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Us recruitment

A small contribution from my side for people who are in staffing industry. Any Suggestions are more than welcome and would be much appreciated.

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Us recruitment

  1. 1. Concepts of US Staffing
  2. 2. Human Resources Recruitment Payrolls andInduction and Benefits Orientation Training and Employee Development Relations
  3. 3. What is Recruitment?• Recruitment is the process of finding and attracting capable applicants for employment.• In other words recruitment is about finding the right talent, for the right job at the right time.
  4. 4. What is US Staffing?• US Staffing is a Talent Acquisition Industry which brings together HR Departments of the Clients, the VMS and the managers of staffing companies to hire the best talent for the vacant jobs in shortest possible time.
  5. 5. Key Participants in US Staffing• Following are the people who play major role in US Staffing industry.  Client  Account Manager or Delivery Manager (Onshore Coordinators of Staffing Agency)  Candidate  VMS  We, the Recruiters !!!
  6. 6. Some Key Facts about US Staffing• After the great recession of 2009, US Staffing industry has created more jobs than any other industry.• This happened because staffing and recruiting industry is more resilient to any other industry when it comes to economic expansions and contractions.• The other main reason why staffing business is ever so expanding is because of exponential rise in demand of contractual workers.• The average tenure of an employee within staffing and recruiting industry is around about 24-36 months which is 35 to 40% higher than the average tenure of an employee within any other sector.• The above statistics are just few pointers which indicate what is in store for people who are willing to make a career in this industry.
  7. 7. Qualities of a “Good” Recruiter• Influencing and negotiating• Persistence• Willingness to Excel and Achieve• Judgment and Decision Making• Coachablity and Openness to Feedback
  8. 8. Day - Day Activity of a Recruiter• Picking up the Job (Requirement)• Identifying the Candidates through various job portals and job engines.• Calling Prospective Candidates• Screening them as per the Requirement• Reserving the best match candidates to the given job, and sending them Right to Represent (RTR).• Once RTR is received, preparing the submission of the resume (formatting, preparing summaries).• Submitting the resume to the a/c manager.
  9. 9. US Rendezvous• In this section we will be introduced to following aspects of United States of America  Demographics  Culture  Geography  Work Visa and Permits
  10. 10. Map for US
  11. 11. Some Facts about US• It is commonly known as US, United States, America or States.• It is the world’s economy with a GDP of $15.11 trillion with per capita income being six highest.• With a diverse population ethnicity, most of the residents are Native American, Europeans, Asians and Caucasians.• Some of the global industry giants have their headquarters in this country like Apple, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, UPS, Google, Facebook, Boeing, Colt etc to name a few.• It is the home to several well known federal agencies in the world like the FBI, NASA, White House, UN, World Bank etc.
  12. 12. Major Cities of US• New York City, NY• Dallas, TX• Los Angeles, CA• Houston, TX• Washington, D.C• Princeton,NJ• Boston, MA• Chicago, IL• Richmond, VA• Las Vegas, NV
  13. 13. Political Division and Time Zones• US is divided politically into following zones – East, West, North, South, Mid-East and Mid West.• Due to its huge land area, US is divided into given time zones – EST, CST, MST and PST.• In terms of time difference, EST is 1 hour ahead of CST, 2 hours ahead of MST and 3 hours ahead of PST.• For example Atlanta, GA (EST) will be 1 hour ahead of Dallas, TX (CST), 2 hours ahead of Denver, CO (MST) and 3 hours ahead of Los Angeles, CA (PST).
  14. 14. Day Light Saving• The concept of Daylight Saving Time is the practice of advancing of clocks so that evenings have more daylight and mornings have less. In this, typically clocks are adjusted one hour forward at the start of spring and are adjusted one hour backwards near the start of autumn.• Normally in US, the daylight saving is applied or starts at the last week of February and ends at the end of last week of October following Halloween’s day.
  15. 15. Major Holidays of US• New Year’s Day• President’s Day• Memorial Day• Independence Day• Labor Day• Veterans Day• Thanksgiving Day• Christmas
  16. 16. Work Visa and Permits• Visa is an entry clearence certificate that is placed in a travel or passport document, which gives us permission to enter into an applied country.• In US, there are two categories of Visa which exist.  Immigrant Visa  Non Immigrant Visa
  17. 17. Types of Visa• Immigrant Visa - It is for those people who intend to live permanently in US• Types of Immigrant Visa  Green Card (GC) – An official document issued by US Government to alliance allowing them to work permanently in US.  Permanent Resident – An allocation of residency to the incoming immigrants done on the random basis other than the Green Card allocation.
