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Upgrade Curriculum Through Globally Connected Learning

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Interested in working with me? Contact Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano for consulting, coaching, workshops, keynotes in the area of 21st century learning, documenting for learning, blogging as pedagogy and much more... http://www.globallyconnectedlearning.com

Upgrade Curriculum Through Globally Connected Learning

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Upgrade Curriculum Through Globally Connected Learning

  1. @LANGWITCHES www.globallyconnectedlearning.com UPGRADE through Globally Connected Learning Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano CURRICULUM
  2. @LANGWITCHES www.globallyconnectedlearning.com LEARN WITH ME @langwitches Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano's passions include globally connected learning, technology integration, contemporary upgrades and amplification of the curriculum, documenting for learning (from digital portfolios, digital storytelling, new forms of teacher observations, to building institutional memory), blogging as pedagogy, visualize learning and developing & maintaining a Personal Learning Network.
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  12. @LANGWITCHES www.globallyconnectedlearning.com IMAGES "A seesaw is a perfect balance (given the right amount of weight on each side)! How do you teach heavy, light, equal to Kindergarteners? Using balances and connecting cubes in the classroom is good, but using their bodies on the seesaw outside is even better. We (not me personally!) weighed ourselves, figured out which child weighed the same or almost the same as another child and then tried to balance on the seesaw."
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  45. @LANGWITCHES www.globallyconnectedlearning.com HOW-TO OF GLOBAL CONNECTEDNESS Build a PLN Strategically build a Personal Learning Network to connect Awareness Become aware of global literacy Participate Participate in already established global projects 1 2 3 Build Fluency Fluency to smoothly embed global connections and learning 4 4321
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