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The State of the MBA Tech Jobs Market - 2017

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Here's what 10 of the top tech employers are saying about their MBA hiring trends for 2017...

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The State of the MBA Tech Jobs Market - 2017

  1. 1. T H E S TAT E O F T H E M B A T E C H J O B S M A R K E T B R E A K I N T O T E C H
  2. 2. 1 0 O F T E C H ’ S B I G G E S T E M P L O Y E R S H E R E A R E T H E L AT E S T M B A H I R I N G T R E N D S F R O M • Adobe • Airbnb • Apple • Autodesk • eBay • Facebook • LinkedIn • Pandora • Salesforce • Workday
  3. 3. A D O B E Internship Hiring
 * 40-50 spots this past year
 * Product Management, Product Marketing, Business Strategy, Sales Operation, Customer Experience, Analytics, and Brand 
 * Hiring starts in January
 * 75% conversion rate Full-Time Hiring
 * 20 spots outside of intern conversions
 * September-October timeframe
 * Generally open to international students Notes
 * Final round interviews are on-site and include a career fair where you get matched to a hiring team
 * Lots of growth beyond core designer tools - e.g., Adobe has moved into the marketing tech space and doubled its stock price in the last year
  4. 4. A I R B N B Internship Hiring
 * 5-10 spots
 * FP&A, Operations, Marketing, and Business Development
 * Late March, Early April Full-Time Hiring
 * Just in time - apply in April or May Notes
 * Final interviews are on-site
 * Focus on functional expertise + core values
 * A big premium on diversity (participates in MLT and Consortium)
 * Also looking for specific prior experiences - e.g., they like PMs who’ve been entrepreneurs and PMMs who’ve worked in agencies
  5. 5. A P P L E Internship Hiring
 * 37 spots - down from 87 two years ago but expected to tick up this year
 * Operations and AppleCare make up the bulk, some Retail and Product Marketing
 * Additional opportunities available overseas
 * Posted throughout the year
 * 60% conversion rate Full-Time Hiring
 * Only AppleCare + Ops hire full-time (about 20 spots)
 * Others come from internship pool or industry hires
 * Jobs are posted in the fall Notes
 * Apple is different from other tech firms in that it’s no frills (no free lunch!) and titles don’t matter
 * They look for Type A perfectionists who can hit the ground running since there’s no training 
 * Be willing to be flexible - they may ask you to apply for different roles based on their needs
 * They always attend the Reaching Out MBA conference and especially like Veteran candidates for Ops
 * Don’t just get a general alum referral - look for someone in the specific area you’re applying to
 * Be sure to update your availability in GradLeaders as recruiters are always looking for talent that’s still on the market
  6. 6. A U T O D E S K Internship Hiring
 * 25-30 spots
 * Product Marketing, Data Analytics, Corporate Finance Full-Time Hiring
 * Just in time - apply 8 weeks before you can start
 * Prefer to hire from internship pool Notes
 * Average age at company is 42 
 * Prefer STEM background for data analytics roles
 * Learning Python, SQL, and Tableau is also appreciated in lieu of a formal background
 * Company has rebranded around “Make anything” (i.e., not just CAD) so they love candidates with a construction or manufacturing background
  7. 7. E B AY Internship Hiring
 * Category Manager, Product Manager, Finance Full-Time Hiring
 * Just in time Notes
 * They are expanding much more outside the Bay Are (Austin, Seattle, NYC, Salt Lake City, Portland)
 * An industry background helps (e.g., an Electronics Category Manager who’s worked at Samsung)
 * University Recruiting reports to Chief Diversity Office, demonstrating importance of diversity to student hiring process
 * Hiring managers typically only see <10% of applications so referrals are critical
 * Expect 5-6 interviews on-site for the final round, as well as a case (e.g., “What is the impact of Macy’s closing 10 stores in the Bay Area?”)
 * Highly collaborative (e.g., multiple teams are involved in each launch) and transparent culture (e.g., global #s are shared in all-hands meetings) 
