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LinkedIn Talent Connect Europe 2012: Moving to a Direct Sourcing Model by Dell & RBS

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This was an interactive session where the audience heard a business case from Marie Moynihan of Dell and Rachel Bowman of RBS on creating and running a successful direct sourcing function followed by an open discussion between panellists and audience members. In this session audience members were able to brainstorm solutions to challenges they face in their business today.

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LinkedIn Talent Connect Europe 2012: Moving to a Direct Sourcing Model by Dell & RBS

  1. 1. Moving to a Direct Sourcing Model Marie Moynihan Vice President Global Talent Acquisition at Dell Rachel Bowman Head of Resourcing at Royal Bank of Scotland Group
  2. 2. TALENT CONNECT 2012 Our customers Serving millions of people in 180 countries +  95% of global Fortune 500 companies +  10 million small businesses +  400,000 classrooms +  Every G20 government +  200,000 physicians +  75,000 channel partners +  60,000 retail locations +  120,000+ Dell systems shipped each day Our people More than 107,000 team members across the globe More than 15,500 team members on 30+ sites in EMEA Our purpose Delivering technology solutions that enable people everywhere to grow and thrive 2 Dell today Our FY12 financial results $62.1 billion total revenue 30% of revenue and 46% of gross margin generated by Enterprise Solutions & Services
  3. 3. TALENT CONNECT 2012 The Case for Change in TA 3 Confidential 31/10/2012
  4. 4. TALENT CONNECT 2012Confidential 4 Internal Global Org Higher skill sets Passive CandidatesBrand Cost Pressure Social media Talent want to know us AuthenticNetworked Self driven External
  5. 5. TALENT CONNECT 2012 Talent Acquisition – Globally Organised Americas EMEA India APJ GTA Global Leader: Marie Moynihan Global COE Global UR Global M &A
  6. 6. TALENT CONNECT 2012 Defining the Value Proposition 6 Confidential 31/10/2012
  7. 7. TALENT CONNECT 2012 Aligning Our Message (Employee Value Proposition) Career & Development Opportunities Collaborative Relationships Benefits & Rewards Entrepreneurial & Innovative spirit Our community & life balance Diverse & Inclusive culture Great Place to Work
  8. 8. TALENT CONNECT 2012 What Attracts Candidates to Dell? Based on what they tell us…..top reasons are: Career Opportunities The job is compelling, interesting and will challenge me Stability Dell has solid strategy and will be around for awhile Development Dell is able to develop & grow my career over time Compensation Dell has an attractive C&B program Technology Dell is viewed as a leader in their technology Respect and Recognition Dell provides me with information, flexibility, feedback and recognition New hire feedback 2012
  9. 9. TALENT CONNECT 2012 Outreach and Attraction
  10. 10. TALENT CONNECT 2012 Online Improvements Careers Website www.dell.com/careers •  Fewer clicks to get to jobs •  Updated content with rich EVP copy & “storytron” •  Actual team members featured – relevant & real •  Multimedia – can be shared, retweeted, etc. •  Info-graphics Search Engine Optimization Goal: To meet and exceed our candidates expectations of a truly positive and informative online experience Jobs.dell.com •  Job searching quick & efficient •  Attracts candidates directly from web searching (including those not using Dell as a keyword) •  Job Alert capability •  1.5 million visits annually! •  Robust social media capability including LinkedIn ‘jobs you may be interested in’
  11. 11. TALENT CONNECT 2012 Heavily invested in LinkedIN as a core sourcing tool •  200+ core licenses give us ability to target key skillsets and networks across the globe •  Strong use of Dell’s 85,000 members to build pipelines •  Tracking of talent inflows and outflows vs. competitors Invested in sourcing experts in every Dell region •  Recruiters have search agency backgrounds •  Focus on hard-to-fill and strategic positions •  Utilize new CRM tool (Avature) to track contacts, conversations and follow up actions Continued focus and improvements to Employee Referral Program •  Our #1 source of hire is our team member referrals/networks •  30-40% of hires each year are direct referrals •  Upgraded and updated referral grid for global consistency and ease •  Investing in improved social media capability to improve usage Direct Sourcing Investments
  12. 12. TALENT CONNECT 2012 Tracking our progress –Reporting Portal (Weekly/monthly progress)
