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Library project ethnographic presentation

Ethnographic Study of Kansas City are libraries.

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Library project ethnographic presentation

  1. 1. Competitive Analysis (library websites) Ethnographic Observations (fly-on-the-wall) Personas (typical patrons) • Stewart Hutchison • Cody Freeman • Malcolm Jackson • Lisa Jo Elliott, PhD
  2. 2. Competitive Analysis • St. Joseph (http://sjpl.lib.mo.us/) • Mid-Continent (http://www.mymcpl.org/) • Kansas City (http://www.kclibrary.org/)
  3. 3. St. Joseph Public Library
  4. 4. Overview of SJPL’s Website Strengths • Simple and relatively small website • No unnecessary graphics or overbearing advertisements • Quick links are located at the top of each page • Pages load quickly • SJPL logo’s return home function Possible Implementations • BLU-RAY video disc • More e-Book databases • Photo album • Teen’s Webpage
  5. 5. Mid-Continent Public Library
  6. 6. Overview of MCPL’s Website Strengths • Databases for searching for digital media • Uses simple design • Quick link down drop menus • Separate children and teen’s webpages • No pop-ups / overbearing advertising • Pages load quickly Possible Implementations • Digital video streaming options such as American History in Video, Hoopla, and OverDrive.
  7. 7. Kansas City Public Library
  8. 8. Overview of KCPL’s Website Strengths • Separate children and teen webpages • Main links have drop down menus • Amount of resources and databases • Community involvement • KCPL logo’s return home function • Feedback when hovering over possible functional link • Loads quickly Possible Implementations • Woodneath Press (Espresso Book Machine) • Community Polls
  9. 9. All Three Share… Content / Functionality • Search Bar • Events / Calendar • Kids Webpage • Help • Databases Technology • E-Books – OverDrive • Music - CDs • Movies – DVD / VHS • Audiobooks - OneClickdigital • Digital Magazines - Zinio • Connection and Sharing Tools – Facebook / Pinterest • Newsletters • Donations and Support Community • Donations & Support • Story Times • Newsletters • Events • Clubs • Connection and Sharing Tools – Facebook / Pinterest
  10. 10. Ethnographic Observations • St. Joseph (East Hills, Downtown) • Mid-Continent (Dearborn, Smithville, Independence) • Kansas City (Central, Sugar Creek)
  11. 11. Goal Observe and Record: 1. Items and resources in the environment available to patrons 2. Descriptions of people in the environment, including gender, age, and clothing 3. Key events and incidents which involve everyone present …Incognito
  12. 12. Method Find a seat with a view for one hour: 1. Divide library into four quadrants (N, S, E, W) and list all available resources 2. For each patron, report the time, gender, age (inferred), clothes, activity, and mood 3. Make note of any events involving everyone present (announcements or disturbances) …Incognito
  13. 13. Themes (Measure 1) Physical items available to all patrons • Children’s play area • Librarian desk for help and checking out material • Local library news • Book club and organization information • Fire exits • Bathrooms • Water fountains • Computers with internet access and/or catalog search • Tables with plugins for personal computers • Copy machine • Book drop box • Adult and children’s book section • Magazines • Newspapers
  14. 14. Themes (Measure 2) Three most common patrons: Age Gender Activity #1 25-29 Male Internet #2 20-24 Female Personal Computer #3 55-59 Male Checking In / Out Material
  15. 15. Themes (Measure 3) Only two key events were observed (Central Kansas City): • “Group of 25 children, ages 5-9, with three adult teachers, noisy, go to second floor children's section, instructed to pick out one book each, male staff explains they are going to a pizza party, all children then line up single file to leave.” • “Reference desk called security about a complaint: lady in reference section listening to headphone music loudly. Security responded within one minute, asked lady to turn music down, which she complied.”
  16. 16. Personas Three personas were identified based on the ethnographic data: 1). 25-29 year old male, internet 2). 20-24 year old female, personal computer 3). 55-59 year old male, check-in / check-out services
  17. 17. Personas (Cont.)
  18. 18. 1) Goals • Navigate the internet in a quiet environment • Seek information about upcoming events Behaviors & Expectations • Expects privacy and newest browser versions • Gets frustrated when internet is down or not available
  19. 19. 1) We Must • Provide adequate equipment and internet service • Maintain a safe and quiet environment We Must Never • Charge a fee for equipment usage • Discriminate who uses equipment or compromise privacy
  20. 20. 2) Goals • Wants a quiet environment with Wi-Fi to use laptop • Seek information about local job fair without waiting Behaviors & Expectations • Gets frustrated when environment is noisy or crowded • Will leave if Wi-Fi is unavailable or privacy is compromised
  21. 21. 2) We Must • Provide Wi-Fi with seating areas for patrons to use laptops • Maintain a reasonable level of noise for people to interact We Must Never • Charge a fee for equipment usage • Discriminate who uses equipment or compromise safety
  22. 22. 3) Goals • Find and read books in a quiet place without asking for help • Seek information about Old Westerns and quickly check-out Behaviors & Expectations • Gets frustrated when service takes too long • Will leave if he can’t find books or environment becomes noisy
  23. 23. 3) We Must • Provide a wide selection of books and quick service • Maintain a reasonable level of noise and save environment We Must Never • Charge fees for equipment usage • Discriminate who may use library services
  24. 24. Questions? Comments?