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Ivan Moreira. 3T

  1. 1. 3TS FOR A BETTER TIME MANAGEMENT Tips, Tools and Techniques that you can use to manage your time even better Presenter: Ivan Moreira UA Online PMDay 2020 Vol.3 Ukraine, October 10th, 2020 👉
  2. 2. AGENDA 11 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management 2 Objectives – 3 minutes Presentation – 40 minutes Q&A – 15 minutes Feedback evaluation – 2 minutes
  3. 3. Objectives 11 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management 3 Provide people who have time management difficulties a set of tools to do it better. Help managers and project managers improve their own time and share knowledge across their team, coordinators and other project members. Recommend a set of tools and techniques that may support people who are already skilled time managers
  4. 4. Definition of time The Mean Solar Time system defines the second as 1/86400 of the mean solar day, which is the year-average of the solar day. The solar day is the time interval between two successive solar noons, i.e., the time interval between two successive passages of the Sun across the local meridian. Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in an apparently irreversible succession from the past, through the present, to the future. Time is a component quantity of various measurements used to sequence events, to compare the duration of events or the intervals between them, and to quantify rates of change of quantities in material reality or in the conscious experience. Time is often referred to as a fourth dimension, along with three spatial dimensions. 11 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management 5
  5. 5. To manage your time more effectively, you should start as soon as possible. The sooner you start in your life, the better you will develop these skills. 11 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management 7 If you haven't developed these skills yet, don't worry: it's never too late to start! Let’s do it? Mastering these time management tips will prepare you to be successful for the rest of your life. 3Ts for Better Time Management
  6. 6. This is what happens today each 60 seconds! 👉
  7. 7. Fully booked? Having your schedule packed with meetings and tasks does not mean that you are doing the right things or that your life is actually busy … besides, these days people seem to enjoy telling others that they are super busy. You should be smart when choosing your daily tasks. Note: If you have more than 7 daily appointments in your schedule, I challenge you to start reducing them now. We’ll talk a bit more about that in a few minutes. 11 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management 10
  8. 8. Start using a calendar and/or a schedule every day Keeping meetings and tasks in your mind is inefficient. That’s why successful people use tools to organize their time! For instance, you can use Google Calendar: it’s free, cloud-based, and you can set it up to send you email alerts or notifications that allow you to keep better track of your weekly activities. Tip: Receiving an email a few days before a trip is convenient to give you the right amount of time to prepare it suitably. #outlook #googlecalendar 11 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management 11
  9. 9. Use a task management tool Yes, keeping a to-do list is vital to successfully managing your time. At the beginning, you might use paper (as I used to do). However, it is much more effective to use a dedicated task management tool. You can use a notepad like Moleskine, or even a digital tool (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Nozbe or the Remember The Milk app). #nozbe #outlook #milkapp 11 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management 12
  10. 10. Prioritize your work using Eisenhower Matrix Jump from Stress to Productivity . Important Urgent
  11. 11. Review your previous week 11 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management 15 Learning how to do a weekly review is one of the best time management habits you can develop. The weekly review is a concept created by David Allen, author of the classic productivity book Getting Things Done
  12. 12. Follow these steps for a proper weekly review: • 1st, review your schedule from the past week to the current week: look for loose ends, meetings, and other topics that need more attention. • 2nd, review your (personal and professional) inbox and tidy it. • 3rd, review your monthly and yearly goals and make plans to work on them next week. Review your previous week This practice will improve your schedule-planning skills and contribute to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  13. 13. Always set deadlines Assigning deadlines to your own tasks is one of the most effective ways to stay organized. A task without a deadline will probably result in frustration. When you are given a deadline to deliver some task, i.e., next Friday, you should want to finish your work on Thursday, in order to have time to review it and thus deliver a higher quality work. 11 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management 17
  14. 14. Plan to reach 4 hours of effective work per day Did you know that project managers usually assume that people’s daily productivity rate is under 100%? Yes, it’s true! Only half of the typical 8-hour workday will be truly productive. The rest of the day will be taken by meetings, dealing with emails, internet browsing, etc. This book is not directly related to the subject of this presentation. The author is very controversial, but he offers several tips that make us think about what we actually do with our precious time. 11 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management 18 Tip: Schedule your most important tasks for the morning hours, when your mind is still uncluttered.
