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10 Things to Know About Marketo + B2B Marketing

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Marketers face many challenges when navigating today’s environment: the complexity of MarTech stacks, the ever-increasing number of digital channels, a shift in the engagement landscape, and the expectation for marketing to drive business impact. Marketo helps marketers drive business growth by personalizing complex buyer journeys and uniquely aligning marketing and sales teams across every channel through an omnichannel, all-bound approach. The intent is to give the marketer an operating system to orchestrate the entirety of all marketing activities.

You'll learn Marketo's secrets to:

- Why nearly 5,000 customers leverage the solution every day
- Leveraging its unrivaled suite of marketing applications to help B2B marketers plan, engage, and measure throughout the entire journey, globally
- An open and expansive ecosystem and how it allows for further innovation

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