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How Marketing Becomes a Revenue Center: A 10-Step Approach to Full Funnel Growth

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The expectations for how Marketing contributes to a company has evolved over the years. No longer is it enough to run campaigns and uncover early-stage prospects and hand-raisers. Success is now measured across all levels of the revenue funnel.
The goals for the Marketing team at LiveRamp extend beyond filling the top of the funnel with new leads. Their mission is to drive growth across the entire sales funnel and, in doing so, accelerate the acquisition of net-new customers and expand the company’s sales footprint within existing customers.
Watch this Webinar featuring Ben Coffee, Head of Marketing Operations at LiveRamp as he reveals the 10-step approach that his team employed to produce 10X growth in annual revenue and a 25X increase in greater customer lifetime value over a 2-year period. The Marketing team’s successful execution of this strategy and the clear, measurable impact it had on the company’s growth helped cement their role as an important revenue center within the company.

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