging software
  4. Why do I ? Wow…
  5. Top 5 reasons to use WordPress for government sites 5. Vendor assistance not required
  6. Top 5 reasons to use WordPress for government sites 4. You get to tell management the site will be up in 2-3 months …. knowing it will only take 25 minutes
  7. Top 5 reasons to use WordPress for government sites 3. Using those extra months you saved, you can work on all the projects that you’ve been meaning to get to
  8. Top 5 reasons to use WordPress for government sites 2. Web designers can impersonate developers … and developers can impersonate web designers
  9. Top 5 reasons to use WordPress for government sites 1. It’s so easy… even he can do it Slogan /image from GEICO ad campaign
  10. WordPress is everywhere…
  11. Customize high quality websites without being a developer…
  12. British Prime Minister site
  13. OpenSF blog (San Francisco)
  14. RecoverySF microsite
  15. City of Reno blog
  16. Important Websites WordPress.com WordPress.org Codex.wordpress.org
  17. 3 Ways to Host WordPress 1. On WordPress.com 2. In-house on your own server PHP version 4.3 + MySQL version 4.1.2 + 3. 3rd party host
  18. Hosted Installation 1. Sign up for a hosted account at 1and1, Bluehost, GoDaddy, etc. 2. Login, locate WordPress install area. 3. Simple as clicking a couple buttons!
  19. Hosted Installation 1. Create an admin login during installation 2. Go to the WordPress admin area to complete the rest of setup: www.yoursite.com/wp-admin
  20. WordPress admin area
  21. Demo of Installation
  22. Working with plugins
  23. Customizing themes
  24. Elements of WordPress sites
  25. Microsite for city government “task force”
  26. index.php
  27. header.php
  28. sidebar.php
  29. footer.php
  30. loop.php Displays posts and post content codex.wordpress.org
  31. Theme template City of Manor, TX Free theme @ govfresh.com/wordpress
  32. Contact Information Kristy Fifelski Web Services Manager City of Reno, Nevada fifelskik@reno.gov 775-785-5818 kristyfifelski.com twitter.com/kristyfifelski linkedin.com/in/kristyfifelski slideshare.net/kristyfifelski