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Unlock the Power of Video

  1. Paulo Martins Head of Commercial Digital Marketing Adobe Unlocking the Power Of Video How to drive revenue with video marketing Greg Kelly Strategic Partnerships Lead Vidyard
  2. In case you missed it... There are three things that I believe are affecting the marketer directly and acutely. One of those - is video. The reality is everything we do, everything we say, is on video! Steve Lucas Former CEO, Marketo PS. This means you can add video marketing capabilities to your Marketo subscription - ask your CSM/AE for more information on how!
  3. 3 Always pressured to prove the return on marketing investments across content types and touchpoints #ProveImpact
  4. 4Proprietary and Confidential | © Adobe, Inc. Video is the most engaging content type You’re already investing in video Video is table stakes to drive business growth Video Marketing WORKS of B2B buyers are watching videos to help them make their buying decisions 72% of marketers report that video is becoming a more important content type for driving business results 83% of the world's internet traffic will be video by 2021 of marketers report that video converts better than other forms of content 59% 80%
  5. No insights into viewers or performance Host on YouTube, Vimeo, or other hosting platform with no control of the customer experience Invest in Video Production What’s the status quo?
  6. 6Proprietary and Confidential | © Adobe, Inc. The power of video marketing cannot be realized when there is… • No understanding of video in the broader marketing automation context • Difficulty turning prospects who engage with videos into qualified leads • Limited control to orchestrate and optimize the customer experience Can’t unlock the full potential of video
  7. 7 FEAR NOT..Paulo has you covered on his journey becoming an expert on using video marketing to generate revenue FAST. So, what do we do?
  8. Why video? Simplify complex scenarios. Is this the face of your prospects coming to your website? That’s why we use video..
  9. Where should we use video? Across the entire funnel... VIDEOS
  10. We’ve changed our video marketing strategy. Here’s how: The B2B Marketing Evolution +
  12. “Watch Video Demo” as the main goal Website Re-Skin Pro Tip: Drive traffic to places that are most impactful for your business. Previous website New website
  13. “Watch Video Demo” as the main goal Website Re-Skin Previous website New website +1,103% more traffic to our 4 MIN DEMO
  14. Using on-demand video demos to generate + qualify leads 4 Minute Demo If a prospect watches more than 70% of the DEMO + It’s an account under our ICP do this: - Add extra behavior score points. - Create an Act Now. - Notify the SDR Team. - Etc…
  16. A great way to qualify leads and move them through the funnel On-Demand Webinars Pro Tip: Instead of using a LP with a YouTube/Vimeo hosted video, use our new video lead capture capability and for known leads, let them enjoy the content form-free like the above!
  17. Let’s face it - you’ll get more engagement on demand vs. live On-Demand Webinars Only around 20-30% of the webinar registrants will attend it LIVE! What do you do with the rest of the 80-70% of your registrants? The on-demand version gets more views than the LIVE event. What do you do with those leads consuming your content? Why not lead score on-demand video viewers?
  19. Help prospects hear about your solution from their peers Customer Testimonials Pro Tip: These don’t have to be Oscar winning videos - they have to tell a story of how your customer is better today with your solution
  20. Showing customers how vs. telling them Marketo University
  21. Using video to help customers post-purchase In-Product Help
  22. Using video to highlight customers that are succeeding + sharing with others Showcase Your Champions
  24. FASTER DEALS! The #1 reason how video marketing impacts our business today VS 5x FASTER LEAD MQL
  25. Key Takeaways For You Video Marketing - Getting Started - Choose the technology that can give you the right insights - Use the data in a meaningful way for the business - Look at all the opportunities to use video across all the funnel - MOVE TO THE EVOLUTION SIDE OF THE B2B VIDEO STRATEGY.
  26. Curious to see our new solution in action? Marketo Announces New Video Marketing Capabilities Email and he’ll send you a personalized video tour of our new joint video marketing solution!
  27. Q&A How can we help your team?