Omnichannel Marketing: How to achieve a truly integrated multichannel strategy

EMEA Digital Director, Public Speaker à Oracle
22 Apr 2016

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Omnichannel Marketing: How to achieve a truly integrated multichannel strategy

  1. April 14- 15, 2016 |#TLG | @ThoughtLeaderGl | @luisella 10th Strategic Marketing and Branding Forum Amsterdam, April 14th &15th 2016 OMNICHANNEL MARKETING How to achieve a truly integrated multichannel strategy LUISELLA GIANI | @luisella
  2. April 14- 15, 2016 |#TLG | @ThoughtLeaderGl | @luisella Ehi Erika! I’d love to go to see the Simbolism exhibi7on this weekend… Sure! Let’s go together… what about Sunday? It works for me! Ok! Let’s meet at 2pm at Palazzo Ducale
  3. April 14- 15, 2016 |#TLG | @ThoughtLeaderGl | @luisella My expectation is that I can get products, content, services I want QUICKLY, SMOOTHLY and SIMPLY in one-tap, in my immediate CONTEXT and the MOMENT of need. …Sunday DO YOU WANT TO JUMP THE QUEUE?
  4. April 14- 15, 2016 |#TLG | @ThoughtLeaderGl | @luisella #YOU #REALLY #DON’T #UNDERSTAND
 #WHAT #I DO NEED? Do you know the PAIN POINTS of CROSSCHANNELS customers’ experience? Do you think about his experience as mobile VERSUS online VERSUS point of sale ?
  5. April 14- 15, 2016 |#TLG | @ThoughtLeaderGl | @luisella HOW WHAT WHEN in the CHANNEL with true CONTINUITY of experience. I WANT What is Omnichannel? As a consumer I expect to buy
  6. April 14- 15, 2016 |#TLG | @ThoughtLeaderGl | @luisella Purchasing decisions are influenced by multiple screens. Omnichannel shop is part of the customer expectations. 2/3 of customers have made a purchase in the last 6 months that involved multiple channels (2015) Source: Ofcom's 2014 (UK)
  7. April 14- 15, 2016 |#TLG | @ThoughtLeaderGl | @luisella STORYTELLING doesn’t mean telling stories. Content shared must be true and autenthic TRUST SHARE PEER REVIEW COM PARE PURCHASE DECIDE EVANGELIZE RESEARCH SHARE DISCOVER SEARCH RESEARCH TRUST AWARENESS CONSIDERATION PURCHASE BUYER INFLUENCER Digital Peers Email Events Social Media Web/Mobile Company web/ mobile sites Sales PREFERENCE LOYALTY ACTION AWARENESS CONSIDERATION INBOUND Want to know Want to buy Want to do Want to go Decentralised, mobile centric, micro-moments driven Customer Experience
  8. April 14- 15, 2016 |#TLG | @ThoughtLeaderGl | @luisella 24/7 access more connectedness and SOCIAL MEDIA customer service PRICE transparency enhanced purchasing and PERSONALIZED experience B2C customer experience has influenced B2B customers’ expectations B2B customers now typically expect $559 billion *2013 sales USA, Forrester Research B2B ecommerce has more than doubled B2C*
  9. April 14- 15, 2016 |#TLG | @ThoughtLeaderGl | @luisella eCommerce market growth DEVELOPING REGIONS (APAC,LatAm, Eastern Europe): financial and logistic infrastructure 17% CAGR online retail Vs 3% brick and mortar DEVELOPED REGIONS: integrate store and online for Omnichannel Global online sales expected to double every 5 years 2021: $3.5 trillion 2015: $7 trillion
