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Visual Content: Level Up Your Social Media

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Social media is fast becoming a primarily visual medium. Get best practices and new ideas for telling your library’s story, as well as tricks and tools that can boost engagement and make your library’s visuals stronger.

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Visual Content: Level Up Your Social Media

  1. 1. Laura Sol omon @laurasolomon meanlaura.com
  2. 2. On the table today: Stuffyouwanttoknow Why? Why do visuals matter so much?. Elements Critical elements, not to be overlooked Tips Different visual types and best practices for using them Stories Telling your library’s story. Legal Just a little about not going to the Dark Side
  3. 3. Why? “Show, don’ttell. That’sthe newmottoofonline marketing.” Sujan Patel
  4. 4. 90%is visual.
  5. 5. 83%oflearning isvisual.
  6. 6. 350millionphotosaDAY
  7. 7. • 150%moreret weet s • 93%ofmostengagingFBpost s • 94%moreviewsonart i cl es • Searchenginesaremorelikelytobe yourf ri end http://searchenginejournal.com/effectively-use-visual-storytelling-infographic/136436/
  8. 8. VisualcontentFTW
  9. 9. “In order t o remember somet hi ng, we f i rst need t o pay at t ent i on. ” Mridu Khullar Relph
  10. 10. Elements Notallvisualmarketingiscreatedequal, anditisonlypowerful whenexecutedproperly. Marketersshouldn’texpecttoseebig changesbyaddingasimplestockphotototweets.” Jeff Bullas
  11. 11. Colorsmatter
  12. 12. Colorsare major
  13. 13. Consistentimagerymatters
  14. 14. Typographymatters
  15. 15. Go easy on the branding
  16. 16. Stockart: yesorno?
  17. 17. Tips Only when the design fails does it draw attention to itself; when it succeeds, it’s invisible. “ John D. Berry
  18. 18. Images+ Twitter
  19. 19. Video
  20. 20. Infographics
  21. 21. https://twitter.com/generalelectric/status/624567642179944448/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw How t o?: http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/how-to-create-twitter-photo-collages-desktop-mobile
  22. 22. AreyourFacebookimages garbage?
  23. 23. So, fixthem It’sdefinitelypossible. 1 Uploadhighquality . 3 Usealternativehosting 2 Create “High Quality” albums 4 Usethe“Share” button
  24. 24. Wait…a little
  25. 25. Relevancy really matters
  26. 26. Stories “Everybrand, everycompany, andeverypersonhasastorytotell, andvisualstorytellingisaveryeffectivewayofsharingyour brand’smessageandengagingwithyourcustomers.” Mridu Khullar Relph
  27. 27. “Youknowwhatelseourbrainslove? Stories. Wecan’thelpit. We’re compelledtoorganizeinformation intoanarrative“ Jenn Lisak
  28. 28. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUomuBlOo44
  29. 29. Moreideas, morestories Youworkinaninfiniterealmofpotentialcontent Sharehistoryandmilestones AskpatronstoshareTHEIRstuff Createvideos: explaining, demonstrating, how-tos Interviewpatrons Breakolderblogpostsorslidedecksinto smaller, re-usablepieces
  30. 30. Legalstuff “Myfriend, don’tbeajerk..” Dr. Peter Venkman, Ghostbusters
  31. 31. “Let ’ s get one t hi ng st rai ght . Googl e Images i s not a st ock l i brary. I know… i t l ooks l i ke one, f eel s l i ke one, al l ows easy downl oads l i ke one. . but i t ’ s not one. ” Donna Mori t z Vi sual Soci al Medi a St rat egi st at Soci al l y Sort ed
  32. 32. Don’tgettrapped
  33. 33. Laura’sQuickChecklist Becausepeoplelove lists IsitRELEVANT? IsitOPTIMIZED? IsitON- BRAND? IsitTELLING A STORY? IsitLEGAL?
  34. 34. Thankyoufor notfalling asleep PRESENTEDBYLAURASOLOMON @laurasolomon Facebook.com/meanlaura Meanlaura.com