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Glog assignment overview

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Glog assignment overview

  1. 1. Global Ecosystem GlogIntroduction: The purpose of this activity is for you to examine the dynamics of a global ecosystem inorder to better understand niches and community interactions that take place in other parts of theworld. Begin by choosing an ecosystem somewhere in the world outside of the United States. Once youhave chosen an ecosystem, collect information on resources, energy flow, niches, symbioticrelationships, and predator-prey relationships and compile it into a glog that meets the followingrequirements and guidelines.Requirements:1) Your glog should include a food chain that has at least four trophic levels. At each trophic level, the type of consumers or producers involved (primary producer, carnivore, omnivore, herbivore, detrivore, decomposer, scavenger) should be identified.2) Identify at least five resources used by organisms in this ecosystem and also explain whether organisms compete for those resources or partition them.3) Identify and explain at least two symbiotic relationships found in the ecosystem.4) Choose one species that lives in the ecosystem and describe the niche of that species in detail.5) Identify and explain at least two predator-prey relationships.Guidelines: Make your glog visually appealing by incorporating many visuals Make your glog interactive by adding links, videos, or animations Arrange your glog in a manner that is well organized and easy to followRubric:Criteria Master Journeyman Apprentice ScoreCompletion Meets all of the Meets most of the Does not meet many requirements of and requirements and of the requirements includes all essential includes most of the and/or excludes very information. essential information. essential information.Content Descriptions were Descriptions were Descriptions were completely accurate somewhat accurate inaccurate or not at all and very thorough. and thorough. thorough.Craftsmanship Glog made Glog made adequate Glog did not make exceptional use of use of visuals and was very good use of visuals and was highly somewhat engaging. visuals and was not engaging. engaging.Critical Analysis of niche and Analysis of niche and Analysis of niche andThinking community community community relationships was relationships was basic. relationships was insightful. novice.