  15. 15. Focus on one task at a time (i.e. do not multitask) Multitasking is an impractical work strategy. Instead, you will accomplish more if you opt to carry out one activity at time. For instance, set aside one hour in the morning to work on a client proposal or a project plan, take a break and then move on to another task. During this focused time, set your mobile phone to private mode to avoid interruptions; however, in order to avoid missing important calls, you should set up a list of priority contacts. You will see how much work you can actually complete in 1 single hour! #befocused #flattomato 11 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management 19
  16. 16. Time wasters Software developers like Apple and Google have incorporated built-in ‘Screen Time’ tools into their operating systems. These tools report on how much time is spent across your devices, categorizing it by type of app, and enable you to set up the time you allow yourself to use each kind of app. This tip will help you keeping track of the time you spend on social networking or gaming, for instance. Use it for a couple of weeks and the results will certainly shock you. 11 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management 20
  17. 17. Take breaks during office hours According to popular science, sitting at your desk all day long damages your health. To preserve your health and boost your focus, the key points for a good time management are: take 5-10 minute breaks every hour. Go for a walk, have a glass of water, stretch your body for few minutes and look at an object distant from your work station. These will do wonders for your body. Tip: You can use the Pomodoro technique to be more productive, if you find it hard to be focused on a task. 11 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management 21 Photo by Parth Shah #pomofocus.io
  18. 18. Time and learning Learn something new every day. Book it on your schedule. Spare 15-30 minutes of your time to learn small things. On the other hand, if you would like to study a complex topic and believe that you lack the time to do it, I say: You can do it! Start studying your topic in short 10-minute instalments per day, then increase it by 5 minutes per day. After you reach 60 minutes per day, maintain that time span or even increase it, if you have the chance. If you follow these recommendations, in 2 weeks you will have worked almost 6 hours on your topic. 2211 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management #coursera #udemy
  19. 19. Separate strategic and planning tasks from ‘automatic’ ones High-value strategic tasks and planning are what your company and clients pay you to do – perform creative processes, build new products, plan, set up cost reduction techniques, among other improvements. However, it’s hard to deliver creative ideas non-stop and all day long. When the last hour of the day comes and you feel tired, use your time wisely and perform ‘automatic’ tasks, like installing security updates, replying to emails, returning missed calls, etc. 11 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management 23
  20. 20. Break large projects into smaller tasks The ability to manage large projects is one of the most important time management skills. For instance, if you are assigned to organize an event or conference within six months, the effort may seem unmanageable. Start by drafting a plan and asking for advice from people who have already carried out similar projects. Tip: Creating a mindmap is a great method to separate and organize work visually. Hence, you will be able to make your ideas more well-defined and organized. #coggle #mindomo 11 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management 24
  21. 21. Sample of Coggle Mindmap 11 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management
  22. 22. Effective meetings • Set up meeting rules, avoid cellphones, tablet and computers. • Set up each meeting by topics, assigning time to them. • Distribute the meeting agenda previously, identifying who is responsible for each topic. • Only invite people who really need to attend. 11 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management 26
  23. 23. Delegate tasks Efficient managers (and successful professionals in general) usually delegate and control tasks to optimize their focus. The basic steps for effective task delegation: Describe the task and timeframe; Explain the expected outcome to the person who will perform the task; Ask them to keep you informed regarding its progress. You don’t have to control every aspect of time management on your own. Instead, use your time to read great management books and act on those ideas. Tip: To simplify the process, you can implement tools like Trello or AirTable across your team to effortlessly implement task delegation. #trello #airtable 11 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management 27
  24. 24. Set five to seven priorities per day 11 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management 28 At the beginning of the day, it is easy to create a to-do list with dozens of items. Unfortunately, unplanned calls, manager requests and other unplanned tasks quickly overthrow even the best plans. Alternatively, simply pick five to seven important tasks a day. Michael Armstrong, author of the bestseller How to be an Even Better Manager provides tips on how to prioritize tasks.
  25. 25. Start off very early in the morning 11 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management 29 Get your day going early in the morning. You can accomplish a lot of things until 8 am. Start your day doing things that make you happy and energized. According to Hal Elrod, in his book The Miracle Morning, silence, affirmations, workout, visualization, reading and journaling are true life savers and effective habits to build your dream life. By conducting yourself with a goal in mind, you will be more focused throughout the day.
  26. 26. Buy time At the beginning of working life, everyone faces hectic work days and maybe some financial difficulties. However, once you have attained a reasonable stage of financial freedom, start outsourcing household tasks, for instance, or other chores that someone else can do faster and better than you. You should identify the balance between outsourcing some types of tasks or doing them yourself. Sometimes, money is better spent to buy ‘time’. For instance, you can use a dry cleaning service to keep your professional clothes in good condition and/or hire a housemaid to clean your home. Tip: Online platforms like Fiverr and Freelancers provide several tasks you can buy from others. #fiverr #freelancer #ubereats 11 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management 30
