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M2Mobi Airport Solution

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M2Mobi Airport Solution

  1. 1. Airport solution
  2. 2. Contents About M2Mobi Schiphol Case Roadmap Next Steps
  3. 3. About M2Mobi
  4. 4. Clients
  5. 5. Full Service Mobile Agency Technology Independent Concept MaintenanceImplementationStrategy Marketing
  6. 6. AMCNavigation APP Where is my doctor?
  7. 7. Partnership with: Mijksenaar
  8. 8. Airport app worldwide - Big success for Schiphol - First release in 2010 - Base product with continuous improvement Over 1mln downloads N°1
  9. 9. Android iOS Windows Blackberry Mobile Web Schiphol Functionality Available for all platforms
  10. 10. News BannersSearch Always available Side Menu My flight All flights Shop Map Parking Taxi Trains Buses Info upcoming flight Push notifications Walking route & time to gate Detailed airline info Taxi reservation Parking reservation Weather
  11. 11. Flight info & notifications for all airports We offer flight notifications for arriving and departing airports Notifications contain info about flight times, flight status, boarding times, gates, luggage belt, etc.
  12. 12. You can reserve a taxi ride to Schiphol or a parking spot at Schiphol You can pay by creditcard mCommerce: Taxi & Parking If you have a profile created and a trip planned, your booking is only a few clicks away, because we know who you are and at what time you will be at the airport
  13. 13. These offers will be more seamlessly integrated with the indoor navigation experience Schiphol can offer certain discount products to users People who go on a trip get a notification for a voucher three hours before they fly Shopping Vouchers
  14. 14. Full social network integration Be Social The world is connected
  15. 15. App for Chinese Travelers
  16. 16. The Chinese functionality welcomes high value Chinese travellers to Schiphol Airport Times more Click on commercial 200 € - 250k Chinese travellers spend, on average, 4.6 times more on airport shopping than the average traveller does Users of the Chinese version of the app, appear to click significantly more on commercial pages Once the app reaches 30k downloads, it has the potential of reaching 200€ - 250k annual revenues 4.6
  17. 17. IncentivetoSpend Automated Sign Translator Uses camera to recognise signs and translate them
  18. 18. Best Mobile App 2014 Best Mobile App 2012 Best Mobile App 2011 Travelution Award 2011
  19. 19. Roadmap The problem
  20. 20. Passengers get lost in airports Complex process Complex environment Information overload Insufficient guidance
  21. 21. Travel time to Schiphol 63 minutes Check-in & security 28 minutes Retail lounges 45 minutes Pier / Gate 70 minutes Passengers spend too much time waiting at the gate Source: Schiphol Group Facts and Figures
  22. 22. It is a stressful experience Passengers opinions on the most stressful part of the journey
  23. 23. The solution
  24. 24. Personal guide
  25. 25. Or a digital guide
  26. 26. The opportunities
  27. 27. 70%of passengers carry a smartphone now
  28. 28. 40% Today, 40% more passengers use mobile boarding compared to 2010 9 out of 10 passengers want flight status info on mobiles, self-boarding and transfer kiosks
  29. 29. Travel time to Schiphol 63 minutes Check-in & Security 28 minutes Retail Lounges 105 minutes Pier / Gate 10 minutes Our goal is to increase shopping possibilities both in & outside stores Create Digital Shopping Possibilities Increase Shopping Time 105 minutes 70 minutes
  30. 30. Profile Real time location Indoor navigation Airport loyalty system Mobile and display shopping Available time to shop Transport ticketbox Help travellers navigate through the airport Extra service to passengers to buy their public transport tickets digitally Countdown clock that helps the traveller assess the time left until departure Offer shopping posibilities around the gate or other waiting areas Ability to stimulate loyalty with frequent travellers through usage of the app The airport solution of the future Personalized offers based on...
  31. 31. Passengers opinions on the most stressful part of the journey Our app can reduce stress & present personalized offers
  32. 32. Emotional needs Experience Physical needs Foods & drinks, Shopping, Leisure Proximate needs Where to go & How much time left
  33. 33. Passenger Experience Revenue per Departing Passenger Digital Shopping Physical Shopping Departing Passengers The conversion funnel build measure learn
  34. 34. Retailers Airport Passenger Airlines Working together to deliver value
  35. 35. Personalized advertisements
  36. 36. The Schiphol App aims to: • Reduce stress • Increase shopping time • Increase airport sxperience • Deliver door to door travel support
  37. 37. Door to door travel support
  38. 38. Digital shopping walls
  39. 39. Use phone as identifier for personalised service
  40. 40. Deliver at home Deliver to gate Pick up on return
  41. 41. 29th August 2012 IMPRESSION MAZE ITREE
  42. 42. What would that look like?
  43. 43. AIRPORT Many of us experience a sense of stress on airports. As a result we tend to head off to the gate way to early. That means no more shopping, eating or enjoying many of the airports services. With this Airport App you can relax and spend more time enjoying the airport.
  44. 44. What is my check-in desk number? Is my flight schedule still valid? Where is my check-in desk? ARRIVAL AT THE AIRPORT
  45. 45. AFTER CHECK-IN What’s my gate number? How much time do I have left? What is the walking time to my gate?
  46. 46. TIME TO RELAX I would like to shop. I would like to eat and drink. I would like to relax / recreate.
  47. 47. OFFERS Coupons related to my destination.
  48. 48. SHOPPING What are the special offers on this airport? Which shops are nearby? I want to buy that jacket. Where is the Tommy Hilfiger shop? How much time do I have left?
  49. 49. • Indoor positioning • Waiting times at check-in & security • Shop & offers collaboration What is required to do this?
  50. 50. M2Mobi Middleware iPhone App Android App Windows Phone App CMS Airport Flights System Responsive Website ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Desktop Computers ! ! Mobile Web Tablets International Flight Information Systems Weather Social Media GIS System for Routing Indoor Location Provider ArchitectureArchitecture
  51. 51. Next steps
  52. 52. Build a partnership • Create a world class mobile proposition • Increase revenue & airport experience • Leverage M2Mobi’s platform & knowledge
  53. 53. Herengracht 266 | 1016 BV Amsterdam The Netherlands info@m2mobi.com +31 (0)20 354 0259