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Agile Fast Food, Eating your burger

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Lightning talks I did during ALE2011. It compares an agile process to a hamburger and shows different ways to eat it

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  • I am still amazed at how some CIOs are fooled by the lure of 'agile'. They have absolutely no clue as to the permanent wounds that will be left in an organization once the genie is unleashed. Fantastic developers become disgruntled coders. Lazy coders become... well actually they stay the same. And mediocre programmers become lazy coders.

    Check out this hilarious video as to why a CIO would even consider agile in the first place.


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Agile Fast Food, Eating your burger

  1. 1. AgileFast-food Eating your burger
  2. 2. Only thing you need to know about me I love hamburgers I love Agile
  3. 3. Management bread Values & Practices principles Developers breadHere’s how I see an agile process
  4. 4. How did I eat that?How did I try to introduce agile?
  5. 5. All in!You’d better have a big mouth...
  6. 6. Squeeze it to make it through! TestsYou’ll most likely loose some stuff in the move
  7. 7. Everything separatelyIt doesn’t feel like a burger anymore...
  8. 8. Piece by piece, slowly, sounds good but... TestsBottom bread becomes very wet, not good...
  9. 9. I tried all thatHere’s what I’m trying now (in another company...)
  10. 10. Flip it upside down from time to timeNo more wet bread :)
  11. 11. Me Happy!
  12. 12. Real burgers were eaten for the purpose of this lightning talk
  13. 13. Thanks @mlainez