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Geo-Data for Search Marketing SEM & SEO

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Geo-data for Search Marketing SEM & SEO - how to get accurate and affordable geo-localised data for search marketing. The challenges of getting accurate geo-data for targeted local search marketing. How to target long tail searches on search engines like Google and Bing using geo-targeted search keywords and ad copies.

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Geo-Data for Search Marketing SEM & SEO

  1. 1. Geo-Data for Search Marketing (SEM & SEO)
  2. 2. Do your customers use geo-localised searches to find you or your competitors? Do you know how they search for local services? ‘Plumber’ + ‘near [street name]’ ‘Plumber’ + ‘in [postcode]’ ‘Plumber’ + ‘in [colloquial name for an area]’ ‘Plumber in’ + ‘[area/region]’ Any combination of the above? Can you find accurate data on all the names of streets, areas, postcodes etc. your customers use? Can you find that data at an affordable price? Geo-Data & Search Marketing
  3. 3. Map data may be misleading! People don’t agree on the names for an area or even part of a street Long streets cross several parts of a town or city Difficult to know which addresses belong to which catchment area/postcode Colloquial names vs official names Colloquial names persist in local usage long after official names or boundaries change E.g. ‘Restaurant in Gerrard Street ‘ or ‘near Leicester Square’ or ‘in Chinatown’ Misspellings E.g. ‘Bermondsey Street’ vs ‘Bermonsey Street’ vs ‘Burmondsey Street’ Your customer data tells you only the customers that found you, not those who found your competitor! Peculiarities of Geo-Data
  4. 4. Access to geo-localised searches Target long tail searches by appending geo-localised data to keywords Adwords that match the way your customers search Better quality scores and higher CTRs leading to lower CPCs Better conversion as localised ‘intent’ is matched in Ad Copies and Landing Pages Options for businesses without a local branch or presence (unable to use Google + Local) Advantages of Geo-Data
  5. 5. 7 years expertise in Geo-locational marketing across 8 countries We know how people search for location based services in each country Access to large volumes of geo-locational data for search campaigns: Proprietary geocoding for accurate localised data (street names, post codes etc.) Aggregated data sources for improved targeting Accurate and cost effective data for all countries, including India and Brazil etc. Expertise in the Google and Bing APIs to automate the creation of large volumes of geo-localised ad copies Ad copies and keywords generated automatically Provide data formatted for upload into search campaigns What does Lokku Offer?
  6. 6. Founded in 2006 by Ed Freyfogle and Javier Extebeste, two former Yahoo! executives Headquartered in Clerkenwell, London with a team of 14 staff Experts in Open Source, Perl, Google, Bing & OpenStreetMap APIs, Natural Search and SEM optimization Nestoria is a leading residential real estate vertical search engine Works with most of the World’s leading real estate portals on a CPC basis CPCs significantly below those available directly on Search Engines Aggregates and de-duplicates property listings from property portal feeds to provide an optimal user experience Optimizes listings using a proprietary geo-coding technology to target long tail searches and provide relevant and engaging search results Looking at innovative ways to reuse the technology and expertise developed inhouse Our Story So Far
  7. 7. • Present across 85% of the European Internet Market plus Australia, Brazil and India • 3 million monthly unique users and growing • 10+ million properties advertised, indexed daily • Commercial agreements with 80+ leading portals in UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Australia, Brazil & India • Works with property portals • Does not work with real estate agents directly • Collaboration with main European technical developers (OpenStreepMap, Mapstraction, Perl community) WORLDWIDE FOOTPRINT SOME STATISTICS COMMERCIAL AGREEMENTS AND COLLABORATION Nestoria in a snapshot
  8. 8. Clients who Trust Us
  9. 9. If you would like to discuss how Lokku could provide you with accurate, affordable geo-data for SEM & SEO campaigns contact us at: Email: geosearch@lokku.com What Next?