  10. April 14- 15, 2016 |#TLG | @ThoughtLeaderGl | @luisella What’s the impact of Omnichannel?
  11. April 14- 15, 2016 |#TLG | @ThoughtLeaderGl | @luisella Customers eXperience is today’s business benchmark. Is it the end of branding and marketing? No. A strong brand strategy must guide the CX. The Brand is the reason to choose, the company identity, its uniqueness. Marketing is the voice of the brand both in and outside of the organization. CX role is to implement the brand promise. TRANSPARENCY IMMEDIACY CONTEXT ON DEMAND
  12. April 14- 15, 2016 |#TLG | @ThoughtLeaderGl | @luisella 0% 2% 4% 6% 8% 10% 12% 14% 16% Avg Brick&Mortar Avg. .com Colonna2 Colonna2 CUSTOMER SERVICE Impact on profit BUYER JOURNEY Contact with the brand starts early in the process. The company can control the journey through the sales reps. Marketing Sales Marketing Sales Post- purchase experience Prospects contact the brand when 80% of the buyer journey is completed. Marketing owns a much bigger piece of the lead to revenue. BRICK AND MORTAR: missed cross dock scheduling or delay in LTL replenishment= increased likehood of shelf. OUT OF STOCK OMNICHANNEL: delayed online order fullfillment from warehouse fullfillment = 100% UNHAPPY CUSTOMER VS. IN-SHOP EXPERIENCE Omichannel impact Digital interactions influence 36 cents of every dollar spent in a brick & mortar store 22% spend more at the store if digitally influenced. 55% of online shoppers would prefer to buy from a merchant with a physical store presence over an online-only retailer. Source RetailNext
  13. April 14- 15, 2016 |#TLG | @ThoughtLeaderGl | @luisella 0% 2% 4% 6% 8% 10% 12% 14% 16% Avg Brick&Mortar Avg. .com Colonna2 Colonna2 Impact on profit Omichannel impact CUSTOMER SERVICE traditional + online (as well on social media) Customer service as source for content marketing TOOL: Social Media listening CRM (claims, complains) SUPPLY CHAIN Fullfillment must be aligned with the customer promise. Start with target segmentation and delivery time expected. HOW: flexible fulfillment network ROPO EFFECT Research online purchase offline. Personalisation of the offer as key differentiator renewed role of the store TOOL: Data from CRM; ecommerce, websites CUSTOMER SERVICE IN-SHOP EXPERIENCE BUYER JOURNEY
  14. April 14- 15, 2016 |#TLG | @ThoughtLeaderGl | @luisella Key Users / Functional Users Global Service desk -  Open Bridge -  Outage Notification Provides Ticket# L2 Support team -  Initial Triaging -  Assess Impact Regional Core team & Global Lead - Impact assessment -  Prioritization -  Global Communications -  Release schedule End Users/ Customers Raise Ticket Assigns Ticket to L2 support team Identify Issues Ticket resolved Escalation Resolution Approved& Validated -Outage Communications -Request to open resolution bridge Call center/ sales rep. LOCAL LEVEL Traditional Customer service & CRM POSITIVE: all claims on CRM Granularity Sales-CSR-product teams involved CHALLENGE: Tradional channels only Several steps to solve the issue Frequent escala7on
  15. April 14- 15, 2016 |#TLG | @ThoughtLeaderGl | @luisella Customer service & chat apps +40% questions overnight +250% YoY 5 avg. questions minute Peak days: 13 questions/ minute 1 questions every 5 seconds Launched July 2015.
  16. April 14- 15, 2016 |#TLG | @ThoughtLeaderGl | @luisella Content Marketing as Customer Service
  17. April 14- 15, 2016 |#TLG | @ThoughtLeaderGl | @luisella It’s not physical OR Digital it’s physical with Digital Store, digital and multichannel shopping preferences
  18. April 14- 15, 2016 |#TLG | @ThoughtLeaderGl | @luisella Fulfillment methods used by leading retailers In-shop experience evolution
  19. April 14- 15, 2016 |#TLG | @ThoughtLeaderGl | @luisella Fulfillment must start with a clear segmentation based on your strategic bet on future customer(s) promise
  20. April 14- 15, 2016 |#TLG | @ThoughtLeaderGl | @luisella Omichannel VS. traditional supply chain NETWORK FOOTPRINT Store location key Less demand volatility CHALLENGES BRICK&MORTAR OMNICHANNEL INVENTORY MANAGEMENT WAREHOUSE OPERATIONS FRONT&BACK END SYSTEMS Visibility at pallet level Fewer, Higher velocity SKU High volume cases Replenish stores Limited need for real time integration analytics Store+warehouse key More demand volatility Visibility at baske level More, thin SKU Low volume eaches units Building consulmer baskets Real time big data analytics and integration critical Source A.T. Kearney
  21. April 14- 15, 2016 |#TLG | @ThoughtLeaderGl | @luisella MARKETING, CSR, IT AND SALES WORK TOGETHER. CRM integrated with Marketing automation tools, ERP, brand websites, eCommerce and their analytics. “To be competitive in the Digital Darwinism era is a must to change the HOW TO “ 37% 43% 72% THINK IS NOT USEFUL USE HALF FEATURES DIFFICULT TO USE 15% INCREASE OF SALES REP PRODUCTIVITY WITH CRM MOBILE APPS 20-40% INCREASE OF CUSTOMER SPENDING IN THEIR NEXT INTERACTION CRM BENEFITS SALES REP. ON CRM
  22. April 14- 15, 2016 |#TLG | @ThoughtLeaderGl | @luisella Why should I spend my time on data input? When I do know my customer since years?
