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How to be a Rockstar Recruiter

  1. LinkedIn Master Class How to be a Rock Star Recruiter
  2. You recruit like a rock star when you... Stop sourcing. Start networking. Is your existing database your only fall back for all vacancies? Widen your reach with social professional networks. Stop interviewing. Start connecting. Do you have a list of must-ask interview questions? Try a new approach to connect with candidates even before the interview. Stop hiring. Start nurturing. Do you think hiring is a one-time exchange? Plan a career path before you bring a new hire on board. Who is this book for? Recruiting managers Talent acquisition leaders Hiring managers Line managers
  3. There are two sides to a recruitment story The recruiter and the candidate. Talent connects the two. Read on as 8 rock star recruiters tell you how they build relationships and hire outstanding candidates. Rock Star Recruiter Meter Lesson 1: Build for the future Lesson 2: Make relationships matter Lesson 3: Leverage social for wider reach and niche skills Lesson 4: Focus on candidate journey Lesson 5: Be a brand advocate Summary: Rock Star Recruiter Check List Additional resources
  4. Discover yourself on our Rock Star Recruiter Meter Mark Yes/ No to the following set of questions This quiz should take you approximately 5 minutes to complete 04 Have you initiated steps to building a personal brand online? 02 Can you leverage your network of followers to help you connect with the right talent? 03 Are you synonymous with your employer brand and can people link the two? 05 Do you engage with candidates and stay in touch with them via social platforms? 01 Have you put in a conscious effort to research and identify talent hubs? 06 Have you built or are a part of talent communities that you tap into for your hiring needs? 07 Have you built a talent pipeline for your hiring needs in the future? 08 Have you segmented talent pools as per your hiring needs? 09 Do you ask your candidates about their dreams and aspirations and map it back to their role? 10 Do your recent hires talk about an excellent candidate experience journey? 12 Are you a new age recruiting practices evangelist in your organization? 11 Do you track new age recruiting practices regularly? Y Y N Y N Y N Y N Y N Y N Y N Y N Y N Y N Y N Y N Y N Y N Y N Y N Y N Y N Y N Y N Y N Y N Y N
  5. Time for your results! Count the number of Yes and No on your sheet
  6. NO On your sheet you see... Mostly yes? Mostly no? It’s a tie Mostly Yes Congratulations rock star! Check out how your peers navigate the recruiting maze You’re a rock star in the making! Record your journey of transformation and allow our rock stars to guide you Is it a tie? Try marking unanswered questions as “No” Pick a side and run with it! Mostly No
  7. The anatomy of a Rock Star Recruiter Social recruitment savvy Intuitive Builds candidate relationships Wears multiple hats - data guru, artist, marketer Stays on top of professional networking Is a brand advocate Is there a Rock Star in your midst? Let the master class begin!
  8. Lesson 1: Build for the future Getting you prepared for talent pipelining
  9. Gopi Krishnan R Talent Sourcer- APAC Paypal Leverage LinkedIn projects for talent pipelining “Building a talent pipeline is very useful for future requirements and also helps us improve turn around time and return on investment. I build talent pipelines using LinkedIn projects” What excites you about social recruiting? “It helps me find & connect with leaders in my industry. It gives me access to a vast global talent pool. That’s more than I can ask for as a recruiter!” jobs closed via social networks 90% 2day response time for a job post on Linkedin hired through LinkedIn last year 85% InMails favorite LinkedIn Recruiter tool Stay on track with LinkedIn projects instead of maintaining records manually Gopi’s social recruitment dashboard using LinkedIn projects. He keeps in touch with his talent pipeline by sending messages and engaging with their content e.g. liking their updates. When a relevant opening comes up, he feels connected enough to directly interact with them.
