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Special Libraries and 2.0: Making it Work

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How special libraries are using Library 2.0 tools and applications to better serve their users.

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Special Libraries and 2.0: Making it Work

  1. 1. Special Libraries and 2.0: Making It Work Madeline Kriescher Acting Circuit Librarian U.S. Courts Library, 10th Circuit, Denver CoASL Spring Workshop 3 April 2009
  2. 2. The Place
  3. 3. Traditional v. Virtual Service • Is the reference desk obsolete? NO! • E-mail is “old school” but it’s the preferred method of virtual reference service for the court. • Slowly introducing other forms of virtual reference service. – Text a librarian – Teaching opportunities – Chat
  4. 4. Options • Facebook • Twitter • Ning • Email • Electronic newsletters • Flickr • Interactive research guides • Screencasts • Blogs
  5. 5. Creating Tutorials in Flickr • Convert PowerPoint slides to .jpg files • Upload slides individually in reverse order into Flickr • Enter metadata for each slide, or batch edit if possible • Save slides as labeled sets • Create a collection to house the sets
  6. 6. Viewing & Using Tutorials My personal Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pandora12/  Tutorials are viewable as individual slides in my photostream  Tutorials are kept as labeled sets within a larger collection called “Legal Research Tutorials”  See the tutorial as a slideshow by clicking the icon
  7. 7. Library Facebook Page • Events • Pictures • Tutorials • Pathfinders • Class information • Continuing Legal Education • Court-related news and information
  8. 8. Because… • Clerks already use it • Aiming at a different audience • Convenient for updating • Welcome to the 21st Century • One-stop shopping • Coordinates with our intranet page • It’s fun! It’s hip! It’s now!
  9. 9. Benefits • Reach a wider audience, internally • Meet expectations of varied service • Change attitudes toward technology • Change attitudes towards librarians
  10. 10. Drawbacks • Reach a wider audience, externally • Real and perceived security risks • The time thing – not enough of it, EVER! • Buy-in will be an uphill battle
  11. 11. Hurdles • The IT Department • The Judges • The fear-mongers • Other librarians who are set in their ways • Time management
  12. 12. Contact Me…Let’s Chat! Madeline Kriescher Phone: 303-335-2624 Email: madeline_kriescher@ca10.uscourts.gov Twitter: Pandora12 Friend me on Facebook! “Professional Benefits of Online Social Networking,” in Colorado Lawyer (February 2009): http://aallnet.org/chapter/coall/lrc/lrc0209.pdf