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Genuine friend in need carbon monoxide detector alarm

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Genuine friend in need carbon monoxide detector alarm

  1. 1. Genuine Friend in Need- Carbon Monoxide Detector AlarmCO gas being a ‘silent killer’ cannot be detected by an individual without using a device. Most ofthe people do not realize that they are being poisoned. CO is dangerous to humans dependingupon the amount present in the air. They cause breathing problems, vomiting, dizziness,choking and in extreme cases even death. Every individual wants to protect his family from thisdangerous gas. They can do so by installing at least one CO detector alarm in their home. Thesedetectors are designed to measure the level of CO overtime and then sound an alarm before itcrosses danger level.People inside the house are given adequate warning to take suitable measures either ventilatethe area or vacate it entirely. If there is malfunctioning of fuel burning devices, these COdetectors sound an alarm. Some common sources of CO are space heaters, blocked chimney,running a car inside a garage, water heaters and oven. As CO is very close to the same densityas air, CO detectors should be placed near the ceiling or near the floor. This gas being colorlessand odorless, it is not possible to detect it in a home environment without the help of COdetectors.
  2. 2. They are either a stand -alone model or system connected monitored device. They aremonitored by a central station and they send proper authorities in case of an emergency. Mostof the fuel burning equipment produces little CO if they are installed properly or maintainedregularly. A slight disruption in the venting process results in the shortage of oxygen to theburner. Then CO quickly rises to danger level causing discomfort to the people. Make sure thatCO never has a chance to enter your house by regularly maintaining your gas appliances.
  3. 3. Check chimneys and vents to prevent cracks, blockage, holes or corrosion. Open the door of thegarage before you start a vehicle so as to prevent chocking or suffocation. Choose the correctdevice to keep your home safe. Then install them in key areas so that you will be alerted to thepresence of this harmful gas before it is too late. There are two types of devices that are basedon different smoke detection technology- photoelectric and ionization. Each of these COdevices detect smoke and gives ample escape time to the people. Install carbon monoxidedetector alarm in your house and have a sound sleep!