  10. 01 Optimize search and screening 03 Stay on track effectively How to use LinkedIn Recruiter for talent pipelining? 02 Manage projects effectively a. Tags Recruiter lets you add custom tags to b. Projects Recruiter lets you save searches into create a talent pipeline. c. Connection path Recruiter shows current employees to potential candidates. Connect with them for an inside opinion. a. Reminders team members and projects helps you stay connected. b. Reports Sharing actionable project reports with your team to make timely decisions and course corrections. a. Saved searches allows Recruiter to notify you of new b. Update-me By using this feature on Recruiter you can stay updated on the career progress of
  11. Lesson 2: Make relationships matter Your journey to buiding stronger connections online
  12. Ashrith Nonda Social Media Recruiter HCLTechnologies Focus on building relationships Identify the right pitch by understanding career aspirations “I advice recruiters to build a connection with the candidate and not just limit interactions to filling a particular requirement. Integrating social media into the recruitment process can give you an edge in building and maintaining professional relationships” Ashrith Nonda ensures he maintins a healthy connection with his potential candidates even if there are no openings available immediately. He builds niche groups to attract the right kind of talent and initiate connection with them and understand their career aspirations. opposed to an interview context. On building relationships with LinkedIn Recruiter... “Start with an InMail, after this we focus on building a personal connect from interview to onboarding, LinkedIn Recruiter helps us stay connected at each step.” jobs closed via social networks 100% 1day response time for a job post on Linkedin mid/ senior positions filled last year 69 Tags favorite LinkedIn Recruiter tool Ashrith’s social recruitment dashboard
  13. Lesson 3: Leverage social for niche and wider reach From tips on mastering search for sourcing to cracking the InMail code
  14. Build influence while connecting with varied talent pools What excites you about social recruiting? “Social professional networks like LinkedIn help us nurture our vast network of existing relationships. All my existing employees can be potential recruiters here” response time for jobs posted on LinkedIn InMails favorite LinkedIn Recruiter tool 2 days Shreetam Subhrankar’s existing network of Microsoft alumni and current employees gives him an army of potential recruiters. He the best ways to stay connected with this vast pool of potential talent that may not be actively looking for jobs. Leverage current employees as potential recruiters while looking for talent Shreetam’s social recruitment dashboard senior profiles closed in 3 months 4 Groups preferred tool to build influence Shreetam Subhrankar Staffing Consultant Microsoft “While we were looking for an editor with new age journalism experience for MSN, we couldn’t rely on traditional sources. One of the major challenges was accessing exclusive talent in this niche. LinkedIn’s advanced search feature helped me create a funnel of relevant candidates and reach out to exclusive talent via InMails”
  15. 01 They leverage their own network 4 ways rock star recruiters build reach differently 02 They make the most of LinkedIn groups a. They explore beyond first degree connections b. They invest time building links with their extended network a. They work on building influence with candidates on groups b. They use groups as a platform to reinforce authenticity 03 They engage their profile views 04 Their existing employees are potential recruiters a. They reach out to profile viewers outside of their network b. They actively work on increasing their profile views a. They motivate hiring managers to refer star performers b. They encourage employees to spruce up their LinkedIn profile
  16. Access niche talent pools across experience levels How do targeted search filters help your efforts? “While developing a talent pool for niche skills we look at applicants from Top 50 technology schools in US. LinkedIn was the fastest channel to access this.” response time for jobs posted on LinkedIn Targeted Search Filters favorite LinkedIn Recruiter tool <24hrs jobs closed via social networks 80% talent sourcing via LinkedIn Recruiter Niche Sivakumar Kairvelu proactively reaches out to candidates from the degree connections while looking for niche talent. He uses the advanced search feature to create a funnel of candidates from most relevant to least relevant while connecting with talent. Sivakumar’s social recruitment dashboard Make the most of “suggested profiles” field on LinkedIn Sivakumar Kadirvelu Recruiter FlipKart “The windows mobile app development space is niche. I was sourcing for the role of ‘Mobile Product Manager’ which is even more niche, LinkedIn helped me map relevant applicants from organizations that focus on mobile talent in a quick span of time, I presented 4 quality candidates to the Hiring Managers, of which 1 got hired.”
  17. Widen your reach across varied geographies Your proudest moment in social recruiting? Followers favorite talent pool to access What are your key drivers for social recruiting? Reduced Better Reach cost per hire quality of talent exclusive talent senior positions filled last year 25jobs closed via social networks 70% Surbhi’s social recruitment dashboard Use analytics to identify talent pools across geographies that may be potentially relevant information that she can gather on LinkedIn to identify and connect company pages that her potential candidates are following. “Successfully hiring for US and UK while based in India. Delivering a seamless candidate experience across the recruiting life cycle with social recruiting.” Surbhi Gupta Senior HR Executive Wipro “The position for a Global head of Treasury based out of US was on escalation for several months. I started my search on LinkedIn even though I had limited knowledge of the US geography. My first step was to tap the right groups where we built a series of connections to finally arrive at the right candidate. LinkedIn helped us access a global talent pool from the comfort of our local region”
  18. 01 02 You will always make an effort to personalize your InMails 03 You will refer to mutual connections as recommended by LinkedIn 04 You will demonstrate how you have been selective 05 You will use a conversational tone Ten Commandments of rock star InMails Follow these 10 commandments to initiate rock star conversations 06 You will make it brief 07 You will always highlight what’s in it for the recipient 08 You will always attempt to include useful and relevant content 09 You will always include a call to action 10 You will invite sharing by asking goals and interest levels in new opportunities
  19. Lesson 4: Focus on the candidate journey Unravel the art of making a lasting impact on your candidates
