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Change AND Change Management

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Change is inevitable. But when you embrace it and manage it, you can achieve your dreams. Here are some tips to help you understand change and how to manage change...

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Change AND Change Management

  1. 1. Change AND Change Management…
  2. 2. Change is the only pathway to your dreams… don’t let it happen on it’s own… learn how to manage it!
  3. 3. What is Change?
  4. 4. Change is…
  5. 5. Its Characteristics…  Biological human need  Begins inside of you  Forces you out of your comfort zone
  6. 6. Its Characteristics…  No respecter of persons  Can be for better or worse  Does not seek a resting place  Can’t be fixed by crying or worrying
  7. 7. Why do we resist Change?
  8. 8. We resist change because:  Our mind likes routine  We fear loss of power & control  Overloaded with current responsibilities  Lack awareness of the need for change Because…
  9. 9.  We lack the required skills  Lack of knowledge to make the change  FEAR, uncertainty and doubt Because…
  10. 10. Because: We fear the pain associated with change that comes in 3 ways:  The expectation of LOSS  The expectation of PROCESS PAIN  The expectation of OUTCOME PAIN
  11. 11. How do we know we’re resisting Change?
  12. 12. We engage in:  An increase in bad habits like too much TV or alcohol  Repeating the same conversations or story  Use of generalized words like 'always', 'never’  Complaining  Gossiping  Over-sleeping  Blaming  Repeating mistakes  Drama
  13. 13. Why does change lead to
  14. 14. Because:  Your actions can impact others  You can have internal conflict  It may be beyond your control  It might be sudden and traumatic  Lack of communication  The expectation of loss
  15. 15. Change Management? What is
  16. 16. Change management is: The process by which we move from good intentions to good results
  17. 17. So, while change might be good or bad… MANAGING change is always for the better…
  18. 18. So how do you manage Change?
  19. 19. Tips on managing change:
  20. 20. “…get a handle on how you feel about, leverage and drive change.” Brendon Berchard - Author
  21. 21.  Get clear, think big and be BOLD  Be sure about your values
  22. 22.  Use your head & Tips on managing change: heart to make real choices  See the BIG picture
  23. 23.  Be persistent  Be flexible and creative
  24. 24.  Accept uncertainty and be positive  Keep fit and healthy
  25. 25. The day I embraced change and learnt how to manage it was the day I changed my life. Is today your day? Lorna Barrow – Impact Training & Development Services