  13. 13. TALENT CONNECT 2012 Results to date 13 Confidential 31/10/2012
  14. 14. TALENT CONNECT 2012 Key Results – shifting from external costs to more efficient internal sourcing 18362 13801 7141 9995 0 5000 10000 15000 20000 25000 30000 FY11 FY12 IG + hires Up to IG •  25,000 external hires per year •  Increasing complexity •  13,000 internal fills per year •  38,000 total requisitions filled each year! •  Days to fill = 48 average 28% IG+ 42% IG+ External Hires Outside Agency Spend – Non Executive Significant reduction in use and costs of outside agencies over past 18 months
  15. 15. TALENT CONNECT 2012 Success Indicators in the Marketplace New Applications Dell receives approximately 50,000 new applications each month Online Traffic Total online reach has more than doubled since Q1 FY12. In Q2 FY13 alone online reach exceeded 1.6 million visitors. Search Engine Optimisation Since launching jobs.dell.com in March 2011, the site has received almost three million visits. Over 160,000 of those visits are a result of searches on the web where Dell was not a keyword. Referrals 15,000 – 25,000 active referrals are in our Applicant Tracking system at any given moment Over 30% of our external hires come from referrals Facebook With 4 Careers Facebook pages supporting our regions and UR and over 110,000 followers, Dell has one of the greatest Careers Facebook followings in the industry LinkedIn Over 2,000 hires directly impacted by LinkedIn since Q1FY12 Over 80,000 clicks onto the LinkedIn Career page in last 12 months
  16. 16. TALENT CONNECT 2012 31/10/2012   Direct sourcing provides many advantages   a deeper understanding of the business   a more compelling sale   on going IP   a better hiring manager/candidate experience   a better value solution at scale   It requires   strong investment in tools including Social media   on going investment in training   a strong base of committed Talent Acquisition professionals   who have a real desire to source/outreach   an ability to measure ROI on investments In Summary
  17. 17. The RBS Story – Functional Recruitment Rachel Bowman Head of Resourcing, Functional Specialist, RBS 17
  18. 18. TALENT CONNECT 2012 Building a Direct Sourcing Team 18 Resourcing Consultant Manage end to end lifecycle of recruitment process Channels: Agency Online Print Referral Programme Own Networks Direct Sourcing Consultant Manage end to end lifecycle of recruitment process Channels: Direct only! 2011 Direct Sourcer Channels: Own networks Online CV Databases LinkedIn Resourcing Consultant Manage end to end lifecycle of recruitment process Channels: Agency Online Print Referral Programme Own networks Direct Sourcing Team Market Mapping 2012
  19. 19. TALENT CONNECT 2012 3 Service Levels 19 Direct Sourcer to find CVs Collect Market Intel and provide to Resourcing Consultant Resourcing Consultant completes shortlist Direct Sourcer to submit CVs to Resourcing Consultant Direct Sourcer to find CVs Qualify Candidates (salary info/ notice period) Resourcing Consultant completes shortlist Resourcing Consultant to call candidate for a deeper dive Screening calls Fully Qualify Candidates Direct Sourcer or market mapper to complete Screening calls Direct Sourcer & Market Mapping to find CVs Direct Sourcer completes shortlist CV/ Profile Only Level 1 Basic Screening Level 2 Advanced Screening Level 3 IncreasingSalary/NicheRole
  20. 20. TALENT CONNECT 2012 Challenges 20 The model isn’t without it’s challenges: -  Getting the business and Resourcing Consultants to feedback in a timely fashion on passive candidates -  Getting the licence to operate, sometimes the business put roles to agencies -  Managing the talent pipelines we are developing -  Admin!
  21. 21. TALENT CONNECT 2012 Results 21 Source Data - Functional Specialist 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% M arch April M ay June July AugustSeptem berO ctoberNovem berDecem berJanuaryFebruary M arch April M ay June July August % 3rd Party Suppliers ERP Offline Channels Online Channels Direct Sourcing 2011 2012
  22. 22. TALENT CONNECT 2012 Group Brainstorming 22 1. What is the best structure to implement a direct sourcing model – full life cycle recruiter or Sourcer/Recruiter model? 2. How do you get buy in for this change in strategy from C Level? 3. How do you get recruiters really engaged in a direct sourcing model? 4. How do you calculate the ROI of an existing direct sourcing strategy? In groups of 8 – 10, think about the question the group are allocated from the list below Document your key thoughts As a group, be prepared to present back your top 3 thoughts/points of learning