  20. Stay connected with the candidate from interview to onboarding What excites you about social recruiting? “Good turn around ratio from sourcing to offer and conversion conversion. Cost effective proactive recruiting channel” response time for jobs posted on LinkedIn Export PDFs favorite LinkedIn Recruiter tool <24hrs Leadership Hiring primary channel LinkedIn usage of LinkedIn Recruiter Daily Veena V makes an effort to ensure there are low drop out rates from share updates, invite feedback and stay connected even with candidates who are not actively looking for jobs in her talent pipeline. She uses a hands on approach while preparing candidates to join the company. Veena’s social recruitment dashboard Adopt a proactive approach while taking a candidate through the recruitment process Veena V Senior Recruiter AmazonDevelopmentCenter “As a recruiter, I stay connected to the candidate till they come on board as ‘employees’. I share company and job details, prepare them for interviews, address queries at each stage, keep them engaged & excited about joining the organisation, by furnishing the right information and work as a team to get the right person on board”
  21. Keep them engaged with scheduled communication How has social recruiting improved candidate journey? “The movement from agency based recruiting to developing an in-house focus on social media presence has resulted in increased ownership of the candidate journey” response time for jobs posted on LinkedIn Groups favorite LinkedIn Recruiter tool 2 days jobs closed via social networks 50% mid/ senior positions filled last year 69 Namita Vyas follows an inside out approach to ensure each candidate journey is smooth and relevant. She starts with understanding her hiring manager’s need and then connects potential candidates and hiring managers for exploratory discussions. She also leverages common contacts to keep candidates engaged. Namita’s social recruitment dashboard Keep communication lines open between potential candidates and hiring managers Namita Vyas Manager - Technology Leadership InMobi "While hiring candidates, I make use of available networks – employees, top management and my own. I keep them engaged from initial connect message till finalization. I partner with the hiring managers to ensure that there is a continuous chain of communication with the candidates. Be it exploratory calls or in person meetings with the hiring managers, or regular status updates by me, I keep the candidate warm and engaged with InMobi”
  22. Lesson 5: Be a brand advocate Find out the secret to bringing your brand to life in your conversations
  23. 01 Participate in groups Represent your employer brand by participating in niche groups on LinkedIn 02 Personalized InMails 03 Connect key leadership 04 Information updates 05 Live brand experience 06 Continued interactions Bhajneet Singh Dhingra Senior Manager Hiring SapientConsultingPvtLtd Advocating the employer brand across the recruitment lifecycle “While sourcing a creative technologist (director level) our first bet was to get a dedicated global search firm which didn’t work out for us. I took charge of the search on LinkedIn - from groups to targeted InMails- a well planned candidate experience helped us convert an exclusive candidate.” Bhajneet Singh Dhingra takes us through how he hired exclusive niche talent by advocating the Sapient Brand Plan and send out personalized InMails with relevant and useful content Connect candidate with key leadership to give complete clarity on role and goals Candidate specific information updates and updates on company and brand Invite candidates to live brand experiences like an event (Sapient Xi) Stay in touch with the candidate at planned intervals with relevant updates till they join
  24. Take charge of your candidate experience Follow this 12 point to-do list to deliver a rock star candidate experience A how-to video of your application process on the website Detailed info on the website and LinkedIn Career Page Introduction to employees on LinkedIn Branded personlaized InMails with useful information Clear instructions and information on your availability Staged and planned process, non repeated questions Weekly calls, InMails and updates “Is there anything you didn’t get a chance to tell us today?” What you can do Real answers that enables improvement, feedback forms Call and connect up don’t just sms or email a rejection Nurture niche communities on LinkedIn Make a planned process map and keep improving Transparent application process Know more about the existing team Personalized and relevant emails Option to check in and follow up Smooth onsite interview Stay in touch through the application process What your candidate wants Constructive and two-way feedback Respectful rejection Keep in touch even if they didn’t interview Stay commmitted to their experience
  25. Every brand advocate needs a stellar profile Follow these steps to build a rock star personal profile on LinkedIn 02 Dress it up with rich media 03 04 Make your updates interactive 05 Add recommendations 01 Craft a catchy opening Include presentation, videos, portfolio items that can help potential candidates set quality benchmarks. The perfect way to showcase your experience and to strike up a conversation with a new candidate. Recommendations from team members on a hiring
  26. The Rockstar Recruiter Check List You have a plan for talent pipelining You are ready to build relationships online You have access to varied talent pools You have a well planned candidate experience You can pack more power into InMails now You are an employer brand advocate Are you ready to unleash your inner rock star on LinkedIn? Let the rock star recruiting begin!
  27. Meet the authors Megha Nayak Associate Field Marketing Manager Megha is a Marketer with a passion for business, technology and new ideas. She is a part of the trade marketing team in India.She plays enabler in helping talent leaders leverage the power of LinkedIn. Aadil Bandukwala Senior Customer Success Consultant Aadil is a Social Talent Evangelist who consults with LinkedIn’s Enterprise Customers in India on their Talent Strategy and advises them on their Employer Brand. SHRM India has ranked Aadil as one of India’s Top 20 Most Influential People in Human Resources on Social Media for two consecutive years.
  28. LinkedIn India’s Customer Success Team Ketaki Kadekar Associate Customer Education Consultant Somi Jacob Customer Education Consultant Aditya Kumar Senior Technical Consultant Sebastian John Associate Customer Education Consultant Gunjan Govani Senior Customer Success Consultant Jacqueline Azariah Senior Customer Success Consultant Mahesh Prabhu Senior Customer Success Consultant Niraj Vasani Customer Success Consultant Ragini Jaswal Customer Success Consultant Sani Sharsar Customer Success Consultant Vandana Singh Customer Success Consultant Rudra Prasad Nanjundappa India Head, Customer Success Aadil Bandukwala Senior Customer Success Consultant Prachi Banga Senior Customer Success Consultant
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