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11 ways for cool combinations

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Discover 11 ways for making cool and beautiful combinations. Innovate by combining smart en sustainable.

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11 ways for cool combinations

  1. 11 ways for cool combinations Innovate by combining and mixing Marc Heleven © Tim Skellett
  2. Combine the bold and the beautiful Amager Resource Center Denmark A waste to Energy plant which doubles as ski-slope www.7ideas.net
  3. Combine high and low tech XBOX 360 controllers for periscope control in newest US Submarines www.7ideas.net
  4. Combine packaging and fun Every child deserves the chance to play untroubled no matter what the circumstances are Toys made of cardboard relief boxes www.7ideas.net
  5. Combine unused space and new functions In 2013 a sports field was opened on the roof of an Ikea store in Utrecht in the Netherlands resulting a further 12,000 sqm being added to the building’s useable area. The local authorities would not allow the centre to expand because it would have destroyed existing sporting facilities so two artificial grass pitches with a total area of ​​20,000 sqm were built on the roof of the building as well as a club room on the roof of the new car park. Ikea Utrecht (NL) and a bus stop www.7ideas.net
  6. Combine nostalgia and new uses Solar box Red London phone boxes on Tottenham Court Road are converted into free solar- powered mobile phone charging points.
  7. Combine strong concepts and new applications Uberfication, Tinderfication, Shazamifaction … www.7ideas.net
  8. Combine old and new Beetle / Fiat 500 www.7ideas.net
  9. Combine routine and surprise www.7ideas.net
  10. Combine digital and analog In the store, you can test laptops, printers, mobile phones, televisions, Bluetooth speakers, compact cameras, action cams, system cameras, and SLR cameras. CoolBlue click or mortar shops www.7ideas.net
  11. Combine products / services and platforms open source / partnering / open API’s / co-creation / crowdsourcing / platform / corporate startups / alliances / cool combinations / network / junctions / cross-sector / mixing / love your competitors / co-branding / hybrid organisation / ecosystem / open data / peer to peer / shortcutting / … www.7ideas.net
  12. Combine a chainsaw and a bike https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcLN7V9zC9M Video (with English subtitles) www.7ideas.net
  13. STOP DIVIDING THINGS Long ago. Things used to be naturally ‘integrated’. Later, we divided every aspect of our life in silo’s. Kindergarten. Office. Shopping mall. Suburbs. Play garden. Elderly care center. Times are changing. We run out of space, time, money and we need more sustainable solutions. LET’S MAKE THINGS BEAUTIFUL BY COMBINING Blend activities that are lonely Share unused space with lost dreams. Make elegant and smart combinations. Mix things for happiness. Look for unexpected extra functions. Match everything like Tinder Surprise with old and new together. Form follows function, Function follows fun. Put love in everyday objects. Wonder if you can mix science and art. REMIX YOUR LIFE. Challenge paradoxes. Go for strange partners in crime. Look for how we are united in our differences. Discover the beauty of elegant combinations. It’s more fun when things come together. Forget Ego, Play Lego www.7ideas.net/#manifesto Manifesto LET’S MAKE BEAUTIFUL COMBINATIONS
  14. Cool content for innovation Relevante (voor)beelden voor innovatie Voor sprekers: sterke cases, rake verhalen, (voor)beelden en video’s. Voor auteurs: coole input voor boeken rond creatief denken, innovatie en change. Voor trainingsbureaus: up to date tools, werkvormen en voorbeelden. Voor eventorganisaties: leuke beelden en video’s voor tussenmomenten – content voor mailings Voor innovatieteams: state to the art innovatie websearch op basis van kansrichtingen of innovatievraag. Voor organisaties: inspirerende innovatiesets en / of workshops op maat. www.7ideas.net (Dutch) http://marc-heleven.mystrikingly.com/ (English)