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Entourage idea V1 & V2

Start-up platform, VC, Start-ups, Investors, Entrepreneurship, growth

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Entourage idea V1 & V2

  1. 1. Entourage V1 The mentorship or the menteeship?
  2. 2. It all starts with…an idea …The story… A lot of young people are ambitious in their lives. They have an intrinsic drive to live their lives to the fullest, and want to realize the impossible. They seek to capture as much relevant information as possible and transform this knowledge into lessons and actions that can help them realize their goals. …However…. They feel ALONE, finding it hard to find someone external who can help them get better, someone who once was in their shoes and understands their ambition and drive. Someone who can guide them with experience and expertise, someone able to listen, challenge and advise. …So basically… if we know this, what can we do to help these youngsters?
  3. 3. …Well… You could imagine to create a sort of platform where these youngsters could sign-up? Yes, and this platform could allow them to seek for an external partner (or mentor) who could help them with their challenges. Meaning that this platform should also allow for these external partners (or mentors) to sign-up? IMO the platform could also be interesting for these external partners! Say that they were looking for someone with a fresh perspective on things or an opportunity to invest in the future…
  4. 4. Let’s elaborate further Qualities Mentor • • • • • • • • • • experience knowhow quality advice sounding board coaching trust relativity network time a friend Qualities Mentee • • • • • • • • ambition hunger questioning attitude sounding board understands the digital life fresh perspective time a friend
  5. 5. And how would this work out concretely? We talk about data matchmaking MENTEE DATABASE MENTOR DATABASE  Name, age, gender  Name, age, gender  Location  Location  Industry  Industry  Experience  Experience  Professional situation  Professional situation  Goals in life  Goals in life  Motivation  Motivation  What are you looking for in a mentor  What are you looking for in a mentee
  6. 6. Matchmaking you say? Automatically data driven match between mentor and mentee profiles Manually Back 2 start Set up a first ‘meetup’ Start of the Entourage track
  7. 7. And then? • We offer our track package for 1Y that consists of numerous training modules: – – – – – – • Trustfulness MBTI Coaching skikls Change Leadership Working in team Organize get2gethers: – Networking events – Seminars – Workshops • An overall accessible online platform (at the core of the ecosystem): – – – – – Matchmaking Agenda of events Forum to discuss News section Blogging & social media inclusion
  8. 8. Remarks • Practical feasibility? mentors already have a busy life and not much time • What is precisely being asked of a mentor? • Functioning of the trajectory? • How much funding do we need? • Who is going to collaborate? • Founding and funding partners? • Who will own the initiative?
  9. 9. Entourage V2 Mentorship meets Start-up monetization
  10. 10. Look further: reinventing yourself is the basis of evolution After the first phase of Entourage (V1), we aim to go a step further in V2. V2 will inject the ‘entrepreneurship/business & monetizing’ dimension in the concept. In reality this means that we will extend the matchmaking. First of all, the different ‘mentees’ (looking to start-up sth. theirselves) will be able to consult the database where the other mentees are enlisted. Giving them the opportunity to look for complementary profiles, the right person(s) with the right set of skills. Second, and as important, we will add the dimension of business angeling/venture capitalizing to the concept. Meaning that the ‘mentors’ will have the opportunity to fund groups of mentees that found eachother in start-up mode. we envision the V2 version as a natural evolution and reinvention of the basic entourage concept of mentorship. Again, we believe there are many possibilities in the formula of putting two (well actually) three groups in contact. Out of V1, mentors and mentees got to know each other, and have evolved to become ‘richer’ in terms of experience, comprehension of life, values and vision on certain matters. Maybe certain mentees and mentors already talked to one another wrt starting sth themselves. The complementarity that has been reached in V1 can serve as a potent breeding soil to start V2, meaning effectively starting a entrepreneurial venture between different mentees and mentors, now start-ups and business angels/VCs.
  11. 11. Business Model Mentorship combinations (V1) This is the envisioned result out of V1. The creation of several mentorship combinations who kick off an Entourage V1 trajectory. Creation several potential start-ups The output of V1 should lead to the input of V2. Different mentees get in touch with each other as well as with possible investors (mentors out of V1). Investment round 1 Once wannabe start-ups have been created, the different investors (mentors) get the opportunity to fund certain start-ups by buying shares. Start-up Kickoffs If sufficient funding has been reached, the effective kick-off can take place. Meaning that the company gains structure and starts its activities. Growth Given the thorough ‘due diligence’ that took place in advance, chances are significant that the start-up achieves growth. Here the different parties have to take their place in building the organization to mature. Evaluation Investment round 2 After X time (?) a formal evaluation takes place to determine if the start-up will continue to exist (in its current structure). Moment for different parties to cash-out/cash-in.