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Pp art

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Pp art

  1. 1. The Naked LandscapeThe Art Of The Nude Form In Nature By Laci Bates
  2. 2. Rudolf Koppitz• 1884 - 1936• A Czechoslovakian photographer• Best known for his pictorialistic style, nudes in a natural setting, and mostly the iconic “Motion Study”
  3. 3. “Nude Study” Circa 1927
  4. 4. Other Works By Koppitz“Motion Study” “Self Portrait” circa 1925 circa 1923
  5. 5. Homer Liwag• Born in Montreal, grew up in Cincinnati, and currently lives in Las Vegas• Photographer, industrial designer, concept artist, video editor, and magic consultant• In his 19th year as director of design for David Copperfield
  6. 6. “R2D2”
  7. 7. Other Works By Liwag“IPhone Study” “Hand As A Landscape”
  8. 8. Jan Matulka• 1890 - 1972• Born in Czechoslovakia, came to New York in 1907 to study at the National Academy of Design• His work included abstract expressionism, cubism, and modernism
  9. 9. “Three Nudes In A Landscape” drypoint, 15 x 10in, circa 1923
  10. 10. Other Works By Matulka“Hopi Snake Dance” “Cityscape” Graphite on paper, h:16 x w:20,circa 1924 circa 1917-18
  11. 11. Otto Mueller• 1874 - 1930• German expressionist painter• Central topic of his work was unity of humans with nature• In 1937 the Nazis seized 357 of his works because they were considered degenerate art
  12. 12. “Landscape With Yellow Nudes” Oil on burlap, 27 x 35in, circa 1919
  13. 13. Other works By Mueller “Self Portrait” “Two Bathing Girls” Glue colors, 100 x 140cm, circa1921Tempera on canvas, 26 x 18in, circa 1921
  14. 14. The Exhibition Location The ideal location would be minimalistic or “naked” and would include aspects of nature like wood floors and good lighting