  18. 18. Types of Visa (contd.)• Non Immigrant Visa – This Visa is given to those immigrants whose permanent residence is outside US, however they wish to stay in US on a temporary basis for a certain purpose – tourism, medical treatment, business, temporary work or study.• Types of Non Immigrant Visa  H1B – It is a work permit under US immigration in which people can enter in US for three years if they work in a specialized field and their employers cannot fill the position locally. It is initially granted for a period of three years and can be extended up to a period of another years, hence the H1B visa is valid up to a duration of six years. The programmers and other technically skilled people especially related to Computers is enter US under this Visa Category.
  19. 19. Types of Visa (contd.)  H4 – It is granted to the dependents of immigrants who are on H1B work permit. People on this category are not allowed to work in US.  J1 – Basically provided for someone from home country to US for training which should be useful for home country.  L1 / L2 – Intra Company Transfer / Dependent Visa – L1 is a Non Immigrant Visa which allows companies operating both in US and abroad to transfer certain class of employees from its foreign operations to US operations for a period of maximum up to seven years. The employee must have worked for a subsidiary or parent company of our US company for at least a period of one year out of last three years. `
  20. 20. Types of Visa (contd.)• EAD – Employment Authorization Document  An Employment Authorization Document (EAD) is work permit that authorizes an immigrant to work in US for a period of time, usually one year.  There are two categories of EAD available :  I485 EAD (Green Card EAD)  OPT EAD
  21. 21. Types of Visa (contd.)• Border Visas – As US shares its borders with two different countries, Canada and Mexico, there are two work permits which allows people from these countries to work within US.  TN 1 Visa (Canada)  TN 2 Visa (Mexico)
  22. 22. US Recruitment Process
  23. 23. Contents• In the following slides we will study  What is the recruitment process in US Staffing  How to understand the requirement  How to make a search string and search for resume?  Boolean Search Strings  Tax Terms  W2 Contract  W2 Salaried  1099  C2C or Corp to Corp  The Concept of Per Diem  How to screen a candidate while speaking to him over the phone?  Establishing Rapport and Negotiating with the Candidate.  Closing the Candidate for a particular requirement  Red Flags while screening the candidate.  Job Boards and ATS (Applicant Tracking System)
  24. 24. Steps in Recruiting Life Cycle• Client• Account Manager• Assignment of Requirement to recruiter• Requirement Understanding• Formulating Search String (Keywords, Boolean Search)• Calling up candidates• Getting updated resume• Checking the Quality of Resume and Matching it to the Requirement• Format the Resume and Submitting the resume to Account Manager• Account Manager consults the candidate for further clarifications, if required.• Resume is submitted to the client.• Client provides feedback / interview request.• Recruiter arranges the interview and confirms it with the client.• Closure.
  25. 25. Requirement Understanding• To understand the requirement is the key to find the right talent for the right job at the right time.• When looking at the requirement, the recruiter should look for following skills and attributes.  Location.  Duration  Rate  Primary and Secondary Skills  Start Date and End Date of Assignment  Job Description  Roles and Responsibilities  Client
  26. 26. Searching Resume• When Searching for Resume, the recruiter must use either of the following methods to locate a resume.  Keyword Search – In this method, the recruiter looks for a particular resume through Job Title, Position Name or Specific Skill or Function in a Job Board (Monster, Dice, Career Builder). This method is useful particularly for any functional position and low level jobs (Technician, Business Analyst and Project Managers etc.)  Boolean Search
  27. 27. Boolean Search• Boolean searches allow you to combine words and phrases using the words AND, OR AND NOT (otherwise known as Boolean operators) to limit, widen, or define your search. Most Internet search engines and Web directories default to these Boolean search parameters anyway, but a good Web searcher should know how to use basic Boolean operators.• Examples  Using AND Operator, search results are narrowed, as explained below (Portland) AND (Oregon)  Using OR Operator, search results are broadened, as explained below (Dog) OR (Wolf).  Using NOT Operator, search results are narrowed, as explained below (Manager) NOT (Program)
  29. 29. Boolean Search on Google to find the Resume• Boolean Search can be applied on Google to find the resumes too. As we know that people make their personal profiles and also post resumes on Internet in large numbers, it is always a good idea to check Google for recruiting purposes too.• The Syntax for finding a resume on Google is  (intitle: Resume OR inURL: Resume OR intitle: CV or inURL: CV) AND (“ Manager” OR “Supervisor”) AND (Test OR Testing OR Test Case OR Test Plans) –jobs –samples –”sample resume” –”Resume writers” (CA OR California)  (intitle: Resume OR inURL: Resume OR intitle: CV or inURL: CV) AND (“ Mobile” OR “Wireless” AND Chips OR “Semiconductors”) AND (Test OR Testing OR Test Case OR Test Plans) –jobs –samples –”sample resume” –”Resume writers” (CA OR California)
  30. 30. Tax Terms• There are three tax terms which are prescribed in US Recruitment.  W2  1099  C2C (Corp to Corp).  W2 – When a person is paid in form of W2, the employer automatically withholds a part of his pay and pays all the necessary taxes on his own as per the required norms of Federal Government. These Taxes include Federal Income Tax, State Income Tax, Social Security and Medicare Tax. It is further classified in two parts  W2 Salaried  W2 Hourly
  31. 31. Tax Terms  W2 Salaried – In this the employer pays the candidate on a daily rate basis. This means that the consultant will be billed on 800 hours instead of 880 hours on a monthly basis. The candidate is normally paid benefits (Medical Insurance, Paid Time Off, National Holidays and 401K Contribution). The candidate is not qualified for overtime in this type of payroll.  W2 Hourly – In this, the employer pays the on an hourly basis. This means that the candidate will be billed for full 880 hours (8 hours a day * 5 days a week * 22 days a month). There are no benefits or minimal benefits provided with this type of payroll. The candidate is eligible for overtime.