  23. April 14- 15, 2016 |#TLG | @ThoughtLeaderGl | @luisella 1. Need insights to plan for splitting time between prospects and existing customers effectively 2. Prospects are normally happy with suppliers and identifying the right prospects ready for change is a challenge 3. Marketing does not provide qualified leads. Need to make newsletters more effective. 4. Need to make interactions with systems easy and simple. Have too many databases and tools to work with. 5. Prospect lists are not loaded in SFDC today 6.  Call reports require too much information and are not actionable. Sharing via email does not send attachments and only 1 customer contact can be picked. 7.  Need more support from technical reps 8.  Offer/Quotation process not simple and finding an offer after sometime is time consuming 9.  Alerts to remind sales reps about an open offer/quotation or if customer has not ordered in a few months 10.  Route planning for customer and prospect meetings is very manual 11.  Need an easy way to access product collateral, presentations and case studies to prep for customer meetings 12.  Easier way to access TDS and other product technical information 13.  Pricing model is too complex and price list updates sent via email IDENTIFY PROSPECTS, MEETINGS NEW CUSTOMERS EXISTING CUSTOMER MEETINGS, OFFERS AND REVENUE GROWTH NEW OPPORTUNITY IDENTIFICATION 14.  Opportunities are not consistently entered for all opportunities greater than 5000 Euros. Reasons for win or loss not captured consistently and shared. 15.  New product requests are not supported well by the organization ACCOUNT AND TERRITORY PLANNING 16.  To help with territory planning need a dashboard to see complete 360 degree view of customer, sales volume, last order, last open invoice, past dues, sales history this year vs. last year by product 17.  Ability to easily identify whitespaces – product recommendations based on sales at other similar customers; Cross-sell/up- sell recommendations 18.  Weekly sales reviews require reports using spreadsheets 19.  Need better customer data on competitors and products purchased for proactive account planning CRM&Sales Rep: Key Pain Points
  24. April 14- 15, 2016 |#TLG | @ThoughtLeaderGl | @luisella 20.  Spending a lot of time following up on complaints 21.  Handling language issues with French center 22.  Need to follow up via email and phone with a lot of internal departments 23.  Not easy to search for best practices based on how other sales people have handled certain situations for a customer 37. Simplify forms and reduce fields ACCOUNT RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT 24. Creating new customers in SAP is a long process and need to reduce the cycle time 38. Account data synchronization between SAP and SFDC. Customer hierarchy is different between the systems. Changes are complicated and manual 39. and Talend integration for customer master synchronization. Talend not acessible via mobile/tablet devices NEW CUSTOMER ONBOARDING 25.  Complex process to create an offer – check product code in SAP, Pricing in spreadsheet and then create offer in SFDC 26.  Offers are sent from SFDC via email and are difficult to find, also attachments are not saved 27.  To override a price, they have an approval process in SFDC. But even if the price is approved, the sales office has to reconcile an exception spreadsheet they get from HQ on a monthly basis that takes time. 28.  Pricing approval process takes too long. There are too many requests and approval processes. 29.  Need ability to easily attach an email to an account or case to reduce data entry INQUIRIES, OFFERS, PRICING & ORDER ENTRY 30.  Response to customers delayed due to limited availability of product management 31.  Communication to product management is only via email and not linked to customer record 32.  Repository of TDS does not exist for sales reps and sales office to quickly find them. Finding documents in SFDC is not easy. 33.  Knowledge base of technical support FAQ to reduce dependence on product management 34.  Sending an alert/reminder on a complaint after a specified number of days of creation will help ensure follow up CUSTOMER CASE, TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND COMPLAINT HANDLING CRM&Sales Rep: Key Pain Points
  25. April 14- 15, 2016 |#TLG | @ThoughtLeaderGl | @luisella 9 3 1 4 12 10 15 16 6 5 11 8 BusinessValue Ease of Execution CRM Solutions Value Map “Must Haves” “Low Hanging Fruit” “Lower Value and Harder to Implement” “Quick Hits” 1.  Mobile Application 2.  Account and Territory Planning 3.  Route Planning 4.  Content Management and Sales Enablement 5.  Simplify Call Report process 6.  Opportunity to Quote/Offer solution 7.  Collaboration through Chatter 8.  Case with SLAs 9.  Integration with MS Outlook 10. Sales reviews with Dashboards 11. Customer Story Tool 12. Lead Mgmt and Scoring 13. Customer on-boarding 14. Simplify Pricing model 15. Simplify Credit and Debit notes 16. Simplify Lab work requests
  26. April 14- 15, 2016 |#TLG | @ThoughtLeaderGl | @luisella!@luisella Luisella Giani!