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women empowerment

  1. WomenWomen EmpowermentEmpowerment By Kushagra Jain
  2. Outline •What is Women Empowerment? •Why should it be •History •Existing problems •Ways to achieve it •Efforts made to achieve it •Achievements
  3. Why need of womenWhy need of women empowerment?empowerment? ““Women are worshipped as goddess in INDIA,Women are worshipped as goddess in INDIA, But not given her true position.”But not given her true position.” The main problemsThe main problems facedfaced by women in past and presentby women in past and present Gender discriminationGender discrimination Women educationWomen education Female infanticideFemale infanticide DowryDowry Marriage in same caste and child marriageMarriage in same caste and child marriage Atrocities on women: With their age, they have been raped, kicked,Atrocities on women: With their age, they have been raped, kicked, killed, subdued & humiliated almost daily.killed, subdued & humiliated almost daily.
  5. And on the top of all isAnd on the top of all is •The physical, sexual and psychological harm or suffering to women •Includes threat of such an act, coercin or arbitrary deprivation of liberty whether occurring in public or private life
  6. Why it should be •Reflecting into the “Vedas purana” of Indian culture, woman is being worshiped such as LAXMI MAA, goddess of wealth; SARASWATI MAA, for wisdom; DURGA MAA, for power. •The status of women in India, particularly in rural areas needs to address the issues of empowering women. • Leaving a major number of urban and suburban women, the Indian women are still crying for simple justice. Which is not even allowed to have been accessed to them. • Ironically, women have not actively participated in their own emancipation mainly due to low economic independence. •With their age, they have been raped, kicked, killed, subdued & humiliated almost daily.
  7. •About 66% of the female population in rural area is unutilized. This is mainly due to existing social customs. •In agriculture & animal care the women contribute 90% of the total work force. •Women constitute almost half of the population, perform nearly 2/3rd of its work hours, receive 1/10th of the world’s income & own less than 1/100th of the world property. •Among the world’s 900 million illiterate people, women out number men two to one. •70% of people living in poverty are women. •Lower sex ratio i.e. 933. COntd.
  8. •The male child perceived as an asset for the landless rural laborer, a dowry earner for a greedy middle class family and a simple matter of pride for the mother. •The existing studies show that the women are relatively less healthy than men even though, they belong to same class. They constitute less than 1/7th of the administrators & managers in developing countries. •Only 10% seats in world’s parliament & 6% in national cabinets are held by them. COntd.
  9. Threats to them are many…Threats to them are many…
  10. Lack of education, Financial constraint, Family responsibility, Low mobility, Low ability to bear risk, Low need for achievement, Absence of ambition for the achievement, Social status What are the main problems?
  11. InsIght of a rural womenInsIght of a rural women
  12. Begging for FoodBegging for Food
  13. She lost her children out of Hunger and PovertyShe lost her children out of Hunger and Poverty
  14. The lost Childhood….The lost Childhood….
  15. School days…… Child LabourSchool days…… Child Labour
  16. She is just 15 yrs, her son is 18 months old
  17. It is well known that women and children work in huge numbers inIt is well known that women and children work in huge numbers in bidi-rolling, agarbatti-rolling, bangle making, weaving, brassware,bidi-rolling, agarbatti-rolling, bangle making, weaving, brassware, leather, crafts and other industries.leather, crafts and other industries. Yet, only 3 % of these women are recorded as laborers.Yet, only 3 % of these women are recorded as laborers.
  18. They also suffer from…They also suffer from… Maternal Mortality Women Trafficking Malnutrition Exploitative Practices Child Marriage Dowry Gender Violence Child Labor Eve Teasing Sexual Harassment Family Abuse & a lot more…
  19. 60 % of the Girls are married before the age of 16 Nearly 60% of the married girls bear children before they are 18 125,000 women die from pregnancy and related causes every year Maternal mortality in India is the 2nd highest in the world
  20. Some Global eye openerS
  21. Some Global eye openerS China: Suicidal rates are higher in case of women Status of Japanese working women in dilemma The Deafening Silence: Asian American women in the whirlpool of depression Women’s life at risk because of acid attacks in Ethiopia
  22. Some Global eye openerS •37% women victims of domestic violence: NFH survey •Almost half of Indian women have not heard of AIDS •Married women, children most anemic in India •Women are killed in China to become brides of dead men
  23. WAYS TO ACHEIVEWAYS TO ACHEIVE Self Help GroupsSelf Help Groups Aangan BadisAangan Badis Govt SchemesGovt Schemes Micro FinanceMicro Finance Self EmploymentSelf Employment
  24. Shiksha= Education Swasthya= Health Swavlamban= Self Reliance Samajik Nyay= Justice Samvedana= Sensitivity Samta= Equality
  25. 6S Model for Women Empowerment6S Model for Women Empowerment AN INITIATIVE BY INDIAN GOVT.
  26. They are strong at
  27. Synergy Cooperation Physical Strength Untapped Energy Multi Tasking Innovation Closeness with Nature
  28. If due regard givenIf due regard given Women IS EmpoweredWomen IS Empowered
  29. Mother TeresaMother Teresa
  30. Indira Priyadarshini GandhiIndira Priyadarshini Gandhi
  31. Kiran BediKiran Bedi
  32. OprahOprah WinfreyWinfrey
  33. QueenQueen ElizabethElizabeth
  34. Naina Lal Kidwai Naina Lal Kidwai
  35. Dr. KiranDr. Kiran MazumdarMazumdar
  36. KalpanaKalpana ChawlaChawla
  37. Pt. UshaPt. Usha
  38. Jk Rowling Jk Rowling
  39. Let’s join hands for the bigger cause
  40. Individual efforts are appreciable,Individual efforts are appreciable, But not sufficientBut not sufficient Let’s take them out of the darkness of lifeLet’s take them out of the darkness of life