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Understanding The Social Engaged Viewer

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From LiveHive Systems, a look at the changing modern TV viewer and the impact of social interaction on the media industry.

Plus - the Top 10 list of the first Social Engagement Index.

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Understanding The Social Engaged Viewer

  1. 1. Results from the first Social Engagement Index which measures which shows are winning the Social TV race! Updated to include demographic analysis – Who is socially engaging with TV, and why? September 2009
  2. 2. This is how TV engaged audiences in the 1960s. This doesn’t work today doesn t today.
  3. 3. We’ve tried to measure audience engagement with Nielsen data. This doesn’t work today either.
  4. 4. Modern viewers are consuming TV differently.
  5. 5. SOCIALLY, SOCIALLY During President Obama’s inauguration, CNN.com provided a social viewing experience to over 13M online viewers who, using Facebook, watched, debated, and EXPERIENCED the inauguration together. Source: CNN, January, 2009
  6. 6. AS COMMENTATORS, During the 2009 Oscars, more than 100,000 Twitter messages were sent that commented on the awards as they were being handed out. Source: Nielsen/MediaWeek,  April 2009
  7. 7. AS CONNECTED PARTICIPANTS. PA TICIPANTS 30-50% of NFL viewers are watching games in two-screen environments: Watching TV with a laptop in front of them - participating in games and fantasy leagues Source: Joe Ferreira , VP CBS Sports, 2006
  8. 8. Viewers are increasingly leaning forward, and socially engaging on other devices while they watch TV TV. This is known as media blur. edia blu 31% of adult TV consumption is during a media blur situation. (Simultaneous use of multiple media platforms at once) Source: Ball State Center for Media Design, 2007
  9. 9. Viewers who engage socially watch longer, don t ad skip, and longer don’t skip have higher sponsor recall. Social engagement makes TV content more valuable. Socially engaged viewers watch TV programming 2x to 3x longer. Source: LiveHive Systems – NanoGaming Case Studies, 2009
  10. 10. What’s wrong with Nielsen? g Why do we need new ways to measure TV viewers? Nielsen has been Long criticized by the industry as inaccurate, biased, and ill-equipped to measure audiences that watch anywhere except their own living room. Just as important in 2009, they can’t measure how the audience is interacting with what they watch. watch New audience measurement systems are needed. measuring social engagement index is a critical piece of the solution. LiveHive’s tvClickr community measures TV audiences which often exceed the size of what Nielsen can measure via their panel of 18,000 homes.
  11. 11. Social Engagement means viewers interacting with the show, and with each other. It’s a good thing. LiveHive is the social engagement leader providing leader, best-in-class technology to drive social engagement for major broadcasters and advertisers.
  12. 12. LiveHive’s technology doesn’t just create social engagement, it lets us measure it in real-time. LiveHive has measured social engagement from over 1 million TV viewers. This is the largest audience data set compiled for measuring social engagement with TV.
  13. 13. In August 2009, Liv Hiv A t 2009 LiveHive released the first data from the Social E S i l Engagement Index. I d The Index tracks social engagement for viewers across 60+ shows via our partner offerings and our own tvClickr Facebook community. LiveHive’s tvClickr Facebook Application is the largest online community of socially engaged TV viewers – providing access to the viewing habits of over 700,000 viewers.
  14. 14. Social Engagement Index: Top 10 Socially Engaging Shows in 2009 1. One Tree Hill 24.3 2. 90210 14.1 3. Jon and Kate + 8 8.2 4. Desperate Housewives The Index scores are normalized to adjust for TV 7.0 audience size. 5. 5 So You Think You Can Dance 6.0 What the scores effectively represent, is the 6. Hells Kitchen 4.8 likelihood of a show’s audience to lean forward and become socially engaged in what they’re 7. 7 House 4.4 watching. An audience that is socially engaged is 8. Lost more valuable to networks and advertisers. 4.2 9. NCIS Lean forward activity that we measure includes: 3.5 35  Chat  Playing real-time trivia 10. Bones  Twitter games sync’d to the show 3.1  Status Updates  Real-time viewer polls Socially engaged viewers in the Index typically interacted, with the show or each other, every 90 seconds during the episode – LiveHive measures every such interaction - creating a dataset with far more detailed engagement information than can be achieved via real-time search engines.
  15. 15. Why did One Tree Hill Dominate y in Social Engagement? A story format well suited to active social discussion and interaction A demographic that gravitates to multi-platform media consumption A well established footprint in social media channels Season Finale (May 19) In‐Episode Social Interaction Rate In Episode Social Interaction Rate ons/Min 0.6 Viewer 0.5 Shown here is an example er  Engaged V Social Interactio 0.4 04 of the in-episode tracking in episode 0.3 of social activity that 0.2 the Social Engagement 0.1 Index is based on. Pe 0 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 Time into Broadcast
  16. 16. Social Engagement Index measures the Engagement of P i i i Participation. Conventional Conv ntional social m dia tracking tools measure the media m asur th Engagement of Referral. Social media tools that track blog posts, video views, and site visits typically Gather most of their usage data the day After a show airs. “The day after” is interesting, but doesn’t Measure how engaged an audience was while they watched. This is what matters to advertisers. Viewers socially engaged using LiveHive’s technology have proven to channel surf during commercials at 38% the rate of conventional viewers.
  17. 17. Does social engagement mean different things to different viewers? Demographic analysis reveals Some interesting answers to to: Who is engaging? why are they socially connecting? what form does that engagement take?
  18. 18. How are people socially engaging while watching TV? Strength of so i l engagement r n h social n n male 30+ 41 44 85 The social engagement index measures many online activities any activities. These activities can be categories into two groups: female 30+ 64 36 100 Social/status updates (Social network status updates, Twitter, etc) Male Viewer to viewer Viewer-to-viewer 13-29 24 64 88 Interaction/competition (games tied to the tv show, User chat, viewer contests, etc) female 13-29 19 58 77 Females (age 30+) are the most socially engaged while watching TV – with most of that activity taking the form of updates to their friends through Twitter and Facebook. Younger viewers are 50% more likely to engage in direct viewer-to-viewer interaction or competition.
  19. 19. The TV industry has changed changed. Isn’t it time our measurement tools did? LiveHive’s Social Engagement Index Is the best tool available for measuring a show’s ability to drive social and interactive behaviors.
  20. 20. LiveHive is the global leader in socialLY engaging TV audiences. We’ll help make your content more valuable, Contact us to learn how. inquiry@livehivesystems.com inquiry@livehivesystems com