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Social media strategy presentation

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Presentation of social media strategy at Barcamp Zimbabwe on 6 September 2012 in Harare by Larry Kwirirayi

Social media strategy presentation

  1. 1. Social Media Strategy By Larry Kwirirayi Barcamp Zimbabwe 2012 6 September 2012 @kwirirayi
  2. 2. Without a clear direction,social media can pull you in all directions. @kwirirayi
  3. 3. Clear goals and realistic expectations can help avoid:•Wasted time•Wasted effort•Backlash•Social media fatigue•Missed opportunities @kwirirayi
  4. 4. Business case for Social MediaSocial Media PitfallsAvoiding Social Media PitfallsSocial Media Strategy Framework @kwirirayi
  5. 5. The Web is essential in our daily lives 33% of media consumption(1) Boomers are gaining on Gens X/YSocial media to comprise 50% of usage(2) Social media now surpasses Email in global reach(3) Fastest growth: women over 50Word of mouth is reaching a new level Millions of interactions take place every hour Brands are being discussed 24/7 @kwirirayi
  6. 6. 1. You are already involved in Social Media Your friends are doing it Discussions about your brand are taking place  If you participate you can shape outcomes2. Comparative advantages Word of mouth is #1 influencer of purchases Does not require a media budget Viral effect can carry a message a long way3. Revenue growth Among top 100 Brands, those using social media saw 18% lift in revenue 91% of Inc. 500 use social media @kwirirayi
  7. 7. 4. Must-have for Startup Marketing: Creating brand awareness and consideration Inbound marketing / research Community relations Recruiting / employee relations Investor relations Crisis / corporate communications5. Search Engine Rankings! Can produce great results! See example on next slide @kwirirayi
  8. 8. Social Media Pitfalls Rush to action without a planLack of objectives and measurementContent guidelinesFailing to engage audiencesLimited Reach @kwirirayi
  9. 9. 1. Rushing to action without a plan (shiny newobject)• Hasty decisions and knee-jerk reactions• One-off approach• Focus on the wrong objectives or platforms• Failing to understand requirements and resources @kwirirayi
  10. 10. 2. MeasurementSuccess requires:• Defined and measurable objectives• Metrics that tie to those objectives• Tools (and knowledge) for tracking metrics• Ability to translate online activity to business results• Methodology to calculate ROI @kwirirayi
  11. 11. Web 2.0 Metrics  PostsEngagement metrics  Tweets and ReTweets Site visits  Facebook Fans Unique visitors  Followers Visit frequency  Ratio: Following to Page views per visit Followers Time on site  Mentions Registrations  Content views Conversions  Content uploads  Shared pages  Sentiment ratio @kwirirayi  Page 1 search rankings
  12. 12. 3. Content • While content is critical, it is often an afterthought • Once the genie is out of the bottle, it’s too late • Requires content planning • Format: copy, video, photos, audio • Type: original vs. repurposed • Source: where will it come from? • Requires approval • Brand guidelines • Legal issues (beware of astro-turfing!) • Must be engaging… @kwirirayi
  13. 13. 4. Failure To Engage• Social Media is about listening and interacting vs. shouting• “Spray and Pray” doesn’t work• Think: Telephone vs. Megaphone• Engagement hurdles:• Lack of interesting and relevant content• Self-focused content• Too much self-promotion @kwirirayi
  14. 14. 5. Limited Reach• Social Media only works with a large audience• Process of building a network is often overlooked• Without reach, there is no ROI @kwirirayi
  15. 15. 1. Goals: Who and What?• Define audiences and identify influencers• Define objectives• Set reasonable expectations2. Media: which social media platforms?3. Engagement: how to listen and interact?• Content: types of media, voice, frequency• Duties: producing, posting, sharing, responding• Policy: addressing negative comments @kwirirayi
  16. 16. 4. Reach: how will you promote your program?• Online, email, offline, PR, word of mouth• How will you build your network?5. Resources: what is needed; what will it cost?• People, process, assets, tools, etc.6. Metrics: how will you measure success?• What metrics will you use?• What tools will you use?• How will you translate into ROI? @kwirirayi
  17. 17. Components of a Social Media Strategy• Audiences•Objectives and Metrics for measuring success •Team and resources• Key influencers (and tactics for engaging them)• Social Media sites, networks and groups• Content guidelines• Operational plan for producing, posting, sharing• Marketing plan to promote and build network• Tools (influencer tracking, monitoring, reporting)• Methodology for translating activity into ROI @kwirirayi
  18. 18. Can you distill your social media mission down to one sentence? How will you know if it’s working? Who’s responsible for reaching these goals? What’s in it for your customers? @kwirirayi
  19. 19. A core philosophy gives you adaily focus and helps define your goals. @kwirirayi
  20. 20. Thank You Q&Awww.facebook.com/ThreeMenOnABoat www.twitter.com/ThreeMenOnABoat www.twitter.com/kwirirayi @kwirirayi