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Eco-Village Presentation

  1. Eco-Village Housing Options Using Local Roofing Materials Giving Dignity to the People
  2. What is a Eco-Village • A sustainable housing solution for rural communities • A house that operates off the grid and using local resources- grasses, reeds, timber and sun light • A house designed for local conditions to be cool and free of mosquito infestation
  3. Eco-Village Site Plan
  4. What does a Eco-Village have in it? • Waste recycling facility • Communal enviro laundry • 100m 2 organic garden • Grey water storage system • Solar house lighting (12v) • Solar path lights • Solar Geysers • Also available DC appliances 12v- fridge, TV, radio, etc)
  5. Structure Using Light Steel Frames
  6. Interior Plan
  7. High Pitch IBR Roof
  8. Low Pitch IBR Roof
  9. Eco-Village Open Plan Version using Reed Roof
  10. Open Plan Designs
  11. Interior Design for Open Plan House (40 m2)
  12. Front View
  13. What does the house Include? • Block house of 40 m 2 • 10 Watt Solar lighting system with 3 LED lights • Has open gauzed walls in rooms for cooling and Mosquito proofing
  14. What does the Recycling Centre look like? • 50 m 2 shelter with concrete floor • All waste is collected in trolleys and deposited here • Separated and non recyclable remove to landfill • Recyclables are stored in large PP bags and sold for revenue
  15. What does the Enviro Laundry look like? • 50 m 2 shelter with concrete floor • 12x basin for cloths washing • Solar hot water geyser • Washing lines • Grey water harvesting into tank and used in the gardens
  16. What does the Permaculture Gardens look like? • 100 m 2 garden area • Uses all the phosphate rich grey water from ablutions • Fruit trees, vegetables, herbs all organically grown • Traditional crops and Medicinal plants
  17. Energy System • All houses are fitted with off-grid solar PV lighting systems which cater for 2 lights and cell charger (12v) • Alternative larger systems exist for basic appliances • Solar street lights are also supplied for evening movement (12v) • Solar water heaters used on all ablutions (LP)
  18. Support Domestic Kits Available • Basic needs for a house off grid:- • Water purification unit • Solar cooker • Gel stove • S/s cutlery and crockery
  19. Support Agri. Support Kits Available • The pack caters for the planting of food gardens and includes :- o Mini garden fork o Mini garden spade o Bowsaw 300mm o Machete o Hoe head o 20l water carry bag o Foldaway barrel for water storage (200L) o Combo pliers /hammer o PVC Twine (roll 20m) o Assorted vegetable seeds o Nitrosol- 200ml (organic fert) o Insecticide organic o Training manual permaculture o Carry bag for all tools and equipment
  20. Conclusion • This eco-village caters for a comfortable and humane housing solution. • It addresses the basic needs of people with a off the grid system.