 * PayPal spin-off has led to more freedom for both companies (e.g., eBay can choose any payment vendor now)
  8. 8. FA C E B O O K Internship Hiring
 * 27 spots (Bay Area, Austin, NYC) - but expected to increase
 * Global Marketing Solutions/Sales, Product Marketing, Business + Community Operations (Customer Support)
 * Posted in late December-January on GradLeaders, offers in February-early March
 * 80% conversion rate
 * No sponsorship Full-Time Hiring
 * 12 spots (most convert from internships)
 * Same timeline as internships Notes
 * Consulting or sales background are good fits 
 * Startup or tech experience is also desirable
 * Diversity is #1 priority - including veterans 
 * No cover letter allowed
 * Applications limited to 3 roles so choose carefully - although you can interview for multiple positions
 * Get an employee referral if possible - they get over 1,000 applications for each position
 * Expect a case interview during the final round (e.g., “If we were to launch this product…”)
  9. 9. L I N K E D I N Internship Hiring
 * 20-25 spots
 * Treasury, Real Estate, Sales Operations, Corporate Development, Business Development, Product Marketing, Business Operations - but varies from year to year
 * All posted on Student Careers site
 * 65% conversion rate
 * Sponsorship only for Business Operations Full-Time Hiring
 * Only from internship class Notes
 * No more core schools - just 6-8 virtual sessions online (September-December) and 3 open houses (NYC, Chicago, SF - but no preference given to these vs. online)
 * Received 3,000 applications for 15 slots last year 
 * Provide housing for the summer
 * No negotiating internship offers - take it or leave it
 * It’s OK to interview there and Microsoft - their processes are still completely separate
  10. 10. PA N D O R A Internship Hiring
 * 2 spots in Oakland HQ, more elsewhere
 * Finance + Product
 * Posted in January Full-Time Hiring
 * Just in time - apply 8 weeks before you can start
 * Sponsorship only for Product roles Notes
 * Prefer CS background for PM roles but not mandatory
 * Loves candidates with a demonstrated passion for music 
 * Most interviews are behavioral
  11. 11. S A L E S F O R C E Internship Hiring
 * 29 spots
 * PM, PMM, CorpDev, Sales, Customer Success
 * Winter hiring
 * 80% conversion rate
 * All roles posted on Salesforce.com/FutureForce Full-Time Hiring
 * Just in time - apply 4 weeks before you can start
 * Most formal MBA hiring comes from intern conversions - except for Sales Notes
 * Will sponsor all roles except Sales
 * Not looking for specific backgrounds - more focused on cultural fit (“Ohana” represents their emphasis on family and giving)
 * 1/1/1 philanthropic strategy (SF gives away 1% of its product, 1% of its employees’ time, and 1% of equity) 
 * Love to see examples of charitable leadership or passion outside of work
 * Very cross-functional and transparent 
 * Have expanded to serve lots of markets - Sales, Marketing, Health, Commerce
  12. 12. W O R K D AY Internship Hiring
 * 10 spots
 * Product Management (some require technical background, some focused on vertical expertise), Corporate Strategy (focused on global expansion, M&A, and new market strategy), and Value Management (consulting at the pre-sales stage) 
 * December-March timeframe
 * You’ll know which team you’ll be working on before accepting your offer
 * Housing provided
 * 60% conversion Full-Time Hiring
 * August-December timeframe Notes
 * No sponsorship
 * Very customer-centric, transparent, and collaborative culture (Fortune’s #18 Best Company to Work For)
 * Looking for humble team players - interview focuses on cultural fit
 * Final rounds are on-site
  13. 13. C H E C K O U T B R E A K I N T O T E C H WA N T M O R E T I P S O N M B A T E C H H I R I N G ? L E A R N H O W I W E N T F R O M R O S S T O A P P L E , L I N K E D I N + S TA RT U P S W W W. B R E A K I N T O . T E C H
  14. 14. F R E E I N S I D E R S E C R E T S A N D G E T M O R E S U B S C R I B E T O T H E N E W S L E T T E RDon’t miss any new reports! G E T I TG E T I T
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