  27. 27. Plan your travel periods Travel time must be properly managed. For instance, you may find that it takes you 10 minutes to get to a meeting with a client. Therefore, you cannot schedule a continuous sequence of meetings and still arrive on time. You can resort to services like Uber and consequently use the time to reply to emails, texts and return missed calls. In case your travel time is short, you may opt for a pay-per-use scooter service. Tip: Plan your travel time considering the worst case scenario (e.g. traffic jams) – by doing this, you are more likely to arrive on time. The app Waze enables you to you set up notifications to inform when you should leave your current location and arrive at your meeting on time. #waze #uber #lime 11 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management 31
  28. 28. Do you spend too much time travelling and at airports? Who has never travelled for business? You probably don’t like to do it, although at the beginning it can seem to be an interesting part of the job. After a few flights, it can become monotonous and boring. To make better use of your time, try to arrive at airports before your flights’ scheduled time, install the app CheckMyTrip and be aware of your flight status and respective gate before they are announced at the airport. If the flight is delayed, the app will notify you as soon as the airline inserts the change in their systems. Take a seat close to the gate and work remotely, review your schedule or return missed calls/reply to text messages. Tip: Don’t forget to keep your devices’ batteries fully charged. #checkmytrip #flightboard #flightaware 11 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management 32
  29. 29. Own your faults quickly and move on Hiding your mistakes is a waste of everyone’s time, including your own. You can achieve much more in your life if you simply admit to your mistakes, solve them and move on. Most people will excuse your faults, especially if you work hard and are honest, so as to prevent any recurrences. Repeating mistakes is one of the poorest ways to use your time, which is already limited. Therefore, you should review your projects, your deliverables and your habits regularly. Tip: If you fail or commit any mistakes, consider them carefully, then disclose the occurrence and the solution as fast as you can. 11 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management 33
  30. 30. Reserve some time to relax If you're obsessed with achieving results, you can easily neglect yourself and just work non-stop. That is why you should always book some time for leisure. For example, you can reserve Saturday afternoons to read a good book, to exercise or to spend quality time with friends and family. 11 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management 34
  31. 31. Value your resting time – sleep from 7 to 8 hours per night Decreasing resting time to have more time for fun activities or to be more productive is a short-sighted strategy. Although you can keep up while you are young, it becomes a long-term destructive habit. Being tired all day long will turn you into an inefficient manager of your time, it does not matter how methodical you are. So let’s get used to rest for 7 to 8 hours per night. Note: All of us have our own metabolism and resting needs: recognize your own. Having a quality sleep is healthier than just sleeping for too long. #bedtime #autosleep 11 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management 35
  32. 32. Learn to say ‘no’ 11 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management 36 Saying ‘yes’ to new duties or accepting new projects all the time is a great way to develop your career when you are starting out. However, this is a habit that you should not take too far. If you like to please others and have a hard time saying no, read the book The Power of No: Because One Little Word Can Bring Health, Abundance, and Happiness – by James Altucher and Claudia Azula Altucher. Tip: When someone requests you to accept a task, remember: ‘no’ is always a possible answer, and you should make use of it whenever you feel that is the best decision.
  33. 33. Resort to your own personal values to make time management decisions Understanding yourself is essential to manage your own time. For example, if you consider that family comes first, you need to manage your job requirements accordingly, to have more free time to spend with them. Discovering your own values is a challenging task, if you have never really thought them through before. Do it and your professional motivation will surely increase. All of you will certainly find out the right time and place(s) to make use of your newly-found spare time… 11 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management 37
  34. 34. YOUR FEEDBACK MATTERS! 11 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management 41 https://bit.ly/pmdaysurvey
  35. 35. Sources and tools Slide 05 - wikipedia.org/wiki/Time Slide 08 - domo.com Slide 10 - w2.outlook.com/l/mobile and calendar.google.com Slide 11 - nozbe.com and my.milkapp.io Slide 13 - cutt.ly/qe4bsyC Slide 14 - eisenhower.me and cutt.ly/5guu54A Slide 15 - cutt.ly/He4bcvO Slide 16 - cutt.ly/Ke5aYa3 Slide 18 - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pomodoro_Technique Slide 21 - coggle.it Slide 25 - trello.com and airtable.com Slide 26 - cutt.ly/le5aSOQ Slide 27 - cutt.ly/ce5tXH8 Slide 28 - fiverr.com Slide 29 - uber.com, waze.com and lime.com Slide 30 - checkmytrip.com, impalastudios.com/apps/flightboard Slide 30 - autosleep.tantsissa.com Slide 35 - cutt.ly/Ze5r068 Slide 37 - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camí_de_Cavalls 11 OCTOBER 20203Ts for a better Time Management 42
  36. 36. THANK YOU IVAN MOREIRA www.ivanmoreira.org iam@ivanmoreira.org ✆ +351 932562043 insta.am/ivan

