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Accessories for the smartphone

the accessories for the smartphone is more important for the healthy functioning. the slides here shows the list of smartphone accessories

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Accessories for the smartphone

  1. 1. List Of Accessories For The Smartphone
  2. 2. Smartphone Accessories • The accessories for the Smartphone are as important as other stuffs used inside the Smartphone. • They remain as the backbone for Smartphone to enhance their functionality. • Some accessories gives life to the phone and acts as the pairing media. • The below slides shows the list of accessories which play very big role in the Smartphone world.
  3. 3. Chargers • The chargers are the life giver to the device. Without this, a phone is nothing. • The phone should be charged periodically in order to maintain the quality over the extended period of time. • The chargers has evolved more from wired to wireless and with many extraordinary features like speed of charging, portable, handy, etc… • The top charging pads are - http://www.slideshare.net/leeshin12/gadget- reviews-on-wireless-charging-pads
  4. 4. Bluetooth Headset • The Bluetooth headset is the best companion while driving. The phone need not be taken out often. • This is very handy and available in many colors and different companies are providing different designs. • This is very comfort to use and the phone calls can be attended without disturbing the present works. • Most of the Smartphone has the inbuilt Bluetooth access option.
  5. 5. Speakers • At present trend, radios and tape recorders are replaced with the multitasking Smartphone device. • Number of songs and videos are stored and utilized for relaxation. • The speakers used in the phone enables the voice only to the certain limit. But the external speakers connected via Bluetooth enhances the voice and increase the accessible distance. • Specification of absolute wireless speakers - http://day- technology.com/absolute-wireless-speakers.html
  6. 6. USB OTG • The USB OTG enables the Smartphone to connect it to the pen drive. • At present almost all the Smartphone are accompanied with this port. • The USB OTG cables are connected to one of the port of the phone and the Pen dive is connected to it. • There is also another option called USB OTG Pen drives to connect it directly to the phone.
  7. 7. Power Bank • The power banks has the battery inside the special case. • The power banks are charged by the external wire and used for the charging the battery later on. • With the increased usage of phone, the power banks has become the important accessories of today. • The best power banks are - http://day- technology.com/5-best-power-banks.html
  8. 8. • The above are some of the basic accessories used in the day to day life which enhances usage of the Smartphone. • The day-technology (http://day- technology.com) has the blogs which showcases on different types of trending Smartphone, laptops, tablets and other gadgets with precise specifications.
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