  32. 32. Tax Terms  1099 – When a person is paid in 1099 payrolls, all money earned by the candidate is paid on an untaxed basis. It is then the responsibility of the candidate to file and pay the appropriate taxes.  C2C or Corp to Corp – In this a sub vendor to your staffing company does a 1099 type of contract and then pays to his consultant on W2 Payrolls.  To do a 1099 or C2C contract, a subvendor or the self contractor needs to have following insurances.  General Liability – Amount of $1 million (Mandatory, Always ask the candidate or vendor when dealing a 1099 or C2C case).  Errors and Omissions  Workermen’s Compensation
  33. 33. Per Diem• Per Diem is basically an allowance given to candidate in case the candidate is relocating from his home location to the client site to work for an assignment. For Per Diem to be applicable, following conditions must be fulfilled.  The candidate should own a house / should be renting a house at his home location. (Proof of Ownership / Rent Agreement will be asked at the time of paper work.)  Distance between the location should be 50 miles or more.  He should have enough expenses to maintain the two houses.  Per Diem will be provided to the candidate for the first year of the contract only. If the contract extends for more than 12 months, Per diem will be stopped after completion of 12th month.
  34. 34. Screening the Candidate Over the Phone• Phone Screening the Candidate is the most critical step in identifying and hiring the candidate for the a given requirement. While hiring the candidate the recruiter generally follows following steps.  Greets the Candidate on opening of the call.  Introduces himself and his staffing company.  Seeks the permission from candidate to speak about the position.  Gives the Details about the position (Title, Location, Client, Duration and nature of job ) and discusses the candidate’s experience to qualify the resume for the assigned requirement.  Negotiate for Pay Rate / Salary Range and Summarizes the details for the call to confirm the candidate’s interest  Closes the Call and Sends him a RTR (Right to Represent) mail to reserve the candidate for the assigned position.
  35. 35. Closing the Candidate for a particular Requirement• After sourcing and screening the candidate, the recruiter can go ahead and get the candidate’s resume submitted to the client.• If the resume is short-listed depending on the client’s feedback, and client forwards an interview request, the recruiter gets in touch with the candidate, discusses the interview schedule with him.• If the candidate is appointed by the client, it then adds up to a closure (Purchase Order or PO) in the recruiter’s name.• Once the candidate officially starts his assignment, it is regarded as a placement in recruiter’s name and the recruiter is awarded incentive accordingly.
  36. 36. Red Flags While Screening the Candidate• While Screening the Candidate, it is mandatory that certain check points are ruled out in order to confirm that candidate in all probability is a willing candidate and will join the job, provided client offers it following the interview.  Commute  Pay Rate  Willingness to Join  Willing to Perform a Background Check and Credit Check as per the client’s requirement  An Ex – Employee of the same client  Any Pending Interviews or Back-up Offers  Qualification and Experience are neither under or over qualified
  37. 37. Job Boards used in US Recruitments• Job Boards are basically websites where job seeking candidates post their resumes and Employers look for a potential candidate who can be hired for their requirement.• There are various Job Boards available in market where people from US post their resumes. Some of the Job Boards are:-  Monster US  Dice.com  Careerbuilder.com  Hotjobs.com  Sologig.com  Netemps.com
  38. 38. Applicant Tracking System• There are some portals available in US Recruitment market which source resumes from all major job boards and act as a one stop solution to have large database of candidates for various type of skill sets.• Some of the such major job portals are  Bullhorn  LinkedIn Recruiter  JobDiva.com  QCOM  JobDiva.com  Taleo.net
  39. 39. Thank You