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LinkedIn & CCC

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We held a recent webinar with Ali Abdel Khalek from the leading construction and engineering company Consolidated Contractors Company where they shared insights on how you can leverage LinkedIn to find and recruit talent in a very challenging industry in the Middle East: Construction, Oil and Gas.

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LinkedIn & CCC

  1. 1. Finding and Recruiting Top Engineers with LinkedIn Starting at 10 am Dubai Time
  2. 2. ©2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Your Speakers Your moderator
  3. 3. Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful Our mission
  4. 4. Create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce Our vision
  5. 5. Pull slide 2 of reference slides and adjust to fit 16x9 This slide is the first part of the animation. Mask part needs to be this blue and not black. members
  6. 6. Pull slide 2 of reference slides and adjust to fit 16x9 This slide is the first part of the animation. Mask part needs to be this blue and not black. MENA 12+ Million
  7. 7. GLOBALLY 5.2M are located in MENA 10% Members in Construction and Engineering, Oil & Gas, and engineering
  8. 8. Who are they? Construction & Engineering Oil & Gas
  9. 9. Where should you look for talent?
  10. 10. Top Employers in the Building Materials & Construction Industry
  11. 11. What do they look for in a job in the Building Materials & Construction Industry?
  12. 12. A selection of Oil & Gas clients in MENA and Globally
  13. 13. A selection of Construction and Engineering clients in MENA
  14. 14. About CCC • Consolidated Contractors International Company (CCC) was originally formed in 1952 in Lebanon • CCC, with it’s managing office based in Athens - Greece, currently employs approximately 114,000 people in its worldwide operations • CCC is predominately a construction company, providing project management, engineering, procurement and construction services to the industry • Currently ranked 24th in ENR Top International Contractors (2014)
  15. 15. CCC Manpower Development
  16. 16. Challenges in the Construction and Engineering 1. Attracting top talent in a highly competitive industry 2. Headhunting critical roles with niche skill sets 3. Responding to massive workforce requirements 4. Reducing dependency on agencies
  17. 17. CCC Strategy : iRecruit • Proactively headhunt professionals: Build CCC CV Intranet • Automate the full process from sourcing, candidacy, review until offer • Lead the era of social recruitment • Develop Brand Awareness
  18. 18. iRecruit Careers portal
  19. 19. iRecruit’s Power search on top of CCC CV Intranet
  20. 20. LinkedIn at the heart of iRecruit • Target Active Candidates • Utilize Job Posting • Targeted Ads • Warm up Passive Candidates • Engage and build relationships with prospective hires • Utilize LinkedIn inMails • Branding • Show what it takes to join our family • Direct candidates to build their profiles on our careers portal
  21. 21. Facts to Bear in Mind • Professionals join LinkedIn to develop their careers not only to search for jobs • Talent Acquisition is an ongoing process • LinkedIn is not simply a Search Engine! • Your employees are your brand ambassadors
  22. 22. Using the LinkedIn Career Page to showcase our employer brand
  23. 23. Targeting the right candidate with Recruitment ads
  24. 24. Engaging members every time they network with company employees • Warm Up passive candidates
  25. 25. The Results • 78K Followers: 45K increase in the past 12 months • Off-the-rack CV Intranet of 200K profiles! • 140 applicants per Job Post on average • High inMail Response Rates: 42% • Time to hire reduced by around 40% • Reduce dependency on agencies
  26. 26. If a company wants to survive in the war for talent today, it must delve into the realm of social recruitment not only to attract new hires but also to retain its existing employees and maintain a competitive edge. Hence, investing in the number one professional network, LinkedIn is vital and we continue to realize the benefits from this! Aref Boualwan, Manager & Business Process Re-engineering
  27. 27. Build Build your brand with Clients, Candidates and potential Consultants Recruit Do what you do best! Engage Engage with them to position yourselves front of mind and as a thought leader
  28. 28. Questions?