Notes de l'éditeur

  • Thank you Fred to introduce myself;
    Thank you all to joining us today;
    Let’s move on to be on time!
  • This presentation have focus on people and their needs to improve themselves.
    Some examples in businesses is to correlate with yourself.
    Is not a research topic is a set of tools
  • When the alarm clock rings in the morning;
    Late for meetings;
    Traffic jam delays
    Rush all day long;
    Overtime meetings;
    Pressure to delivery our projects;

    It’s sounds familiar to you? Do you identifiy any of this words as something that you live constantly?
  • The theory if time is relative, now we know the universe is growing and it’s only a reference to ordinate us.
  • Time is running faster than ever. Why?
    Why from day to day, we need to do more in less time?
    Why we have more tasks to do?
    Why we have to be more competitive?
  • Para ser capaz de gerir seu tempo adequadamente, o melhor é começar o mais cedo possível.
    Quanto mais cedo na vida você começar, melhor vai desenvolver estas habilidades.
    Dominar estas dicas de gestão de tempo quando você tem 20 anos vai te preparar para o sucesso pelo resto da vida.
    Se você ainda não desenvolveu estas habilidades, não se preocupe, nunca é tarde para começar!
    Vamos começar!
  • Is a fashion to say…
  • We call the first quadrant Do first as its tasks are important for your life and career and need to be done today or tomorrow at the latest. You could use a timer to help you concentrate while trying to get as much of them done as possible.

    An example of this type of task could be to review an important document for your manager.

    The second quadrant we call Schedule. Its tasks are important but less urgent. You should list tasks you need to put in your calendar here.

    An example of that could be a long-planned restart of your gym activity.

    Professional time managers leave fewer things unplanned and therefore try to manage most of their work in the second quadrant, reducing stress by terminating urgent and important to-dos to a reasonable date in the near future whenever a new task comes in.

    The third quadrant is for those tasks you could delegate as they are less important to you than others but still pretty urgent. You should keep track of delegated tasks by e-mail, telephone or within a meeting to check back on their progress later.

    An example of a delegated task could be somebody calling you to ask for an urgent favor or request that you step into a meeting. You could delegate this responsibility by suggesting a better person for the job or by giving the caller the necessary information to have him deal with the matter himself.

    The fourth and last quadrant is called Don’t Do because it is there to help you sort out things you should not being doing at all.

    Discover and stop bad habits, like surfing the internet without a reason or gaming too long, these give you an excuse for not being able to deal with important tasks in the 1st and 2nd quadrant.

    5 time management tips when working with the Eisenhower Matrix

    Putting things to-do on a list frees your mind. But always question what is worth doing first.
    Try limiting yourself to no more than eight tasks per quadrant. Before adding another one, complete the most important one first. Remember: It is not about collecting but finishing tasks.
    You should always maintain only one list for both business and private tasks. That way you will never be able to complain about not having done anything for your family or yourself at the end of the day.
    Do not let you or others distract you. Do not let others define your priority. Plan in the morning, then work on your stuff. And in the end, enjoy the feeling of completion.
    Finally, try not to procrastinate that much. Not even by over-managing your to-dos.
  • As cinco etapas do fluxo GTD:

    Capturar - Colete o que tem sua atenção
    Esclarecer - Processe o que significa
    Organizar - Coloque onde ele pertence
    Reflita - Reveja frequentemente
    Empenho - Simplesmente faça
  • Meetings, meetings and meetings.
    Non focused people.
    Parallael conversations.
    In an one hour meeting with 10 persons we spent 10 wor hours!
  •  Powerbanks
  • Review your past faults to become better, not to blame yourself or someone else

    For instance, if your smartphone always runs out of battery during office hours, buy a charger to use at work. This will save you time and prevent possible frustrations.
  • Sleep patterns
  • Getting a “no” can frustrate people.
  • Stay true to yourself
    For instance
  • This is why I try to get more free time. To enjoy more this kind of landscapes.
    I took this picture in the past summer in Menorca. The place’s name is Cala Macareleta. You only can reach there by a trail called Cami de Cavalis (Horse Trail) via Cala Macarella.
  • Please help us to do it better and rate our presentation;
  • All content used to make this presentation is referenced here.
    Find out more in the links.
  • Please contact me if you have any questions or if I can help you in any matter.