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Atos' Knowledge Management & Collaboration Update- 2016

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This document provides an overview of the Atos's global knowledge management and collaboration program.

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Atos' Knowledge Management & Collaboration Update- 2016

  1. 1.   Quality Speed Competency Development Reducing impact of Attrition Innovation Productivity Customer Intimacy * C&SI – Atos Consulting & Systems Integration Bid Workspaces Bid Reusables Bid Collaterals Bid factory Global Delivery Center KMS Project KMS Demand Management e2e Project Management Application management Project DebriefCentral ReuseBid & Deal Solution KMS Mega-Account KMS KM blue-print for large accounts Integrated Account KMS Portfolio KMS Client Community Transactional KM (Incident & Problem Mgt.) Transition & Transformation KM C&SI KM Portal Partner & Alliance KMS SAP- Competency Center KM CSI key Commu nities Customer Innovation Pool Delivery Capitalize what deliveredOpportunity Realization
  2. 2. implemented in 12 large accounts 8 customer focused K-academies significantly helping service quality and CSAT The KM processes in a large European telecom account esp. in Application Management resulted into reusability, productivity improvement and significant Shift-Left. Happy to have a systematic approach and governance to make this possible. Thanks to ADM team A standard blueprint comprising six KM solutions for customer engagement teams, developed based on the best practices from large customer engagements Alexander Schaefer Head – C&SI telecom account operations, Atos Reuse scenario Initial scenario 95000+ K-solutions from 300+ contracts reuse leading to 3-5% productivity gains robotic process automation in 15 contracts Ensuring reuse of knowledge gained from each incident & enhancement on customer’s applications 11000 + validated reusables 115 + daily unique visitors reusables from 14 org. units Global aggregation of ‘mission- critical’ reusables across C&SI value- chain
  3. 3. 850 + high quality reusables 10K docs capitalized from 475 + bids Resulting into ~30% reuse for new bids C&SI DS-KMS has been a great enabler of aggregation and standardization of bid content in C&SI. This helps saving the time of experts’ and also to improve the quality of solutions through continuous improvisation leading to higher win-ratio One-stop shop global knowledge exchange dedicated to bid & deal assurance teams in countries and global Axel von Kleist Head of Global Deal Solution C&SI AM, Atos 7000 + active communities 194 average community size 87 success stories from client communities Community model to fuel sharing of people’s ‘business-insights’ leading to innovations At Atos, communities are key to create culture of client centricity, accelerate digital transformation and eventually enhance employee engagement. It’s a great lever for connecting people to knowledge in the global organization Marc Bovens Group Head – SC&KS, Atos 5500 + registered users 400 + visitors per day 73 demo custom solutions Empowering SAP consultants with quick ramp-ups, people-to-people learning & latest trends in SAP technologies
  4. 4. manish.saxena@atos.net Head – KM & Collaboration, C&SI, Atos +49 163 1666615 About Atos